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    Ken Corday mentioned in his recent interview that he’s unhappy with the lack of story for Abe and Lexie, so I’m hoping that means the new writers will write for them. Here’s what I’d like to see.

    First, bring back Celeste on a recurring basis. Lexie needs her mother! The Salem PD could hire her on a freelance basis to use her psychic powers to help solve cases.

    Secondly, break up Abe and Lexie. Seriously. They are not a supercouple and never have been. There is no reason for them to be together—she cheated on him twice (once with Abe’s SON!) and he is verbally abusive to her.

    Finally, make Lexie a villain again. Forget “Lexie Carver”–let “Alexandra DiMera” take over! Renee Jones proved her acting chops as the villainous Alexandra in 2001-02 during the Isaac/JT baby switch story. Bring on Debbi Morgan or Amelia Marshall as a romantic foil—have her character break up Abe and Lexie. And then let Alexandra out and have her go all “Kristen Blake” on her rival! Lexie has an adoptive sister/cousin named Grace Brooks—see Days, you don’t even need to make up a character because there’s already one just waiting to be cast! Debbi Morgan would be perfect for this role, as would Amelia Marshall. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Lexie’s history, here goes: Celeste gave her child with Stefano, little Lexie, to her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, to be raised as their child away from Stefano’s evil influence. Their child, Grace, is Lexie’s biological cousin and adoptive sister. She has never appeared on the show but has been referred to, although not in many years.

    I think Abe has run his course as a character, so I would bump him to recurring and then bring on a new love interest for Lexie, or even bring back Tek–I liked them together.

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    Great ideas :D


    I say bring back Brandon and make him turn out to be Theo’s real father and that he kept it a secret to spare his father anymore pain. Also Amelia Marhsall or Debbie Morgan are good ideas as additions. I’ve been pushing for Amelia since the days end.

    Bad Lexie was always better than good Lexie. Always the best to see her that way.

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    I am against bringing back Brandon because I don’t want Nicole to have any more relatives on this show. If we need a relative of Abe’s on the show, I’d rather see Jonah Carver return.


    Okay. Now we could cast Jonah Carver as someone other than the southern cali beach boy the last actor who played him sounded like on screen. He was cheezy back then. So I have a suggestion for the recast.

    Lammon Rucker (ex-Marshall, ATWT) I’m sure he would return. A soap would be better than a Tyler Perry badly written sitcom or movie for him and he has that ability to play the dashing bad boy type. Having Jonah come back and rekindle his almost love affair with Lexie would be a good entry way.

    First you have him come back and then he and Abe have it out over the past. Have Abe being suspicious and distrustful Jonah who has no intentions of getting with Lexie. But then have her drawn to him as apart of her father’s plan to split up the duo as Mayor Carver is closing in on trying to take down the Dimera’s. The rift being being built between Abe and Lexie over his need to take down the Dimera’s once and for all and also to prove politically that he should be re-elected. Lexie would feel that Abe’s political aspirations along with ongoing vendetta to take down her father would be the greatest of realistic story and plays on history.

    Abe never forgot about how Stefano set Lexie up over baby Issac aka Zack.

    Thus, the only one who seems to understand where Lexie is coming from is Jonah. So he becomes her friend and someone she can confide in. Because she knows Hope is on Abe’s side.

    And the way to draw Lexie back to her dark side is to see her working to protect her brother and father from the vicious attacks of the Brady’s and her husband Abe. We can see her start to become more cunning and her clothing style turning back to the black high class look she wore the last time she went down the Dimera path.

    Now would Lexie be willing to destroy Abe’s Mayoralship in order to protect Stefano and EJ and the rest of her family?

    This is when you could time Celeste return to Salem as she got a vision that something was going on with Alexandra and was needed back in Salem.

    Some other actors to play Jonah could be Paul Issac Taylor (ex-Issac, ATWT), Keith Hamilton Cobb (ex-Damon, Y&R; ex-Noah, AMC), Henry Simmons (ex-Tyrone, AW)and Real Andrews (ex-Walker Daniels, ATWT; ex-Marcus, GH).

    Now to add in Grace Brooks she would enter in as a love interest for Jonah and take a job as Abe’s new assistant. Yet with Abe and Lexie at odds all the time she tries to play the go between and becomes Abe’s shoulder to cry on. And as Lexie seems to be around Jonah more then this pushes things into the direction for Abe and Grace to have an unintended affair.

