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    If anything the saviour who everybody keeps talking about, the guy who saved Elizabeth’s life by giving her the gift of CPR rescusitation mouth to mouth and then just leaving her there on the island as soon as she came on to shore, the man who has been staying at Wyndemere, who I think it is????

    He’s a new character that will be coming on to the canvas, and that he hasn’t been introduced to us yet but he will be

    And I think the saviour he is a long-lost Cassadine, a new Cassadine that no one ever even knew existed, not even Helena

    And the saviour as for who he is related to, I think he is a bastard son of either Mikkos Cassadine, Stavros Cassadine, or even Stefan Cassadine

    Mikkos had brothers right, well Mikkos in fact had 2 brothers Tony and Victor Cassadine, perhaps the saviour he is either Tony Cassadine’s son or he is Victor Cassadine’s son

    We know a guy named Dr. Ewen Keenan who will be played by Nathin Art Butler is supposed to be on his way to Port Charles, and if he is the guy who saved Elizabeth, the new therapist who will be working at the hospital, if he saved Liz, and if he has been the one at Wyndemere, perhaps he could be a Cassadine

    Maybe Ewen he could be Mikkos, Stavros, Stefan, Tony, or Victor Cassadine’s son, or he could be Valentin’s son or he could even be Valentin himself under an alias

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    hi guys i am new here… what u guys do wanted too join the fun…soo a little about me i am a die-hard gh fan..and i cannot wait for rc/fv too take over…my show has been butchered for way too long…my favorite character is Carly and i personally think she belongs with jason with sonny as the spoiler…lol…big dreams….my thoughts today…what a babe dr.ewen is…did u see him bonding with fellow cassadine molly today…yes that man is a cassadine spawn….watch out…

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