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    Hey all! Anyone remember one of the first cyber soaps created for the web back in the late 90’s (96 or 97 I believe). It was called The East Village and was apparently a huge deal at the time. I remember reading about it back then in an issue of Soap Opera Digest. Now I can hardly find out any information about it, not even on Wikipedia! :)

    Anyone remember this or have any idea what I’m talking about. I did find a couple articles about it and it was created by a man named Charles Platkin. It’s not crucial or anything, I just was remembering it and wondering if anyone had additional information or know where I can find it or where the information is…I remember it sounding very good.

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    I remember this. I used to read it sometimes. The idea was seeing day to day life, the same events, through the eyes of a group of friends and lovers. You could also segueway, click on a link within the diary entry and this would take you to some other type of rambling.

    I don’t remember most of the stories, just some random moments, like when one of the female characters talked about how her brother used to listen to “A Different Drum” or how she and her friends like to watch the movie Maurice.

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