    Abe is too popular of a character and too good of an actor to bump to recurring. He’s had several Emmy nominations. He needs to be used. Just like Y&R uses it’s vets.

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    Abe is not popular. They could easily put him on recurring or write him out entirely. I have hated him ever since he became verbally abusive to Lexie. When he caught her with Tek, I honestly thought he was going to hit her. I thought we were going to get a story where Abe beats Lexie and she won’t leave her abusive husband.


    Abe is popular. In fact when they had the Salem stalker story and he was revealed to be the first to go. They gather some 50 thousand signatures for for James Reynolds to be saved. It was called the Save The Abe Campaign. For someone whom is not popular that would not happen.

    Kristoff Saint John is popular on Y&R but the tone of his skin keeps him from getting his just deserves. Ditto that for all of the Carvers from a historical standpoint.

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    Abe’s not popular. People signed that petition because he was the first to be let go, and don’t forget the internet allows for people to make up phony emails and sign petitions as often as they want. Days should cut Abe and replace him with a younger black character like Jonah or Tek.


    I would say cutting the longest running African American character in daytime history would be a no-no. And I would also say that if this were true for him then the same would be equally true Deidre Hall and Drake since the ratings went up after they left the show.

    During the years of bad Lexie he and Renee had a hand at carrying the show. Fans had grown to like him in front-burner and he turned out to be one of the show’s top 5 actors.

    He is one you keep. You can expand the cast of African Americans instead of just exchanging one for another. I find that more fans would have liked to see his position as mayor being explored more.

    Abe is just as important of the foundation to Days as Doug and Julie.

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    Wow, you certainly are overestimating the so-called “importance” of Abe Carver to Days of Our Lives. NEWSFLASH: no one really cares about Abe! He is an abusive pig and an old man, old enough to be his wife’s father. I’d like to see him cut from the show for good, but I could stomach him on recurring status, not eating up a contract that should go to someone like Crystal Chappell.

    We don’t need more Carvers at the expense of the Bradys and the Hortons. This isn’t Generations. That’s why Abe should be switched out for someone younger like Jonah or Tek.

    the thoery of opposites

    Now it is funny how you avoid when I tell the truth like how the ratings went up when certain so-called stars of the show left the air. But then you say Abe is an abusive Pig? You would be in a distinct minority there. Abe has been considered one of the male moral centers of the show. You want a pig then that’s Bo Brady. Not Abe Carver. They never allowed him to be played in that way. Nor was he abusive. He was and let the history show it for himself he was strong in his convictions. Often a little too goody-too- shoes.

    As for Days not being Generations. Who said it was? And what do you mean, because I suggested it was time for Days like other soaps to stop switching out one black character for another? Hey that’s Vicky Rowell’s words who echoed that sentiment. So if Dayscan have insta-families like the Torres or say that dead babies are not really dead then we can have a soap where there is Abe, Lexie, Celeste, Jonah, and Grace. That my man will not trounce out the Brady’s or the Horton’s. That will in a play on your own words play into the history of the show.

    As for CC you know I like the actress but i’m not for pitting her against a long-term vet. You would have been better to suggest getting rid of the young newbies no one cares about to save her. And since the EP mentioned Abe by name in his SOD interview then we know he is not going anywhere as he KNOWS the importance of the character.

    But back to Generations for moment. A certain deceased CBS headwriter gained millions of viewers in the first half of the 90’s because he took from the template of Generations and created a whole new history for Y&R that has keep it #1 with the majority audience and with audiences in general for years. So Generations is a show you could learn a few things from. Because if Bill Bell did then we know it was worth it.

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    Upon doing some further research, Grace Brooks is actually Grace Jeffries, Lexie’s half-sister (well, adopted half-sister). Follow me here:

    Francesca and Grace Perrault were sisters. Frankie changed her name to Celeste, and Grace married a Mr. Brooks. Grace and her husband couldn’t conceive, so Celeste gave her daughter Lexie to them to raise to protect her from Stefano’s influence. Grace Jeffries must be Grace Perrault-Brooks’ daughter with another man—perhaps he died before she married Mr. Brooks, or perhaps Mr. Brooks died and then his wife married Mr. Jeffries.

    Abe also has a sister who’s never been seen before: Karen Carver.

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