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    I am done with watching the Emmy awards as they are now. Daytime tv it is time for you to take back the Emmys and do your own thing. Go back to the 1970s model. Expand say the Ellen Degennerous Show or The View to 3 hours. Have the show outside somewhere. Invite ONLY people who have some daytime connection. Actually announce the daytime stars names that will be presenting and appearing on stage at the begining of the program. Have a preshow interviews and red carpet stuff.
    Have the host ( Ellen or the cast of the view) open the show with a fun tribute to daytime tv soaps and non soaps alike. Have a big screen and actually show snippets of the people who are being nominated and their work (show a small scene), let the winners come forward, give a nice short speech and if the audience wants to give a standing O let them. A tribute to the two shows that left the air this year is a MUST. A tribute and special LTA award HAS to be in the waiting for Agnes Nixon. It would be nice also to list the people from daytime that have passed away the year before as well. Special moments going to both La Lucci and to Erica Slezak. All entertainment has to be from someone associated to soaps. Maybe Gloria Loring could sing Lovers and Friends or Crystal Gayle could sing ” You take me away to another world” . When whoever wins the best show award actually gets to say a speech that is televised.

    As for the emmys itself, I did not hate the winners. and congradulate them . They were not my choices but that is life. What I would like to see in the nomination is something different than what is happening now. What I would like is for the daytime emmy board to randomly chose say 5 seperate dates in the year. Each show and any actors that want to participate have to submit the tapes of those 5 days. (if an actor did not appear on those days, they have to submit the episode they are in the closest to that date.) Those shows will be random samplings of the kind of work the shows do. And not based on days designed to win emmys. Otherwise I think Bold and the Beautiful is just gonna keep winning the best show award for ever. Plus actors that are more subtle in their acting have an equal chance to the ones who hot dog it for the emmy reel. The leading actors should have had to been on a certain amount of episodes that year to qualify. The supporting actors should have had a maximum number of episodes that they appeared on. I do not understand the younger actor catagory. Perhaps they can revamp it to make it more meaningful. Such as Fresh Face award. Actors that have been on soaps less than three years that have shown outstanding work……. Otherwise those people need to stand in line with everyone else to be best actor or supporting…… It isn’t fair that Scott Clifton can put himself in as younger actor OR he could given the right year be up for best actor or supporting. Eric Braeden doesn’t have that option.

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