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    So everyone, I gotta get your insight. What do you think Leslie and Tyler are hiding? I really wanna know, and I feel that if we post theories on the board, we can get to the bottom of it. I have a few thoughts, but I might be wrong. Here are my theories:

    A) Leslie is actually Tyler’s Mom: I know it sounds far fetch, but we have to remember, this is JFP writing for Y&R. She did it with Johnny and Claudia (Even though their age difference was like 5-10 years) so I’m thinking, she may do this with Tyler and Leslie.
    B) Leslie was a hooker, and killed their mother. What if Leslie was a hooker while studying law, paying tuition by turning tricks? Maybe her mother found out, they had a fight, and Leslie killed her?
    C) Tyler and Leslie are not who they say they are. What if Tyler and Leslie are con artists trying to rip of the Winters family? What if they are trying to clean them outta cash?


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