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    As we now reintroduce Time After Time the site’s online drama. We present you with the cast list so you can get to know the players in Cresent City. Then after you have learned about the show’s core characters You can read the first weeks synopsis and see if you are not drawn into Time After Time.

    The Core Families


    Robert McKinley (John Reilly): Patriarch; married to Cynthia; father of Julia. Vice president at Wilshire Publishing Inc.

    Cynthia McKinley (Tina Sloan): Matriarch; married to Robert; mother of Julia. Controls her deceased father’s multi-billion dollar fortune.

    Julia McKinley (Marcy Rylan): Daughter of Robert and Cynthia. Advertising major at Crescent City University.


    Henry Toussaint (Kristoff Saint John): Patriarch, married to Olivia; father of Nichole and Elise. Works at Wilshire Publishing Inc.

    Olivia Toussaint (Renee Jones): Matriarch; married to Henry; mother of Nichole and Elise. Works as a contract Corporate Lawyer from her home office.

    Nichole Toussaint (Shannon Kane): Eldest daughter of Henry and Olivia. Journalism major at Crescent City University. Best friends with Julia.

    Elise Toussaint (Monique Coleman): Youngest daughter of Henry and Olivia. High school student.

    Other Characters

    Lela Amour (Melissa Fumero): Cynthia’s personal assistant.

    David Cooper (Lawrence Saint Victor): Best friends with Derek. Content Manager for Parker Magazine.

    Brandon Hendricks (Zach Conroy): Friend and roommate of Marcus. Business major at Crescent City University.

    Dr. Geneva Larson (Alicia Minshew): Dates Derek. General practitioner at Crescent City Hospital.

    Paula Ling (Minae Noji): Close confidant and friend of Thomas and his business consultant.

    Marcus Johnson (Cornelius Smith Jr): Son of Roberta; friend and roommate of Brandon. Undeclared college major.

    Roberta Johnson (Amelia Marshall): Relative to Marcus; petty thief; on welfare.

    Jesse Manhart (Daniel Cosgrove): Best friend of Sarah. Features Writer for Parker Magazine.

    Derek Moreno (Mario Lopez): Dates Geneva and best friends with David. IT Manager for Parker Magazine.

    Sarah Puccini (Melissa Claire Egan): Italian immigrant and best friends with Jesse. Works as a Bartender at the Seven Seven.

    Jeffery Shackleford (Lammon Rucker): Lawyer and personal legal consultant for Cynthia and her business holdings.

    Allison Smith (Napiera Groves): Thomas’s Executive Assistant at Wilshire Publishing Inc.

    Thomas Wilshire (Jerry Douglas): Friends with Paula. Owner, President and CEO of Wilshire Publishing Inc. which includes the publication Parker Magazine.

    Show intro:


    WEEK 2: Laying The Groundwork


    At the Seven Seven Lela enters and notices the change in ambiance and atmosphere of the place. She looks around and remembers that she forgot to get a description of the man in waiting. Lela heads over to the bar and asked Sarah about Jesse. Sarah points him out over sitting alone in a booth. Lela walks over and introduces herself. She then asks for her phone. Jesse looks her over and asks her to stay a minute to have a drink with him. Lela lets Jesse know that she is really tired and needs to get home. Jesse implores Lela to just stay a moment. Reluctantly she agrees and orders a club soda.

    When questioned, Lela tells Jesse about her mundane life as a personal assistant to Cynthia. Jesse thinks Lela is doing what she must to survive. He goes on tell her about his job at Parker Magazine.

    Lela feels out of place since he is a big shot magazine writer and she’s a lowly assistant.

    Jesse grabs Lela right hand and places the phone in it. He tells her of his ambitious plans to become Creative Director of the magazine in the future. Lela says she wants to be like Cynthia someday but doesn’t know exactly how her job as an assistant will parlay her into the big time.

    Jesse then discovers from Lela that her passion is fashion and that she would one day like to own her own boutique catering to the rich and famous. He gives her a business card and tells her he may have some insider connections that might help her to start seeing her dream become a reality.

    Lela is thankful but begins to wonder if he is just trying to get into her pants. She thanks him and excuses herself as she leaves…In another booth David and Derek are having beers. Derek complains to David that Geneva’s job at the hospital is starting to get in the way of their relationship. David insists that maybe this is a sign that Derek and Geneva are not meant to be. Derek assures David that he loves Geneva and plans to marry her someday when she doesn’t have such a hefty schedule. David reminds Derek that since Geneva is now a doctor that her career will always take precedence over her personal life.

    David looking around at all the women at the Seven Seven spots his choice for the night, Sarah the bartender. Derek makes a $20 dollar bet that David cannot get Sarah’s number. After accepting the challenge David walks over to the bar and orders a drink from Sarah. He compliments her on her nice figure and Sarah looks at him with contempt. David noticing her reaction tells her that he is was not trying to come on, but wanted to compliment her for having a “real women’s” body. Sarah thinks he is just full of it and David explains to her the similarities between Sarah and the women in his family. Sarah is touched by his concern and love for women as more then sexual objects.

    David inquires about wanting to talk with her further about how men and women can learn to understand each other. He lies that he is doing research for a book. Sarah writes down the number for the Seven Seven as a way to contact her and suggested that if he is “really” writing a book then she will be willing to share her point of view.

    David returns to the booth with Sarah’s number in tow. Derek shakes his head at his friend’s accomplishment. Derek wonders if David will sleep with Sarah tonight. David informs Derek that “he will hit it” all in due time…Nichole, Brandon, Marcus, and Julia are sitting in a booth across the room. Brandon asked both Nichole and Julia how they became friends. Julia explains how they went to the same prep school together. Nichole talks about how both their father’s work closely together at Wilshire Publishing Inc. Brandon expresses interest in wanting to get into the publishing industry post college. A delighted Julia informs Brandon that her father Robert is the company’s vice president and could help him get an internship. Nichole remembers that her father just got elected to the board. Brandon is in awe that Henry is moving up so fast. He states that has followed Henry’s career and that her father is an inspiration to him. Julia rolls her eyes and Marcus leans over to her whispering that he knows she likes Brandon.

    Later the music in the Seven Seven gets louder and the DJ introduces himself and calls people to the dance floor. Nichole asks Brandon to dance. He gladly accepts and turns and winks back at Marcus as they head off to the dance floor.

    Marcus asks Julia if she is interested in Brandon. Julia tries to deny it but Marcus says that he knows she likes him. Julia wonders why he even cares. Marcus lets her know that he likes Nichole and that she won’t even give him the time of day since she thinks he is nothing but a dumb sports jock. Julia asked him if that’s the truth. Marcus says that he is really a smart man who just plays dumb so his teammates don’t hassle him.

    Julia is shocked by his admission, but says it doesn’t even matter because as he can see Nichole is in to Brandon. Marcus says that the two of them can both get what they want if they put their heads together. Julia wonders what Marcus has up his sleeve. Marcus implies that they can make sure Brandon and Nichole never want to know each other well enough for real sparks to fly. Julia says she can’t do that to her friend. She will let whatever happens happen. Marcus tells her to think about it, but whatever she decides he is going after Nichole.

    Julia threatens to tell Nichole about what Marcus has been saying. Marcus has Julia look out on to the dance floor at Brandon and Nichole dancing and asked her if that is what she really wants to do. Julia tells Marcus that she will not be involved in anything he does and she leaves for the night.


    At the McKinley Estate Cynthia is stretched out on the lounge chair in the living room reading the news from her laptop. Robert enters and sits down his briefcase on the sofa, heads over to the bar and pours himself a drink.

    Cynthia looks up from her reading glasses and notices that Robert is in one of his funny moods. She tells him that Henry’s promotion is all over the web and should be front page news in the business section of The Valley Star tomorrow.

    Robert swallows his drink and sits the glass down.

    Cynthia asks Robert if the thought Henry’s election to the board was a bad move. Robert responds that Henry is too in experienced to hold such a position within the company. Cynthia warns her husband to watch out for Henry…At the Toussaint home Henry, Olivia and Elise sit down to dinner as they celebrate Henry’s election to the board. Henry is taking a modest tone to this and reminds himself and the others he must prove himself now that he is on the board. Olivia and Elise think he will excel. Henry reminds them that this is a twelve member board and is different from his position as Editor.

    Later alone, Olivia shares a kiss with Henry and tells him that she has something special planned for her rising star husband in the bedroom. Henry and Olivia make love and Henry promises to make his family proud.


    In the back of a limo Thomas sits with Paula sipping champagne. Thomas puts his hand over his heart as he starts to feel pain. Paula becomes concerned when Thomas looks flushed. Thomas says it’s just heart burn and Paula wonders when the last time he went to for medical checkup. Thomas lies to her that it has been a few months and that the doctor says he is just fine. He attributes the pain to the mixing of the champagne and the food they ate for dinner.

    Back at the mansion Paula wonders when Thomas will step down from his top spot at Wilshire. Thomas states that they will have to drag him out of the company kicking and screaming before he rescinds power.

    Again Thomas doubles over in pain. Paula becomes even more concerned and asked him if what’s wrong. Thomas asked Paula to get him his heartburn medication. Once he has taken it Thomas pretends to feel better and says he is going to lay down for the night.

    Thomas heads off to bed and Paula calls up to the hospital to inquire about Thomas’s last medical checkup. She discovers that he hasn’t had one in years. Paula sets one an appointment up for him and promises to herself that she will do whatever it takes to keep Thomas around for as long as possible.

    Next Week:

    -A business meeting brings Olivia face-to-face with someone from her past.
    -Geneva leaves Derek frustrated.
    -Robert and Henry have a disagreement.
    -Julia gains an unexpected opening with Brandon.


    Week 5: Motivating Factors


    At Wilshire Publishing Inc. on the Parker Magazine floor Sarah emerges from the elevator and is directed by the receptionist to the large open office space where she sees David sitting at his desk. She makes her way over and surprises him.

