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    Before there was Bo/Hope, Bo/Carly, Patch/Kayla, Jack/Jennifer and John/Marlena there was Doug and Julie the original Days supercouple. So let’s take a look back at the first kiss that set hearts on fire and fans a blazing. Side Note: This was before I was even thought of. Never the less this time period was consider Days golden era. Not the 90’s!

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    David, I love that clip! I hope you have some more from that era of Days, before I was born too. I don’t know if there are many that survive from those days because the shows didn’t use to save them.

    BTW, Susan sure was/is a beautiful woman.


    Yes she was. It was sad when they were put on the backburner.

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    LOL unlike you two! I remember this! Susan was one of the most beautiful women on daytime. Doug was so debonair and suave. I believe at the time, Julie was still married to Scott Banning, David’s adopted father. Scott soon died leaving Julie free but unfortunately Addie, Julie’s mom became smitten with Doug and just had to have him. Fortunately they got married and had Hope! Julie went on to marry Bob Anderson and dated Don Craig (Marlena’s first husband) before she and Doug FINALLY got together and got married (talk about your long payoffs. Nowdays if someone has to wait a few weeks they are yelling. Back then Bill Bell kept us waiting for YEARS!)
    Ofcourse the audience knew that Bill and Susan were a couple off screen. Part of the audience (me included always wanted them together). Part of the audience thought it was wrong because Doug had been married to Addie.
    Eventually, enough time and things happened that true love won out.
    I always loved when Doug serenaded Julie. My favorites were “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” and “My Funny Valentine”. Doug eventually opened a restaunt/nightclub called Doug’s PLace. They had nightly entertainment there. The three principle singers were Doug, Trish ( Patty Weaver before she became Gina Roma on Y&R), Robert (Robert Clary of Hogan’s Heros) and also Trish’s mom Jeri ( the late great Kaye Stevens) a really talented set of singers. They serenaded more than one couple to superstardom! Later on Liz Chandler (the fabulous Gloria Loring) sang at Dougs larger restaurant Doug’s Place on the Lake (it was next door to the Dimera Mansion).
    Anyway thanks for taking me back 40 years!

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    Maiden Hope
    John Marlena
    Tony Anna
    Abraham Lexie
    Bo Billie
    William Paige
    Jack Jennifer
    Daniel Nicole

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    Aiden Hope

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