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    Cast of Characters: Sami, Austin, Carrie, Rafe, Abby, John, Brady, Madison

    I just want to say that todays episode was extremely well written and moved with lightning speed. The show was over before I knew it and I was engrossed every moment. The maturity level of the conversations and the real emotions expressed without much mellodrama or exageration (well except for Sami’s usual defensiveness which is spot on for this character)
    delved into several relationships today. The scenes where tight, the acting was top notch from everyone.

    Good people do dumb things and sometime mean and awful things. Most of the time they do them out of desperation or ignorance or even anger. Motivations are always the key. Bad people do things because it serves them to do those things. Today’s ep was about motives and sowing seeds that will eventually come back to bite these people in the ass. For the most part, these characters are pretty good. Some have huge chips on their shoulders or secrets but mostly they are good people. But without realizing the consequences they are facing, they are all making huge errors.

    John runs into Sami at the Pub in the morning and tells her how much he and Marlena enjoyed the party and being part of the family. Marlena loved picking out the toy for Sidney and wants to spend more time with the kids. She missed getting to do this with her own kids because she was missing when they were children. John/ Faux Roman, actually attended the soccer games, and gave the baths, and had the b-day parties he reminded her. Marlena really regrets that she missed that time with her children. John too missed so much of Brady’s life and regrets that as well. Defensively Sami ties her own situation into what John is saying. Her job is taking her away from her family. John says that while Will is old enough now, her other kids still need their mom. Sami does not accept the conversation in the spirit that it is meant and later tells Rafe in their brief run in that John told her she is screwing up. Part of her even believes it. But she is busy because she has to get to a meeting. She leaves Rafe at the Horton square where he is waiting for Austin and Carrie to have their conversation.
    Austin and Carrie had a huge fight off screen after the party yesterday. Austin was so upset that he spent the night on the couch at his office. Abbie found him there and he tried to play it off but admitted that he and Carrie argued and he came here to sleep off the bad day before. Austin says that when you’re single, you think you are alone. But you sometimes feel the most alone when you are married. Ofcourse Abby sided with Austin and said Carrie is crazy for not trying to hang on her man.
    Across town Carrie is having a bad day. The coffee maker is on the fritz just when Rafe walks in. He ofcourse is perceptive to her mood and asks her whats up? Carrie spills the beans about the fight. But it isn’t just the fight and Austin walking out. THis has been coming since they got to town. When Austin was working against John about the missing money, Carrie started questioning who exactly she was married to. They had not had any trouble up to that point but since then, there has been this rift between them that is growing. They are not making time for eachother to the extent that they haven’t even found a place to live yet. ( I love the fact that Carrie has brought up the situation during John’s issues. It was obvious when Carrie found out about Austin being against John, that it affected her deeply. It is almost like she imediately fell out of love with Austin or atleast she was seeing him differently.)
    Rafe comisserates that he and Sami are having some issues as well, partly because of her job.
    I guess they decided to get coffee as well because they end up seeing Austin with Abby and Carrie starts to back away and leave but Austin sees them. She kinda gets rude suggesting that the two are on a date. Austin clears that up right away and declares that he loves Carrie. They both sit back and ask what is happening to them? They used to NEVER fight and always found time for eachother. So they give eachother soft platitudes and send eachother off to their busy days.
    Meanwhile the meeting that Sami has been running off too all morning is with Madison. Madison has been busy making whoopi (IN A BED! I am sooo glad that atleast one couple doesn’t sex it up on a sofa ). Nice scene and Brady is kinda thinking about stuff. It leads to conversations about them and hoping that Madison isn’t hiding anything else (ofcourse she is). But she is thinking that she shouldn’t have put Sami in at Countess W as a mole. Their love seen was quite good and the music was really good. I thought it was a great love scene and that the conversation afterword was effective. They get up and get dressed and head out to the Pub. Whatever their intentions at the Pub were, Madison needed to get. She already wasted the morning. Brady said it was no waste. She leaves while he sits down with his father. He asks Brady what he and Madison were saying about Sami. Brady convered for the two spys. Although they do have a solid conversation about Sami. Both of them are worried about her.
    But Madison is scared for her as she tries to back out of the situation, Sami says they are in too deep and should play it out She is not afraid of Kate. But Madison is…….
    Back at the office Rafe and Carrie discuss their lack of business and that their marriages are suffering as well. Rafe misses being the bread winner and Carrie misses that she and Austin never used to fight when they were in Switzerland and when she was in law school they always made time for eachother. Now they don’t even seem to want to. Again they sit there with nothing to do. Rafe goes for the coffee pot and it spill all over. He picks the thing up and throws it in the trash. Well atleast they got one thing done, they laugh….

    Each person tending their own dangerous garden. Austin and Carrie confiding in others instead of working out things together. Sami diving in head first with her work and not balancing her home/work life, Rafe finding Carrie’s company to be alot easier than the drama his own wife brings to the table, Abby chasing a man she shouldn’t. All sowing the seeds that will grow into distruction of marriages, overturning lives and alot of heartbreak. But most of all very compelling drama for us to watch!

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    This was a good episode, but it was the one today that had me crying like a six-year-old and blubbering “This is Great Soap Opera.” I know I’m gushing but it was an excellent, excellent, excellent episode.

    Poor Will! I am more than half in love with that kid.

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    I know how you feel Soap Armagedon. However I must point out, that the 2/1 ep should have been a good one. There really was no reason why the 1/31 ep should have been that great. It was in the script.
    I agree about Will though. That performance was flawless.

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