    David is shocked as Sarah has not returned his calls since the day he got her number. Sarah has a flashback to when she was talking with Jesse about their past together. She then tells David that she had a lot on her mind and has now come to her senses.

    Sarah sits down across from David and asks him to share what exactly his duties are for Parker Magazine. David ever so delighted begins to talk about his work as Jesse enters the office space and spies Sarah.

    Sarah spots Jesse from the corner of her eye and grabs David’s hands. She tells him how much she thinks he is a great guy and would love to go on a date with him. David is thrown by her forwardness but accepts her offer. Sarah loudly informs David so that Jesse can hear that she wants to have dinner at her place and that she will cook him a great dish from her home country of Italy.

    After making plans Sarah gets up to leave and is stopped by Jesse in the hallway who warns her that David a womanizer. Sarah blows Jesse off and says that she is a grown woman and doesn’t need any warnings from him.

    Jesse calls Sarah a slut and she slaps him. She wonders why Jesse is so concerned if he does not care for her? Jesse informs Sarah that he cares for her as a friend. Sarah thanks him for his concern but informs him that she a big girl and can handle herself.

    Jesse reminds Sarah how the last guy she tried to start something with used her for sex because she gave it up too soon and she came crying to him about it. Sarah then calls Jesse and asshole leaves.

    Once Sarah is in the elevator she burst into tears.


    On the executive floor Robert enters upon the lobby area and approaches Allison’s desk. He invites her out for brunch. Allison is a little taken-a-back by his sudden request. She questions the reason why he wants to hang out with her. Robert lies, that after Thomas’s heart attack that he wants to make everyday count. Allison takes him up on his offer and they head out.

    Wearing a black cat-dress with black gloves Cynthia emerges from the hallway and after making sure the coast is clear heads into Thomas’s office. Inside she begins to look around for clues as to who the 13th board member is. Cynthia manages to find a list of Board members on Thomas’s desk and takes a look at it. She notices that there are only 12 names on the list.

    Cynthia realizes that the information must be on his computer and turns it on. She is met with a request for a password. Cynthia tries various combinations of what she thinks the password might be. Each time she enters a word she is met with an error message. Just as Cynthia is about to try another combination of letters and numbers she hears someone approaching. A quick thinking Cynthia hides in the closet off to the side of a wall painting.

    Paula enters the office and heads over to Thomas’s desk. She sits down and looks at his computer screen. Paula types in the password and before she can hit enter receives a call on her cell. Thomas, whom is on the other end of the phone, instructs her to go into the safe to find the information needed.

    After ending her call Paula heads over and removes the painting from the wall. She pushes in the secret code and the safe unlocks.

    Meanwhile inside the closet Cynthia has been listening to everything figures out what she has to do. Back outside Paula removes a flash-drive from the safe and closes it again. She then puts the painting back up and heads out of the office.

    Cynthia emerges from the closet and heads over to the computer where she sees a password has been typed. She presses enter and gains access to the system.

    Cynthia does a system wide search on board members and comes up with a slew of files to choose from. After opening several files Cynthia realizes that none of the files contains the information she wants. She does notice that there is a 13th board member listed as X13 on all voting lists.

    Cynthia takes out her own zip drive and starts copying all the board member files. While the files are being saved Cynthia heads over to the painting and removes it. She takes a look at the safe and comes to the realization that the information is in there.

    Knowing that the password is a selection of numbers Cynthia doesn’t try to figure it out and puts the painting back in its place. She then heads back over to the desk and removes her zip disk and shuts down the computer.

    Cynthia exits the office and becomes determined to get inside the safe no matter what it takes.


    At the Wilshire mansion Thomas decides to call an emergency board meeting to discuss his plans for the future. He phones each member and asks them to come to his PLACE immediately. After the calls are made Thomas gets up and goes to over to wall in the study and sees his painted family portrait. He has flashbacks to when he was child and his father Bogart Wilshire sat him on his knee and told him that he would someday take over the empire. Next he flashes to when he was a teenager and his father caught him trying to produce a smut magazine and scolded him for it. Then he flashes to when he was named Editor of his college news paper. Finally he remembers the day his father handed over the reins of the company to him to look after and see grow and prosper.

    After reminiscing about the good old days he sees Paula whom has returned to the mansion with the zip drive. Thomas takes the rive and places it in the USB port on his laptop. Paula wonders what information is on the disk? Thomas informs her that it is in information about all the board members.

    Paula wonders if he knows who he is going to have to replace him as President and CEO of Wilshire? Thomas informs Paula that until recently he was sure that it was going to be Robert. Yet, the more he thinks about it, he thinks the position should be open to anyone who wants to apply.

    Paula wonders about his change of heart? Thomas informs her that in today’s world you have to be innovative and a forward thinker. He states that Robert is more than qualified to keep the company alive and well, but is not sure if he is the right person to lead the company into the future.

    Shocked by his change of heart Paula asks if that means that she can put her bid in? Thomas again makes it clear to her the reasons why she can’t be in the running for the position. Paula rolls her eyes in grief but says she understands.

    Thomas instructs Paula to have the housekeeper prepare some snacks for the Board Meeting. Paula leaves and Thomas looks at pictures of the board members on his CD. He comes across Robert’s picture and comes to the collusion that if Robert is going to take over the company then he is going to have to prove that he can be a good leader, thus taking the company into the future.


    Nichole & Julia meet up with Brandon & Marcus in the campus library to begin working on the biography project. Brandon thinks it would be fun if they all worked together as a group, but both Marcus and Julia think that it is better if they work separately as they could never get their work done in such a group setting.

    Julia suggests that she and Brandon meet up at his place in the late afternoon. Brandon agrees thinking this will give them time to get the bulk of the work done.

    Marcus asks Nichole if they can meet up at her parents’ home to work on the assignment. Nichole gives Marcus a faint smile and sighs agreeing to do it.

    Sensing some displeasure Marcus calls Nichole out asking her if she even wants to work with him on the project? Nichole informs him that she has no choice. Offended Marcus tells Nichole that they don’t have to do the project at all and that he will just drop the class so that she can have another partner. Marcus then gets up and leaves.

    Brandon wonders what is up with Nichole, who states that she is sorry if she made Marcus feel bad but she doesn’t want to work with him at all. Brandon informs Nichole that she is not the woman he thought she was and tells Julia he will see her later before storming off.

    Nichole looks for Julia to have some sympathy for her and understand her point of view, but Julia tells Nichole that she is being a BITCH. Nichole is slightly caught off guard by Julia’s honesty and says she will correct things with Marcus.

    Nichole heads out to look for Marcus and Julia secretly hopes that Nichole can repair things so that she and Brandon can be alone.

    Outside the library Marcus vents his anger toward Brandon warning him to watch out for stuck-up bitches like Nichole. Brandon assures Marcus that he is on the watch now and wonders if there is some way to work this out so they can still have the class together.

    Nichole exits from the library and encounters Marcus and Brandon. She apologizes to Marcus for the way she acted hopes he can forgive her. Brandon sighs an awe and relief at how Nichole was able to own up to her faults. Marcus accepts Nichole’s apology and they reinvest in working on the project.

    When Marcus heads off to class Brandon lets Nichole know how happy he is about her actions and he gives her a hug. At the same time Julia whom is now exiting from the library spots them in an embrace, bites her bottom lip, and quietly walks away without them noticing her.


    At the Toussaint home Olivia is sitting at her desk their home office looking over some paperwork. She stops working when she comes across Jeffery’s name on a paper. Olivia sighs and has a flashback to when she was meeting with him in his office. Then she gets up and heads into the kitchen and over to the basement door. Olivia opens the door and heads downstairs where she goes over to a shelf and pulls out her old college yearbook. Olivia opens it and turns to a page where she sees a picture of Jeffery. She stares out and drifts into a flashback of when she was crying in her dorm.

    Olivia is brought back to reality when she hears the doorbell ring. Olivia heads upstairs with the yearbook in tow. She sits it down on the coffee table in the living room and answers the door. She sees Jeffery and punches him in the face!

    Next Week

    -Olivia confronts Jeffery with the past.
    -Thomas makes a suggestion to Henry.
    -Elise has a crush.


    Week 6: A Moment of Truth


    At the Toussaint home Olivia has come upstairs after hearing the doorbell ring with her yearbook in tow. She sits it down on the coffee table in the living room and answers the door. She sees Jeffery and punches him in the face!

    Jeffery grabs the right side of his face and is shocked by Olivia’s actions. Olivia questions Jeffrey about what he wants and he informs her that he came to talk business. Olivia moves out of the door way and Jeffrey enters.

    After having shut the door and heading toward the sofa Olivia is questioned by Jeffrey as to why she assaulted him. Olivia tells Jeffery that he ought to know what caused her pain.

    Confused Jeffery wonders if Olivia has some residual feelings about their breakup. Olivia reminds Jeffery that she left him after she found out that he was a dog.

    Jeffery remembers that there was a time after the breakup that Olivia avoided him like the plague and has always wondered why she would do so when she has been such a confrontational woman. Olivia explains to him that he was the love of her life and destroyed her emotionally at that time. She lets Jeffery know that he will never understand all the things she had to deal with after their relationship ended.

    Jeffery questions if Olivia has unresolved feelings for him. Olivia informs Jeffery that she has feelings about him not for him.

    Jeffery tries to comfort Olivia but she quickly pushes him away and demands that he get out now.

    A confused Jeffery reminds her that he is there on business, but Olivia’s emotions escalate and she heads to the fire place and grabs the fireplace poker, once again demanding that he leave.

    Jeffery quickly grabs his belongings and heads for the door. Olivia rushes him with the fireplace poker screaming at him, but Jeffery manages to exit before she can get a hold of him and a distraught Olivia starts to cry as she drops to the floor.

