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    When we talk soap opera we are talking about my Ace Boon’s of daytime. Agnes and Lorraine are about to remind these people who think having the title Head Writer makes you one, what it means to write daytime drama! They are going to teach these community college writers PHD writing! Yes they are going BRING IT like it has NOT BEEN BROUGHT in years. Yes, that optimism you read here is because you gotta know when Agnes whose stories have gained the most notable recognition for bring socially relevant and as a HW from the early days who studied under the God Mother, is writing scripts and taking Emmy’s later! And there is Lorraine the successful protegee who knows Character Driven writing better then anyone else to the tune of 4 Emmys on her wall. That’s right!

    So Maria, Scott, Hogan, McPherson, Thomas… Even Ron and Garin need to take a seat because class is about to begin. And you don’t want to miss a minute of it.

    So sit back and take-a-notes! :D

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    I predict to be hooked on this show until the end!

    I just love that Agnes Nixon is like 83 & is still involved. You can’t keep the greats down kids!

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    I am enjoying AMC today, but I want to snatch a knot in Jackson Montgomery’s ass. :) But it’s nice to be able to watch the show without using my mute button, cursing or falling asleep!!

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    YEPPERS! The one that will actually believe Erica’s yarn is her best gal pal Opal and gives a Opal involved in the story and Jill Larson something more to do instead of babysit. Love to see Opal sneak into Oakhaven in disguise to talk to Erica…I would love that!!!! Erica and Opal planning a break out would be classic for these characters.


    It’s the Chil’ren’s again! We’ve finally got the show back. And i’m going to be watching it twice to find out whose naughty or nice.

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