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    The whole Marlena, Sami, Will scene threw me back to the best old days of soap opera. Where people played all the emotional beats. In NO other type of entertainment can we have these kinds of scenes. It is literally the stuff that real life family drama is. After YEARS (DECADES even) of events that we all saw and took sides and issues on, this scene brought into play so much. Sami’s childhood, Will’s childhood, Marlena being one of those supremely bad mothers, Sami being selfcentered, Will angry and bitter and pent up. Eachone fighting their own demons (both pun intended and non literal demons lol) that have plagued their lives. Would have Marlena chased after John all those years or would she have stayed at home and been a mother to Sami if she had a do over? Would she have gotten on that plane that exploded again to fly off or would she have been at home making cookies for Sami and Eric’s classmates and joining PTA? Somehow I have the feeling that Marlena is a drama junkie and would have lived her life exactly how she did. Having children might not have been her best idea though. Now MOTHER EARTH Sami, however has popped out alot of kids and seems to really love them and is for the most part a good mom (comparatively speaking)when she isn’t focusing on herself. BUT she made so many mistakes infront of Will and let him down so many times and his life was on edge his whole life (starting with who is his daddy? Sami kidnapping him and running away, her many disasterous relationships, embarassment of having to go to school and be taunted about Sami’s latest capers that made the papers, Sami being on death row, Sami being missing, Sami being with a Dimera, ETC)
    Then Sami breaking down admitting that she was so ashamed of what she had done and Marlena offering to help her. Sami flies into Marlena’s arms and cries for several minutes even affecting Will’s demeanor. Although I don’t think that one crying session is quite enough to turn this relationship around, it did my heart good to see atleast a glimmer of Sami letting go of her resentment toward Marlena, and Marlena being there to comfort her.
    Marlena’s advice however fell by the wayside as Sami thinks her way (lies and deciet)is best. She just won’t tell Rafe that she slept with the devil
    himself, because Rafe will leave her. Never mind that Sami dumped him already lol (only Sami could have this kind of logic. And weirdly enough it makes compete sense coming from her)
    I also loved today that Marlena didn’t tolerate any of Will’s snide remarks letting him know that he WAS not being helpfull. I loved that Sami goes OH he obeys you! After all these months of Will openly hostile towards her. I think it was supremely important that Will saw the events that took place today between his Mother and Grandmother. It might be somewhat of a breakthrough for him if he allows it to be.
    I hope that Rafe gets involved with this conversation as well. I am interested in seeing if he will forgive (like Marlena suggests he will) or if he will dump Sami and turn to Carrie (as Sami believes). I am also looking forward to many more emotionally charges scenes such as this one.
    The emotions were so much more heightened for me than say the cat fight between Kate and Madison was today. Although it was a very good scene with three good actors, it had a much smaller impact on me because well the fight started off screen (btw when was this affair between Ian and Kate supposed to have taken place? I can’t even think of a time when it could have lol much like Kate and Bill Horton’s affair)
    Oh and some other stuff happened to like Austin getting jealous of Abbey ofver WI

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