    Olivia pulls herself together and reminds herself that she has to be strong. She gets up off the floor and puts the fireplace poker back in its place. She then makes a call via her cell phone and leaves a message for Henry to meet her for dinner at the Oliver Twist Café.

    Olivia then grabs some files and places them in her briefcase and leaves. The yearbook though is still on the coffee table.


    At the Wilshire mansion in the dining room the entire board has assembled and Thomas explains to the board that he has decided to step-down as President and CEO of Wilshire Publishing Inc. He informs them that for health reasons he believes it is time to turn the company over to capable hands.

    One of the board members asked who is going to replace him in the top spot. Thomas responds that he going to open up to allow anyone who wants to vie for the position to turn in their proposals for how they will lead the company into the future.

    Robert looks perplexed by this and asked if Thomas has anyone in mind. Thomas admits to Robert that he is at the top of the list, but he wants to make sure that he is fair and allow anyone who believes they can do the job has a chance to at least plead their case.

    Thomas ends the meeting and approaches Henry. He asked him to stick around so that he can discuss something with him. Then Robert comes over and asked Thomas what he needs to do to prepare for the ultimate transition into the top spot. Thomas informs Robert that he will actually have to follow the rules of protocol and turn in his own proposal and have an official interview for the position. Robert is thrown by this but keeps it to himself.

    Later, Thomas has a drink with Henry in the living room and suggests that Henry put in his bid to run the company. Henry believes that he is not ready to take on such a task. Thomas lets Henry know that you can never be too prepared for such a job when the time comes.

    Henry turns Thomas down.

    Thomas reminds Henry about how Barack Obama was considered just as wet under the ears when he entered the race to become president of the United States of America.

    Henry thinks about Thomas’s advice and decides to think about it. Thomas says that if Henry can prove himself like he has thus far then he will bring Wilshire into a new era…Meanwhile, at the McKinley estate Robert learns from Cynthia about her findings and her quest to figure out who the 13th board member is. Robert suggests that she forget about it. He believes that the President and CEO position is his.

    Cynthia asked if he was assured of that at the board meeting? Robert explains to her that he believes that since Thomas’s heart attack that he has decided to be more formal about the transition but will in the end give the position to him.


    Lela is driving on the highway when her right front tire is punctured by glass. She pulls over to the side and tries to figure out what to do. Unable to change a tire she calls Jesse for help.

    When Jesse arrives Lela is relieved. She watches as he goes over with her the process of changing a tire and soon she starts to day dream about a romantic moment with Jesse.

    Lela is snapped back into reality when Jesse announces that he is finished. Lela hugs him and thanks him.

    Jesse invites Lela out dancing at the Seven Seven since there is a party there at the end of the week. Lela gladly accepts and says she is anxious to show him her moves on the dance floor. Jesse calls her into a dance off competition and she accepts his challenge.


    Back at the Toussaint home Elise sits in the living room reading from one of her text books from school when she hear the doorbell ring. She gets up and answers it and she sees Marcus whom informs her that he is there meet her sister Nicole. Elise lets him in and quickly becomes smitten with him.

    Elise questions if Marcus is dating Nicole. Marcus informs her that they are just partners for an assignment. Elise pries more and asked if he would ever consider dating Nicole? Marcus lies that he has no interest in her at all.

    Elise receives a call from a friend on her cell phone and leaves Marcus alone in the living room. Marcus notices the yearbook on the coffee table and picks it up and starts to flip through it. Just then Nichole enters the house and he quickly puts the yearbook down. Together they begin the project.

    Marcus starts asking questions about Nichole’s family history and is intrigued to learn that Nichole’s mother came from humble beginnings. He is also in admiration of her father’s accomplishments.

    When the discussion turns to him Marcus describes his life as a child in a single parent home where his mother has struggled her entire life to try and support him. He focuses on how completing college will be his ticket out of poverty.

    Nichole is touched by his admission and admits she thought that he was just some college sports jock. Marcus admits that he might appear that way, but it only so he doesn’t have to think about his own life.

    Nichole asked how his mother is? Marcus informs her that he doesn’t want to talk about his mother…Over at Brandon and Marcus’s apartment Julia and Brandon have began the project. Brandon learns all about Julia’s prep school past and all her travels around the world. Brandon wonders if Julia cares about anything else other than her own life? Julia is thrown by this and says that she loves her family.

    Brandon pushes forward and tells Julia about all the community service work that he has done for the sick and the poor and also informs her that they come from similar backgrounds. He makes it clear though that the difference is that his father still made him earn his keep and always made sure he remembered that service to the less fortunate was important.

    Julia lies that she has been meaning to give back to community but has not had time. Brandon puts out an offer for her to help him serve food to the homeless at a shelter. Julia agrees.


    At the Oliver Twist Café Henry meets Olivia and they order dinner. Henry informs her of Thomas’s encouragement for him to put his bid in to run Wilshire. Olivia encourages Henry to do as Thomas has said. Henry tells her that he does not feel very confident, but Olivia suggests that Henry just go for it.

    Olivia looks around and spots Jeffery whom has entered the café and is being seated by a waitress. She instructs Henry to call Thomas and tell him that he will be placing his bid and then she heads off to the restroom. Along her way she locks eyes with Jeffery and motions for him to follow her.

    Once they are both out of eyesight Olivia apologies for going off on him earlier. Jeffery wonders if he has to worry about Henry? Olivia informs him that she has not told Henry about their earlier meeting and does not plan to.

    Jeffery demands to know what is going on with her. Olivia informs him that whatever it was it has come and gone now. She does remind him that he needs to keep it professional and that from this point on they should meet at a public place to do business… Back at the McKinley estate Cynthia pleads with Robert to allow her to source out who the 13th board member is but Robert tells her to leave it alone and erase the memory stick.

    Later alone in the living room Cynthia holds the memory stick in her hand decides that she going to go through with what she had planned even if Robert doesn’t agree. Cynthia states to herself that she believes that this will be the key to assuring Robert becomes the new President and CEO at Wilshire.

    Next Week

    -Cynthia goes to Olivia for answers.
    -Marcus recieves a disturbing call.
    -Geneva is faced with a dilemma.


    Week 8: Next Steps


    At the Toussaint home Elise exits from the kitchen with a sandwich and some juice. She sits down on the sofa and starts to eat her food. Elise places the sandwich on the coffee table and grabs the remote and turns the TV on. She flips through the channels until she comes to a romantic movie. Elise then lies down and starts to doze off.

    Elise daydreams about herself coming from the kitchen and seeing a shirtless Marcus on the sofa. She rushed over to him and he kisses her passionately. Then Marcus scoops her up and carries her off.

    Elise comes out of her daydream and smiles.


    At the shelter Brandon, Marcus, Nichole, and Julia have arrived and getting setup for dinner. Julia is not engaging in much work and is checking her Iphone. Nichole pushes Julia to act like she cares about what she is doing there.

    Julia puts away her Iphone and walks over to Brandon asking him if there is anything she can do for him. Brandon informs her that she can uncover the pots and get ready to serve.

    Meanwhile, Marcus gets a phone call again and walks off to the side to speak alone. Nichole notices his frustrated look and when he ends the call asked if he is okay. Marcus lets her know that he is alright. Nichole informs Marcus that if he ever wants to talk about anything feel free to lean on her shoulder.

    The foursome start to serve food to the homeless and Julia becomes upset when a homeless man calls her “cute”. She starts to tell the man off and Brandon has to remove her from serving food. He takes her to the side and tells her that she is being insensitive. Julia reminds him that the man tried to come on to her and Brandon lets her know that a positive comment on her beauty does not equate a come-on.

    Julia smiles realizing he described her as beautiful.

    Brandon asks her to go and apologize and Julia walks over to the table where the homeless man is sitting and tells him she is sorry. When the homeless man reaches out his hand for her to shake she bites her bottom lip and turns to walk away. But when she sees Brandon watching, Julia turns back and shakes the man’s hand.


    At the Seven Seven Derek sits at a booth alone. When he sees Allison he motions for her to come over. Allison inches her way over and cops a seat. She then asks Derek how he is doing and he admits that things are pretty rough right now between he and Geneva.

    Allison reaches across the table and grabs his hands telling him how sorry she is. She informs him that things will get better in time.

    Derek lets Allison know that he has given Geneva so many chances to make time for him, but he is starting to wonder if she is married to her job.

    Allison reminds him that since Geneva is a doctor that he has to get use to the time she will be spending at the hospital if he wants to have a future with her.

    Derek thanks Allison for her support and offers to pay for her dinner. She gladly accepts.

    Later, Allison starts to talk about how she has been enjoying the single life and doesn’t want a man right now. Derek wonders why she is avoiding men and Allison informs him that they are too much trouble and that they use you and then they suck you dry. Derek tells her that not all men are bad. Allison states that she wishes more men were like him.

    From the entrance to the Seven Seven, Geneva spies Allison and Derek having dinner together. She notices how happy they look and decides to leave. Outside Geneva starts to wonder if Derek is for real this time about leaving her if she doesn’t make more time for him. She has a flashback to their argument in the hospital and comes to the determination that she must do whatever it takes to make him happy.


    At Jesse’s loft he has prepared a nice candle lit dinner for Lela and is awaiting her arrival. Jesse wants this to be a nice romantic night. So he can try to woo Lela.

    Jesse heads toward his room to get dressed for dinner when Sarah enters his loft with David. He is taken aback as to why she came over unannounced. Sarah says that she wanted to use his place to entertain David since her floors were flooded from the neighbors upstairs. Jesse explains to Sarah that he has a dinner date planned with Lela and Sarah starts to sulk away with David. Jesse stops Sarah and informs her that she and David can join them for a double date.

    Later when Lela arrives they all sit around the table and await Jesse’s main course of fettucini alfredo. Once it is served Sarah comments on how this is nothing like the food cooked from her home country of Italy and Jesse becomes offended by her benign protesting.

