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    I know this has nothing to do with anything but:

    For anyone who’s interested in writing their own soap opera purely created by yourself, whether that be a Y & R soap, an OLTL soap, a GH soap, a Days of Our Lives soap, an All My Children soap, Guiding Light soap or an As The World Turns soap, it doesn’t matter because you get to create it on this website on DRTV, you should check it out, I will even provide you with the link and all of you guys can check it out yourselves (this is the link for it)

    Trust me when I say this, as soon as you see this website you won’t be disappointed at all with what you see

    And registration is fairly easy, and after you are doing registering, you can post your comments about episodes of shows that you read on the website but if you want to create your own soap opera there, first the admins have to approve you but once they do, you can start creating your own soap but you have to let the administrators on DRTV know what soap you are doing and they set it up for you

    Again to anyone who is interested

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