    Lela compliments his cooking as does David. David tries to stir the conversation to other things by asking about how long Lela and Jesse have known each other. Lela responds trying to lighten the mood but Jesse asks to speak to Sarah alone and they head into the living room where Jesse lays into Sarah for embarrassing him during dinner. Sarah expresses that she was just speaking her mind. Jesse warns Sarah that if she causes anymore trouble he will put her out.

    Meanwhile, Lela asks David what he thinks about Jesse. David informs Lela that Jesse is a fine man and someone worth her spending her time with.

    After talking Lela up for a while David decides to head into the living room and bring back Sarah and Jesse.

    In the living room Sarah informs Jesse that if he puts her out then she will go home with David. As David enters the living room Jesse blurts out a reminder that David is a womanizer.

    David takes great offense to the stated proclamation and tells Jesse to mind his own business.

    Sarah informs David that Jesse is just jealous because she has a life outside of him.

    Jesse asks both of them to leave and David warns Jesse that next time he has something to say that he should say it to him directly or they can take it outside. Jesse then asked David to step outside so they can handle their business. Yet, before he can leave Lela comes out and drags Jesse back into the dining room to calm him down.

    Sarah starts to cry and David consoles her. She states that she knows that David would never hurt her, the way Jesse has suggested. David says nothing as he holds her with a twisted smile on his face.


    At the Wilshire Publishing Inc. on the executive floor, Cynthia exits from the elevator dressed with a scarf over her head and with housekeeping clothes on. She rolls the cleaning cart along with her and heads over to Thomas’s office. Once inside she locks the door behind her and heads over to the wall and removes the painting to see the safe. She remembers that the last time she was here Paula had removed a disk from the safe. Cynthia comes to the conclusion that the information must be on that memory stick and needs to get into the mansion in order to get it.

    Cynthia leaves and changes clothe her in car. She heads over to the Wilshire Mansion and claims to need to see Thomas about a fundraising event. Once Thomas is in her presence she pretends to need his help getting some of the board members to donate to a cause. Thomas assures her that he will help her out and heads upstairs to bed. He suggests that Cynthia see herself out.

    When Thomas is out of sight and Cynthia has made sure the coast is clear, she quietly stalks her way up the stairs and over to the study where she knows that Thomas does his business from home. She enters and heads over to the desk where she sees a memory stick sitting. She swipes the memory stick and places it in her purse. Just as she is about to exit the room she hears someone coming and hides behind the curtain.

    A maid enters, walks over and removes & replaces the trash bag next to the desk. Then the maid leaves. After she is gone Cynthia breathes a sigh of relief and makes a hasty exit.

    Once home Cynthia grabs her laptop, sits down and inserts the memory stick into the port. Just as she about the load it up Robert comes into the living room and she closes her laptop.

    Robert grabs the remote and turns on the music. He asked Cynthia to dance with him. As they are dancing Robert informs Cynthia he is feeling joyous about the future when he takes over at Wilshire Publishing Inc.

    Cynthia worries that Robert may be calling it too quickly and ask him again if she can figure out who the 13th board member is in order to formulate a plan of action that will assure him a win at all cost.

    Robert puts his hand over Cynthia’s mouth and asked her to live in the moment. He tells her with great faith that all his hard work will pay off in the end.

    Robert kisses Cynthia whose mind is on the memory stick. Robert asks her what is wrong when he feels that she is not getting into the mood. Cynthia lies that she is tired and wants to lie down. They leave and head off to the bedroom as Cynthia looks back at the laptop.

    Next Week

    -Geneva puts Allison in a tough spot.
    -Brandon and Nichole grow closer.
    -Henry and Olivia share time alone together.
    -Veteran daytime actress Amelia Marshall joins Time After Time as a mysterious woman who comes to town and she’s trouble.


    Week 9: Knowledge is Power


    At The Seven Seven a woman enters wearing a dingy coat and carrying a duffle bag. She comes and sits down at the bar. Sarah introduces her self to the woman and takes the woman’s drink order, whom has opened a tab.

    The women who stands about 5 feet 4 inches tall is scanning the room looking out for all the exits as Sarah makes her drink.

    When Sarah serves the woman her drink she questions if the woman is new town as she noticed the duffel bag. The women lets Sarah know that she just arrived by Greyhound and is anxious to get to know all about Cresent City.

    Sarah discribes some of the highlights of the city and wonders how long the mysterious woman will be in town for. They woman suggests that she plans on settling down in Cresent City if everything works out.

    When Sarah heads over to assist other customers the woman pulls out her cell phone and makes a call. She recieves a voicemail and leaves a message letting the person she is trying to contact know that she is in town and waiting to hear back from them.

    After hanging up the woman pulls out an envelope, opens it and pulls out a photo. She stares at it. Thinking to herself the woman states that she is pinning all her hopes and dream on the person in that picture as now is her time to live.


    At the hospital Geneva exits from seeing a patient and notices Allison heading toward the elevator. Geneva rushes over and stops her. She asks to speak to Allison. Allison accompanies Geneva to her office. Inside Geneva lets Allison know that she knows that Allison has been spending time with Derek. Allison makes it clear to Geneva that they are just friends. Geneva informs Allison that she is not worried about her coming between her and Derek, but needs her advice on how to save their relationship.

    Allison is confused about how she can help Geneva and Derek stay together. Geneva asks Allison to talk to him. She pleads with Allison to say something to make Derek see that she really wants their relationship to work. Allison tells Geneva that she is not going to be the go-between in anyone’s relationship.

    Feeling uncomfortable Allison leaves telling Geneva to have a nice day.

    Alone Geneva sits at her computer and opens up her daily planner. She notices that she is booked up for the next three months and becomes concerned about how she will be able to keep her promise to Derek. She makes a phone call to the hospital administrator to come to her office for a chat. Once there Geneva tells him of her relationship woes. The administrator informs Geneva that a relationship is hard to keep when you are a doctor. He goes on to let her know that that is why his own wife is a doctor.

    The administrator informs Geneva that she has some decisions to make. Either she will focus on her career or she sacrifices it for the sake of her relationship. So Derek had better be the one.

    After the administrator leaves Geneva picks up a picture of her and Derek from her desk and goes over and sits on the office sofa. She starts to replay Derek’s comments to her about their relationship and the administrator’s words in her head. Geneva breaks down and starts to cry.


    At the apartment Marcus checks his voice mail and seems to be upset by a cryptic message. Brandon questions Marcus about why his mood seems to have been off lately. Marcus lies to Brandon that all the course work is stressing him out. Brandon suggests that Marcus hit the gym with him to let off some steam. Marcus agrees.

    At the CC Athletic Club Brandon and Marcus enter and are pleasantly surprised when they spot Julia and Nichole on the treadmills. Julia waves at Brandon who waves back and then winks her eye at Marcus who smiles.

    Brandon goes over and says hello to Nichole. He asked her if she wants to workout with him and she delightfully obliges. They head off to the free-weights. Meanwhile, Marcus is left to contend with Julia whom is showing a twinge of jealousy that Brandon is hanging out with Nichole instead of her.

    Marcus checks in with Julia about how things are moving along between she and Brandon. Julia informs him that Brandon called her “beautiful” at the shelter, but wonders now if that was a friendly gesture.

    Marcus insists that they will have to step up their plan of attack if they are to both get what they want. Julia reminds Marcus that she said that if Brandon starts to like her naturally then she will pursue a relationship with him. Yet, she makes it clear once more that she will not do anything deceitful to ruin any chances her best friend Nichole might have with Brandon

    Elsewhere, Brandon helps Nichole with some workout equipment and she lets him know how much she is enjoying getting to know him better.

    Brandon asks Nichole if she would like to accompany him to see the local production of The Crucible. She is pleasantly surprised that he is interested in the arts and Brandon tells Nichole that his mother was a former Broadway actress and has since moved to L.A. and is a working actress. Nichole takes Brandon up on his offer and they make plans to attend the play.


    At the Toussaint, home in the dining room; Henry sits at the table eating a candle lit a dinner with Olivia. They start talking about their lives thus far and Henry remembers the day that he met Olivia. He talks about how he knew that she was the one the first day he met her. Olivia stares out and has a flashback to when she learned that Jeffery had cheated on her and then ran into Henry. Henry snaps her out of her moment when he talks about how happy he was to be her first.

    Olivia gives Henry a faint smile and changes the subject to when they had their first child Nichole. Henry remembers it like yesterday and reminds Olivia that they had not planned on having another. Yet, after the night they had too much wine Elise was conceived. They laugh at the thought of what happened on that night.

    After dinner Henry and Olivia head into the living room and Henry turns on some music. They dance to the sounds of Miles Davis and Henry reminds Olivia of how beautiful a woman she is. Olivia tells Henry that he ain’t half had himself.

    They continue to dance and hold each other close. Olivia wishes this moment could last forever. Henry states it might be the last time for a while if he ends up running Wilshire Inc. Olivia lets Henry know that she has faith in him.

    Henry and Olivia kiss. Then Henry lifts Olivia up and carries her off to the bedroom and they make love. Later, they lay in the afterglow. Henry and Olivia promise to always be there for one another no matter what happens.

    WHO AM I

    Back at the Seven Seven the woman still sits at the bar now nursing her her 12th drink.

    Sarah asks the woman if she wants to close her tab and the woman states that she is not yet finished. Sarah then asks the woman if she is driving and the woman says she will not be drinking and driving at all.

    Jeffery whom has just entered the Seven Seven approaches the bar and cops a seat next to the woman. He orders a scotch doubled. The woman makes small talk with him suggesting that Jeffery must have had a rough day. Jeffery responds that being a lawyer is a never ending job.

    The woman’s eyes light up when she hears him describe himself as a lawyer. She inquires more about what his job entails. Jeffery gladly expands on his day to day proceedings.

    Soon he starts to notice the woman’s dingy coat and inquires about her own career. The woman informs him that she use to be a singer and that she may once again try her hand at it.

    Jeffery noticing her duffle bag wonders if she just got to town. The woman explains to him that she arrived earlier in the day and is now learning about the great sites to see.

    After finishing his drink Jeffrey receives a call and has to leave. The woman tries to ask for his name but Jeffery is already gone before she can do so. Next the woman ask Sarah where the bathroom is and Sarah points it out to her. The woman then asks Sarah to close her tab while she is gone and she will pay when she returns.

    When Sarah turns away the woman grabs her bag and blots for the door. Sarah turns to see her and rushes behind the woman grabbing her by the arm. Sarah asks the woman to pay her bill. The woman tries to get away from Sarah, but Sarah has a tight grip on her arm.

    Sarah yells for one of the waiters to call the cops. She then again asks the woman again to pay her bill. The woman informs Sarah that she doesn’t have any money and that if Sarah doesn’t let her go that she will have her arrested for abuse.

    Sarah laughs this off and informs the woman that if she doesn’t come up with the money that she is going to go to jail.

    The woman then kicks Sarah in the leg and bolts for the door only to run smack dab into the police. They get a hold of her and after hearing what has happened place her under arrest. Upon being asked to provide her identification information the woman says she lost it.

    One of the arresting officers asks the woman what her name is. The woman informs them that her name is Roberta…Roberta Johnson.

    Next Week

    -Lela gets special help preparing for her date.
    -Paula comes to a realization that sparks a change.
    -Marcus’s world is about to change and he ain’t happy.
    -Cynthia almost blows her cover.


    Week 10: Raw Emotions


    At the McKinley estate Cynthia is dictating information to Lela which she wants to be typed into a letter and sent out.

    Cynthia notices that Lela seems to have her mind elsewhere. When asked, Lela admits to Cynthia that she is thinking about a man. She goes on to tell Cynthia about Jesse.

    Cynthia wonders if Lela wants to impress Jesse? Lela says that she would love to do something for Jesse since he has already done a lot for her. Cynthia suggests that Lela get a makeover and plan a special night for him. Lela informs Cynthia that she cannot afford either on her salary. Cynthia offers to provide Lela with a makeover at her expense and allow Lela to have a special dinner in the gazebo. Lela calls Jesse and leaves him a message to meet her for dinner.

    Later, Cynthia and Lela head off to the De’Lou Spa. At the spa Cynthia fills Lela in on how she first met Robert. Cynthia informs Lela that while off studying business at Yale, she was partnered up with Robert for a business project. Robert, she says was a know-it-all man who thought the woman’s place was at home. Yet, he warmed up to her; a woman who could match his business skills pound for pound.

    Lela wonders when Cynthia knew that Robert was the one? Cynthia informs her that her heart skipped a beat the first time she laid eyes on him.

    After having left the spa, Cynthia takes Lela shopping at the Madame Morella’s Boutique. Lela tries on various outfits and is a little put off by the expensive price tags. Cynthia reminds Lela that she is footing the bill so she can go for the gold.

    While Lela tries to decide on what she wants to take home with her Cynthia notices Olivia entering the boutique and quickly approaches her. Cynthia immediately strikes up a conversation about the impending exit of Thomas and whom shall become President and CEO of Wilshire Publishing Inc. Olivia makes it clear to Cynthia that she knows that both of their husbands are in the running and that she hopes the best man wins.

    Trying out a theory she has about whom the 13th board member is Cynthia blurts out that Olivia will have some say in the matter.

    Thrown off a bit by Cynthia’s assertion Olivia asks what she is talking about?

    Cynthia covers by telling Olivia that since she is an attorney, with Thomas as one of her clients; that that has got to give Henry some edge. Olivia reminds Cynthia that Thomas does not play favorites and will pick the right man for the job no matter how close he is to their family or what business ties he might have. Olivia excuses herself so that she can do some shopping and Cynthia pays for Lela’s things and leave.


    At Wilshire Publishing Inc. both Robert and Henry discuss receiving their invitations to Thomas’s retirement party. Henry talks about how sad it will be to see Thomas leave the company. Robert discusses the excitement it will be when Thomas announces whom shall be left in charge.

    Henry thinks Robert is too concerned about the position and questions if Robert will really miss Thomas when he is gone. Offended, Robert informs Henry that he has been there with Thomas so long that Henry was just trying to figure out what courses to take in college. He reminds Henry that loyalty will always be awarded above everything else. Henry bites back that innovation and fresh ideas are what matters in today’s economic climate. Robert huffs that they will soon find out…In the executive lobby Derek has come up to visit Allison at her desk and asked her if she is going to be attending Thomas’s retirement party. Allison informs him that she wouldn’t miss it for the world.

    Derek notices that Allison seems to be acting a little distant toward him and wonders what is going on. Allison has a flashback to when Geneva asked her to speak on her behalf to Derek. Allison shakes it off. She then asks Derek how things are working out between him and Geneva? Derek admits that he doesn’t know, but hopes that things get better. Allison suggests that he hang in there and if it was meant to be then it will work out…On the Parker Magazine floor David looks at his invitation and is thinking of someone to accompany him as his date for the event. He looks over and notices Jesse sitting at his desk looking at his own invitation. David decides to antagonize Jesse and invite Sarah along as his date. He calls Sarah up and loudly asks her to attend the retirement party with him. Jesse overhears him and gives David a nasty scowl. Jesse checks his voice-mail and listens to the message from Lela. After hearing the message he decides to invite Lela to attend the retirement party with him.


    At the Wilshire mansion Paula is going over some details for the retirement party with Thomas. Paula informs him that she has put together a party to end all parties. She wants this to be the most memorable moment in Thomas’s life. Touched, Thomas thanks Paula for being there for him all these years. He remembers how she helped him get the company back on its footing when he almost lost it to a gambling debt. He also remembers all the times she has taken control of the company when he has been deathly ill and lied that Thomas was managing things from home. He lets her know that she has been the most loyal and dedicated friend he has ever known.

    Paula gives Thomas a faint smile and lets him know that she will always be there for him. She then looks at her watch and leaves stating that she has an appointment.

    On the road Paula drives and replays Thomas’s words in her head. She starts to play back all the times she has supported him. Paula becomes upset at the thought that Thomas could give her so much praise and yet not think she was able to run the publishing company.

    Paula arrives at Thomas’s office at W.P.I. She heads over to his desk, sits down, and looks around. Paula daydreams about being in control of the company. She sees herself dressed in a black power suit, hair pulled back, with thin black rimmed glasses. Paula, in her daydream is fielding a meeting with advertisers about a new website business opportunity. Soon her daydream transitions to her heading a board meeting with all the investors in toe. Paula receives thunderous applause for bringing the company its highest revenue in all of its history. Finally, Paula’s daydream transitions to her seeing herself on the cover of Forbes Magazine as Publishing CEO of the decade. When Paula comes back to reality she is stricken with tears as she sees her dreams fading away right before her eyes.

    As Paula collects herself, Allison enters with a file and notices Paula’s somber mood. She sits down and offers Paula support and asked what she is going through. Paula lies that she is having problems with a “man” she is dating. She informs Allison that the “man” in question has been nothing but good to her but doesn’t seem to respect her enough to trust that she can handle things on her own. Allison suggests that Paula stand up to the man and let him know how she feels. She reminds Paula of something Thomas once told her about holding your ground and not backing down until your voice is heard. Paula thanks Allison for the advice and says that she is going to let her “man” know how she feels as soon as she sees him.


    At the Seven Seven Jeffery comes in to pick up an order and Sarah tells him about the woman he was talking to the previous day was arrested for not paying for her drinks. Jeffery is shocked and somewhat concerned. He wonders why Sarah had her arrested? Sarah says that she doesn’t want money taken out of her pocket and reminds him that the woman broke the law. Jeffery takes his food and suggests that Sarah should have a heart some time…At the Crescent City Police Department Marcus shows up and speaks to an officer whom informs him that Roberta was arresting for trying to leave the Seven Seven without paying for her alcohol. Marcus wonders how much the bail is and the officer states that it is ten thousand dollars with 10% of that being a grand. Marcus wonders if there is payment plan since he does not have access to that kind of money? The officer informs Marcus that if he cannot pay then Roberta will be moved to county to await prosecution. Marcus asks to visit with Roberta and the officer takes him to a visiting room to wait.

    Roberta enters the visiting room looking hung over and disheveled. Roberta asks if Marcus is there to bail her out. Marcus informs her that he has no money. Roberta pleads with Marcus come up with the money since he is at the university on a football scholarship. Marcus reminds Roberta that they pay for his education, not provide him with a salary.

    Roberta thinks that Marcus should borrow the money from one of his friends. Marcus informs Roberta that she needs to stop because she is in a lot of trouble and that as much he would like to get her out of this jam his hands are tied.

    Roberta calls Marcus an ungrateful bastard.

    Marcus gets up and heads for the door when Roberta screams out that she is his mother. Marcus tells Roberta to act like it. He reminds his mother that she is just got off probation and any more trouble to get her sent away to prison.

    Roberta reminds Marcus that if his no-good-daddy had been around that she would have never had the problems she has today.

    Marcus quips in anger that his father was the good one. At least he could get away.

    Roberta, turns away looking a little hurt and Marcus apologizes for his outburst.

    Meanwhile, out in the lobby Jeffery has arrived and asks for information on an arrest. He informs the officer of the incident and says that the woman is a friend of his. The officer provides Jeffery with the details.

    Jeffery lets the officer know that he is going to bail her out. The officer informs him of the cost and Jeffery lets the officer know that he is a lawyer and will be representing Roberta.

    Back in the visiting room Roberta recounts her life to Marcus, telling him that she has tried to do the best she can by him. She reinforces that she is not perfect. Roberta then asks how her son is doing and if he is seeing any ladies?

    Marcus informs her that all is well. He goes on to tell her that he has met a woman that has peeked his interest.

    Roberta listens to Marcus describe this woman to her and then asks for a name.

    Marcus informs his mother that the woman’s name is Nichole.

    Roberta then asks if maybe Nichole has the money to loan him to get her out of jail? Upset that his mothers genuine interest was a ploy Marcus walks out on her and advises Roberta to watch her back in the county jail.

    In the lobby as Marcus exits he sees the officer talking to Jeffery. The officer points to Marcus and Jeffery motions for him to come over. The officer informs Marcus that his mother has made bail.

    Jeffery informs Marcus that not only has he paid the bail, but that he will be also representing Roberta in court. Marcus is sarcastically thankful. Jeffery gives Marcus his business card and tells him to have his mother call him when she gets settled so they can plan her defense.

    Next Week:

    -Geneva gives Derek “hope.”
    -Roberta finds an unusual place to stay.
    -Jesse and Lila share a romantic evening together.
    -Paula becomes angry by what she hears.


    Week 11: Things We Don’t Expect

    At the Seven Seven, Derek sits at the bar with David. They are having a few beers. David asks the bartender if Sarah is around and the bartender informs him that she has left for the day. David tells Derek that he is going to bring Sarah with him as his date to Thomas’s retirement party. Derek wonders if David is growing feelings for Sarah. David reassures Derek that his only intention is to bed her.

    Derek wonders why David hasn’t done the deed yet, since he usually has the women on the first night. David lets Derek know that Sarah is going to take a little more time and he likes the challenge. Derek thinks that David has some other reason behind his pursuit to bed Sarah. He thinks that David is seeking some sort of revenge against Jesse. Derek reminds David of the rule that David told him about if the panties don’t come off in 24 hours then it is time for them get on out so he can go out and scour. David laughs and tells Derek not to worry. Derek warns David that he might want to rethink what he is doing because one day it will catch up to him.

    Later, Geneva arrives at the Seven Seven and asked to speak to Derek alone. Derek and Geneva head over to a booth. Geneva confesses to David that she is booked up at the hospital and Derek becomes unconformable. He starts to go off on her for continuing to put her career before their relationship. Geneva tries to defend herself, but Derek cuts her off and asks her right then and there if she wants to be with him or does she want to be a single lonely overworked doctor?

    Geneva quickly informs Derek that she is going to attend the party with him. She goes on to say that she is going to be spending a whole lot more time with Derek from now on. Geneva makes it clear that she knows that he is the man for her and that she will never ever let her career get in the way again.

    Derek is shocked, but happy to know that they still have a chance. He apologizes for his angry outburst and tells Geneva how much he loves her and wants to have a future with her.

    Geneva receives a call on her cell phone and steps away to take it. On the other end another doctor informs her that he can cover for Geneva for one night but will not be able to do much more. Geneva sighs and thanks her colleague for his help.

    Geneva then heads off to the Ladies Room and splashes her face with some water. She starts to ponder about what more she can do to get her shifts covered at the hospital.

    Meanwhile, Allison enters the Seven Seven and spots Derek. She quickly goes over and asks him how things are going. Derek informs Allison that things between him and Geneva are going to be getting better in the near future. Allison wishes him well and excuses herself.

    Back in the Ladies Room Geneva tries to contact another doctor to cover extra shifts for her, but is unable to get a commitment. She sighs to herself and wonders out loud how she is going to be able make more time for Derek just as Allison enters.

    Sensing her stress, Allison asks Geneva what is going on? Geneva lies that she is just overwhelmed at the hospital and can’t wait for all the time she is going to be spending with Derek and then rushes out. Allison thinks something is amiss but decides that it is none of her business.

    At Marcus and Brandon’s apartment Marcus enters with Roberta and sits her bags down near the couch. He asks her if she knows where she is going to stay? Roberta says that she had planned on staying with him. Marcus lets his mom know that he shares his apartment with someone and that she cannot reside with him. He suggests that she think about heading back home and then returning for her court date. Roberta informs him that she does not have any money. Roberta tells her son that if she doesn’t stay with him then she won’t have any place to stay.

    Marcus becomes annoyed in accuses his mother of planning all this. He thinks she knew what she was going to do the whole time. Just that jail wasn’t part of the plan.

    Roberta becomes upset by Marcus’s accusations and reminds Marcus that she has taken care of him all these years and it is high time that he start taking care of her.

    Marcus grabs his mother’s bags and hands them to her. He tells her that she has to leave.

    Roberta throws her bags down and tells Marcus that she is not going anywhere.

    Marcus threatens to call the cops on her if she doesn’t leave the premise immediately.

    Roberta goes off on Marcus for even mentioning the police after what she just went through.

    Marcus goes over and grabs his mother by the arm just as there is a knock on the apartment door. He releases her and goes to answer it. Nichole is there and he wonders what she wants. Nichole reminds him that they have a project to work on. She enters and sees Roberta sitting on the couch. Marcus introduces Nichole to Roberta and then reminds his mother that she was just leaving.

    Roberta gets up and grabs her bags and heads into Marcus’s bedroom. Roberta leaves the bedroom door slightly ajar in order to eavesdrop on Marcus and Nichole’s conversation.

    Nichole sensing some tension asks Marcus what is going on? Marcus frowns and wants to get right to work on the project. Nichole reminds him that she has an open ear if he ever needs to talk about anything.

    Marcus decides to tell Nichole everything that is going on. Nichole grabs his hands and tells him she can help solve part of the problem. She offers to let Roberta stay with her and her family.

    Roberta smiles hearing this from the bedroom and then frowns when Marcus suggests that his mother is more trouble than you would know. Nichole informs Marcus that his mother will not be anymore of problem then some of her extended family.

    Marcus looks over at his bedroom door and sees Roberta listening in and yells at her to come out. He lets her know that she can stay with him tonight and then tomorrow she will go to the Toussaint’s home to stay if they will have her. Roberta gleefully comes over and thanks Nichole and promises that she won’t be any trouble at all.

    At the McKinley Estate in the gazebo Lela stands in a knee length dress. She is slightly nervous about how Jesse will take to her new look.

    Soon Jesse arrives and is taken aback by the new Lela. He quickly comments on how much he likes her new look, but reminds her that he liked her the way she was before as well.

    Lela wonders if he wants her to change back and Jesse informs her that he likes her for who she is on the inside not what is on the outside. Lela is touched by his words.

    Jesse and Lela sit down to dinner and he wonders how she can afford all this. Lela tells him that it was all courtesy of her employer.

    Jesse sends a thank you through Lela to Cynthia.

    Later, Lela brings up the retirement party and says she can’t wait to go. Jesse is glad because he says he would not have gone if she wasn’t going to attend. He states that he really didn’t want to see David there with Sarah when he knows that he is out use her. Lela thinks that Jesse’s care for other people is so refreshing and she lets him know that she totally agrees with him. Yet, she thinks he needs to let Sarah figure this out on her own.

    Jesse thinks about it and comes to the conclusion that he will back off and let whatever happens happen. He promises to spend his time focusing on Lela and more important things in his life…Meanwhile, in the living room Cynthia meets with Jeffery. After going over some of the current contracts she invites him to attend the retirement party with her and Robert. Cynthia encourages Jeffery to bring a date along. He turns her offer down until she tells him about how she would like him to be there if Robert is given control of Wilshire over Henry.

    Jeffery then has a flashback to when Olivia was in his office and their not-so-friendly stroll down memory lain. He smiles and decides to take Cynthia up on her offer.

    Cynthia wonders if Jeffery has a special someone in his life who will accompany him? Jeffery says that he is single, but has someone in mind that will be attending the party with him.

    At the Wilshire Mansion Thomas sits in the study looking at the newspaper when he receives a call on his cell phone and starts talking to one of the board members.

    Thomas and the board member seem to be talking about the future of Wilshire when he retires. Thomas assures the board member that when all is said and done that the company will be moving into the right direction.

    Meanwhile, out in the hallway Paula enters onto the floor from the stairs. She heads down to the study and stops before entering when she hears Thomas on the phone. She turns and thinks about what she is going to say to him when she confronts him and lays out how she feels about not being taken into consideration for running the company.

    Paula imagines entering the study and passionately telling Thomas everything that has been on her minds for quite some time and then him telling her that she has convinced him to make her President and CEO of Wilshire Publishing Inc.

    Paula turns back to the door and prepares to enter when she hears her name mentioned during the phone conversation. Paula hears Thomas assure the board member that despite how much he likes Paula and how good she has been to him over the years, that he would never allow a woman to run the company. He goes on to say that it would dishonor his father’s last dying wishes.

    Paula steps away from the door. She is feeling a range of emotions and then comes to terms with the fact that Thomas is upholding his deceased father’s sexist views. That he is going to allow that to keep him from giving her a positioned that she feels is owed her.

    A distraught Paula heads down to the living room and starts to cry. She thinks about all the time she has wasted believing that she remotely had a chance at running the company. Only to now know that it was never a possibility.

    Paula heads over to a painting on the wall of Thomas’s father and spits on it in anger. She then rips it down and heads off in complete anger.

    Next Week

    -Roberta has her day in court.
    -Cynthia makes a threat!
    -Robert receives some troubling news.
    -Allison defends Henry’s qualifications.



    Henry Toussaint (Kristoff Saint John) is nervous as he is getting dressed for the day. He is worried about what the outcome shall be of his recent inquiry to fill the open board member position at Wilshire Publishing Incorporated where he works as Editor-in-Chief of Parker Magazine. He wonders to himself if a man whom has only been the top dog at the company’s top selling publication for over 2 years is truly qualified and ready to join the board. Did he make a convincing argument to the great Thomas Wilshire, President & CEO of Wilshire Publishing Inc. that he was up to the task? Or will they suggest he try again when you have been gained more experience?

    Olivia Toussaint (Renee Jones) his wife, an attorney comforts her husband and assures him that everything will turn out the way it was meant to be. She then scurries him into the kitchen so that the two of them can have breakfast with their daughters Nichole Toussaint (Shannon Kane) a freshman at Eaton Valley University and Elise Toussaint (Monique Coleman) a second year student at Eaton Valley High.

    After breakfast and seeing off both of their children Henry and Olivia share a tender moment before they rush off to their respective jobs.


    At WPI Thomas (Jerry Douglas) has assembled the board for an early meeting to discuss filling the open board member position. When Henry’s name is brought up and his record is reviewed Robert McKinley (John Reilly) questions if a man of little expertise should be elected to such a high level position seeing as it is there are more qualified and tenured people both internally and externally who would be of a great financial and ideological interest to the company.

    Thomas agrees with Robert on all points and informs the board that he is also taking it into consideration and he hopes they do all the candidates for the position. He suggests that they weigh heavily the future of their investments and how WPI can continue to stay atop of the publishing industry in these tough economic times.

    A vote is called and the board comes to a 9 to 3 vote in support of Henry as the new member of the board. Robert who voted against Henry’s appointment is less than thrilled but decides that maybe this is what the company needs. He resigns to be as supportive as possible…Henry is thoroughly surprised and relieved when he learns from the board that he has secured the positions and promises to do whatever it takes to keep the company moving forward.


    At Crescent City University, Nichole and Julia McKinley (Marcy Rylan) catch up on life since they have started college. They both are up in arms about their heavy course loads. Julia is worried because she hasn’t chosen a major yet. Nichole informs her that it will all come in time.

    Over hearing their conversation Marcus Johnson (Cornelius Smith Jr) and Brandon Hendricks (Zach Conroy) fellow students decide to chime in on their course loads. Brandon a Business Major says that he is in it for the long haul as he plans to get his MBA, while Marcus talks about “doing whatever” when the time comes.

    Nichole rolls her eyes at Marcus whom she thinks is just there to play football and focuses her attention on Brandon. She praises him for having such a focus early. Brandon is happy that she has also figured out what she wants to do in life. Meanwhile, Julia salivates over Brandon as he talks to Nichole and she feels drawn to him. Marcus tries to interject something but becomes annoyed as Nichole seemingly ignores him in favor of Brandon.

    Julia tells Marcus about how envious she is of Nichole’s focus in life. Marcus huff’s that he is the star football player and will be successful at whatever he does.

    Brandon asks Nichole out on a date and to the dismay of both Marcus and Julia she accepts.

    Not wanting to be outdone Marcus quickly asks Julia out on a date and she accepts his offer even though she wishes it had been Brandon. Later, Julia inquires into Nichole’s impression of Brandon. Nichole states that he is someone she would like to get to know better. She states that he appears to be the focused gentleman that she has been looking for.

    Nichole warns Julia to be careful with Marcus as she has heard the rumors that he is a big play boy on campus. Julia suggests that she is not looking for anything serious and just having fun. Plus, she just wants to entertain herself a little with Mr. Don Won.


    Lela Amours (Melissa Fumero) stumbles around the McKinley Estate with various files and papers that Cynthia McKinley (Tina Sloan) has given her. She follows Cynthia into her home office and almost trips over the rug. Cynthia barks a long list of things for Lela to do and then comments on Lela’s dreadful outfit. Cynthia informs Lela that if she is going to be working as her assistant that she will need to look more presentable. Lela heads out of the office as Jeffrey Shackleford (Lammon Rucker), Cynthia’s attorney; enters for his weekly meeting. Jeffery updates Cynthia on her stock and other business holdings. A pleased Cynthia comments on how well Jeffrey has been working on her behalf. Jeffrey asked for a raise in fees. Cynthia informs him that she will gladly take it into consideration.

    Out in the hallway Lela comes upon the large mirror and stops to look at herself. She lets her hair down and imagines herself in better clothing than what she has been wearing. She sighs as she wonders if she will ever escape life at the bottom and become the kind of woman that commands the respect that Cynthia does.

    Later, while running errands for Cynthia, Lela stops by the Seven Seven to pick up her lunch order and bumps into Jesse Manhart (Daniel Cosgrove). She drops her cell phone and almost loses her food until Jesse catches her food container. Lela quickly rushes off and Jesse finds her phone but is unable to stop Lela in order to return it. He places it in his pocket and heads to the bar.

    Bartender Sarah Puccini (Melissa Claire Egan) asks her friend Jesse if he wants a drink. Jesse asked for a soda.

    Sarah checks in with Jesse about how things are going down at the Parker Magazine. He informs her that life as a Feature Writer is as good as it gets. He knows it is not what he ever thought he would be doing. But he knows that he has to start somewhere if he ever plans to achieve his goal of becoming the magazine’s Creative Director.

    Lela realizes that she has lost her cell phone and contacts the Seven Seven. Sarah lets her know that the phone has not been turned in. Lela decides to call her phone to see if anyone answers. Jesse answers the phone. Jesse arranges for Lela to pick up the phone at the Seven Seven in the evening.


    David Cooper (Lawrence Saint Victor) drops by Derek Moreno’s (Mario Lopez) office to inform him of some glitches on the Parker Magazine’s website. Derek lets David know that he is on top of it.

    Derek asks David what number his best friend is up to with the women. David delights Derek with his latest bedtime story with a Raiderette. Derek wonders if David will ever settle down and stop being a playboy. David suggests that he will stop when his thang gets tired of sticking and moving. He pokes back with friendly concern about Derek’s obsession with relationships. David reminds his friend how every time a woman falls out of Derek’s little boundaries then he moves on to the next. He says that in that way Derek is no different than him. They agree to disagree and David invites Derek along with him to the Seven Seven so that he can mack on his next conquest. Derek is eager to see the man in action.

    Derek later receives a call from his woman Geneva Larson (Alicia Minshew) a resident doctor at Crescent City Hospital. Derek is eager to see Geneva and informs her that he made plans with David but will drop them at a moment’s notice for her. Geneva appreciates his devotion to her but lets him know that she will be working extra hours due to a shortage on the night shift. She promises to make it up to him another time.

    IT’S ON

    Henry is congratulated by Allison Smith, Thomas’ Administrative Assistant on his election to the board. She thinks it was high time “someone of color” made it to such heights. Henry reminds her that color is not as important as your skill and talent in today’s world. Allison huffs in disagreement but quickly gets back to work as Thomas enters with Paula Ling (Minae Noji).

    Paula congratulates Henry as Allison rolls her eyes.

    In Thomas’s office he tells Henry to let his mind go free with his ideas for the company. Henry reassures Thomas that he will do his best to increase Wilshire’s profits.


    -Edward starts to feel pain.

    -Marcus/Julia & Brandon/Nichole double date.

    -Lela meets Jesse for the first time.


    Week 3: Unlikely Situations


    On the Parker Magazine floor at Wilshire Inc. Jesse sits at his desk and remembers his time with Lela at the Seven Seven. He decides to phone her when David brings him some corrections that need to be made to his article. Noticing the glow on his face David inquires about whom the woman is that has taken Jesse heart. Jesse denies it has anything to do with a woman, but David doesn’t let up. Jesse admits he has become smitten with Lela whom he met at the Seven Seven.

    David suggests that there is nothing but ho’s or gold diggers at the Seven Seven and not to get caught up with them.

    Jesse believes that Lela is different.

    After David has left Jesse contacts Lela and reaches her voicemail. He leaves her a nice message and then gets back to work. Elsewhere, Lela checks her cell phone and notices someone has left a message. She checks it and is taken aback by Jesse’s friendly message.

    Lela returns his call and they plan to get together later so that he can show her around the office.


    Brandon, Julia, Marcus and Nichole share a required college course together. Their professor informs the class that they will be broken down into pairs for a project that will include each pair writing biographies on each other.

    As the pairs are announced Nichole learns that her partner is Marcus and Julia’s is Brandon.

    Nichole is annoyed, while Julia is delighted.

    After class Nichole asks the professor if she can switch partners and he says she has to deal with Marcus or take a failing grade. Meanwhile, Marcus informs Julia that this class assignment is the perfect way for them to make sure that Brandon and Nichole never get together. Julia says she can’t do this, but Marcus reminds her that Brandon and Nichole are not even in a relationship yet. So if she can woo Brandon with her womanly ways then Nichole will understand.

    Julia makes a pact with Marcus and says if Brandon naturally falls for her during the course of the class project then she will pursue him…Back at Wilshire Inc. Derek wants to surprise Geneva and orders some flowers and prepares a lunch in a picnic basket for her. David drops by his office and shakes his head at everything Derek is doing. Derek tells his friend that he should try settling down once and maybe he would understand.

    Later, Derek heads over to the hospital and surprises Geneva with lunch and flowers. Geneva whom appears to be busy wishes he would have called first. Derek tells her he wanted it to be a surprise. Geneva rudely reminds him that she works in a hospital and leaves when she gets an emergency page.

    Frustrated Derek heads back to the office with his picnic basket and flowers and runs into Allison in the hallway. She asks him whom all that is for and he says no-one. Allison asks him if wants to get a bite to eat and he suggest she have a picnic with him in the staff lounge. Allison agrees.

    In the staff lounge, Derek admits that the whole getup was for Geneva but she turned him down for work again. Allison consoles Derek and then counsels him on the ways of a working out relationship issues with a career woman. Derek thanks her for her words and for having lunch with him. Allison jokes that she wasn’t a fool and knows when to take a free lunch.

    Derek receives a call from Geneva on his cell and leaves the lounge. Geneva apologizes for snapping at him and states she will make it up to him another time.


    Olivia sits outside in the waiting room of the Law Office of Jeffery Shackleford. She wonders why the name sounds familiar and is shocked when he greets her.

    In his office Jeffery informs Olivia that he is the lawyer handling all of Cynthia’s business holdings. He also goes on to compliment Olivia on what a fine woman she has grown into. Olivia rolls her eyes at him and lets him know she is just there for business.

    Jeffery decides to take a trip down memory lane and reminds her off all the great fun and sex they had back in college. Olivia reminds him that they were lovers until he decided to cheat on her with Kenya. She goes on to inform him that she met Henry and life has never been better since that day.

    Jeffery frowns at that thought and Olivia proudly shows him family photos.

    Jeffrey wants to move on to business as usual, but Olivia decides to tell him about how she and Henry met long before their relationship was over and how after she found Jeffery had cheated on her she slept with Henry for revenge. Yet things ended up turning serious.

    Jeffery retorts that it doesn’t matter because he knows no other man can give it to her the way he did. Olivia shows Jeffrey her wedding ring and lets him know that he wasn’t all that.

    Jeffery and Olivia get down to business and after she leaves Jeffery who now has a bruised ego becomes determined to sleep with Olivia one more time to prove his manhood.


    Henry seeks input on an investment proposal to broaden Wilshire’s portfolio from Robert. Henry tells Robert about two up and coming independently own magazines focusing specifically on the African American and Latino community. He proposes that they offer to purchase at least 50 percent of each magazine from their respective owners so that they can tap into broader ethnic communities and expand their overall advertising portfolio.

    Robert doesn’t see the profitability in this type of investment especially during the economic downtime’s. He believes it would be best to re-invest in updating the publications they already publish.

    Later Henry heads over to the Staff Lounge in deep thought where he encounters Allison. When she ask him what is on his mind Henry decides to pitch his proposal to her since she is Thomas’s Administrative Assistant and knows what he might or might not like.

    After hearing his proposal Allison suggest that he tell Thomas immediately because this is just the investment he has been looking to make.

    Henry thanks Allison for listening to him and heads off to see Thomas.

    Henry happens upon Thomas’s office and notices that he is busy with Robert. Thomas decides to wait for a better opportunity but Allison stops him from leaving and pushes him to go on. She phones Thomas from the intercom at her desk and Henry braces himself as he enters to give his pitch.

    Thomas finishes up with Robert whom exits but looks at Henry with a bit of curiosity showing on his face.

    Outside the office Robert lies to Allison and sends her on an errand. Once she is gone he stands by Thomas’s office door and listens in as Henry pitches his investment proposal to Thomas.

    Thomas is delighted and wants to set up a board meeting immediately to discuss this further. He suggests that Henry contact the two magazine publications and discuss investment opportunities before the meeting. Henry promises to make a stellar presentation.

    As Thomas walks Henry out of the office Robert quickly hides. After Henry exits Thomas heads back to his desk and starts to feel pain in chest. He clenches his heart as he grabs for the desk and falls to the floor.

    Robert having decided to put a stop to Henry’s investment plan returns to Thomas’s office to find him on the floor.

    Next Week

    -Robert learns some shocking news from Olivia.
    -Jesse and Lela go out on a date.
    -Derek is not thrilled by Geneva’s offer.
    -Cynthia unveils a scheme.

    the thoery of opposites

    Week 4: Tensions Rise


    Allison is distraught when she returns from the errand Robert sent her on and learns that Thomas collapsed and was taken to the hospital. She contacts Derek and asked him to drive her to the hospital as she is too emotional to drive on her own. In the car Allison vents her fears that this might be it for Thomas. Derek suggests that Allison think positively about the situation and hope for the best.

    At the hospital Allison and Derek learn from the nurse that Thomas had heart attack and is unable divulge any more information. Allison cries on Derek’s shoulder as he holds her to calm her down…Elsewhere in the waiting room Robert pulls Henry aside and questions him about what he could have said to cause Thomas to have a heart attack. Henry confesses to Robert (who already knows), that he pitched his investment idea to Thomas. Robert takes full advantage of Henry’s honesty and blames him for Thomas being in the hospital.

    Taking a step back and thinking for a minute Henry tells Robert that Thomas’s heart attack was not his fault. He goes on to inform him that Thomas was in a good mood when he left the office.

    Robert says it had everything to do with him and that if he anything happens to Thomas, Henry will be fired immediately. Henry reminds Robert that the board must vote him out. Robert lets him know that the way things look now it won’t be hard at all. Robert leaves Henry alone as he sees Cynthia entering with Olivia…Olivia comes over and comforts her distraught husband as he informs her that he didn’t do anything wrong. Olivia wonders how he got it in his head that it was his fault. Henry informs her that Robert blames him and that he could lose his job if Thomas dies. Olivia kisses her husband on the head and tells him she has to take care of some business.

    Olivia walks over and asked to speak to Robert in regards to the future of Whilshire. She lets Robert know that if something happens to Thomas they are going to have to take action quickly with the board to fill his vacant seat as the head of Wilshire. Roberts reminds her that he will assume the position as President and CEO until the board can come to a decision.

    Olivia asks Robert if he has talked to Thomas about who would assume control of the company in case of his untimely passing. Robert lets her know that Thomas has been grooming him for the position for years but has never officially said so. Robert is confident though that the 12 member board would vote in his favor. Olivia looks puzzled and corrects Robert on the fact that the board has 13 members.

    A shocked Robert lets Olivia know that he never knew there that there was a 13th member since he has never seen this person at any of the board meetings. Olivia lets Robert in on the fact that it was common knowledge that the 13th member is a silent partner whom votes prior to the board meeting after receiving exclusive information on what is to be voted on. Sometimes she says the 13th board member doesn’t vote at all when they don’t agree with any or some things being proposed.

    Robert asks Olivia who the 13th board member is and she informs him she cannot divulge that information, but ends the conversation with a warning for him to stop blaming Henry for Thomas being in the hospital…Later Cynthia sits with Robert in the waiting room and learns that there is a 13th board member. She wonders if this person shall be an obstacle to Robert taking control of Wilshire. Robert doesn’t think it will be a problem at all. Cynthia wonders who the board member is and Robert informs her that Olivia wouldn’t give up the name. He also says that Thomas never told him about it even though Olivia states it was common knowledge. Cynthia advises Robert to find out who this board member is as soon as possible as they many come in handy when the time arrives…Allison and Derek enter the waiting room and go over to Henry. Allison, after hearing what Robert accused him of assures Henry that this is not his fault and that she is willing to lose her job on that accord…In the emergency room Paula is there with Geneva. Geneva informs both Thomas and Paula that he a heart attack and that he will be fine. She does though instruct Thomas to stop working at Wilshire for health reasons. She makes it clear that if he continues working under such stress and pressure that the next time he will be leaving the hospital in a body bag and Paula will be planning his funeral. She also informs Thomas that they will keep him overnight for observation. Geneva exits and Paula gets emotional at the thought of losing Thomas. Thomas informs Paula that he knew this time would soon and now for the sake of everyone who loves him he will step down once he finds someone to fill his shoes…Out in the waiting room Geneva enters and spies Allison in Derek’s arms and then calls everyone together. She informs them that Thomas will be fine and lets them know he will tell them the rest when he is ready.


    Jesse arrives at the Seven Seven and heads to the bar waiting for Lela. Jesse informs Sarah that he is hanging out with Lela tonight. Sarah wonders if this woman is someone he is interested in. Jesse says that there is something special about her and makes her worth getting to know better. Sarah reminds Jesse that they dated for a moment and wonders how he felt about her. Jesse reminds Sarah that what they had was an agreed upon friends with benefits deal. Sarah tells him that that is not how she saw it and Jesse informs that the reason he ended the “benefits” part and just wanted to remain friends was because she was getting too attached. Before Sarah can respond Lela arrives and Sarah goes back to work.

    Later at Wilshire Jesse gives Lela the grand tour of the place. Lela is amazed by the classical structures in the building’s interior. Jesse invites Lela out to dinner at the Oldenburg Restaurant. Lela declines thinking that it is too expensive for him. Jesse states that he is good at saving money and needs to splurge every now and again. With that Lela agrees to have dinner with him.

    At the Oldenburg restaurant Jesse and Lela share childhood memories and they both realize that they went to the same high school and ever crossed paths. Lela says she was always the bookish nerd and Jesse says he was on the school newspaper and always busy with his social activities.

    After dinner Lela and Jesse go for a walk in Golden Park where Lela informs Jesse that she has had a wonderful evening. Jesse asks Lela if she would like to see him again. Lela happily agrees and kisses him on the check.


    After having dropped Allison off Derek returns to the hospital after receiving a call from Geneva’s and meets her in her office. As he enters Geneva rushes over to Derek and immediately kisses him. Derek is thrown by her sudden burst of passion and questions why she is doing it. Geneva informs him that she wants to make passionate love to him right there and now. She lures Derek over to the desk kissing him as she begins to undress him and he starts to undress her. But Derek pulls away and informs Geneva that this is not the time and place to be romantic.

    Geneva wonders why he won’t take her when she has the time to please him now. Derek informs her he does not want to make love to his woman on a timetable like he is a patient with an appointment.

    Geneva informs Derek that he knew she was going to be a busy woman when he got with her. She adds that she is a doctor so what did he expect.

    Derek pulls himself together and lets her know that when she can fit him into her timetable then they need to have a serious talk about their relationship. Derek leaves and Geneva sits at the edge of her desk pulling herself together with a sense of agitation…In the recovery room in the hospital Paula sits next to Thomas’s bed. She inquires whom Thomas is going to nominate to fill his position. Thomas lets her know that they will talk about that when the time is right.

    Paula asks Thomas to think of her when he is considering someone to run the company since she knows all the ends and out. Thomas reminds Paula that although he taught her everything, she has never worked for the company in an official capacity so the board would not go for it.

    Paula thinks that Thomas could convince them to give her a trial run with his backing. Thomas informs her that it is not and will not be something he will consider. Paula is saddened but says she understands.


    At the McKinley estate Robert and Cynthia enter the living room and Robert goes to the bar to pour him and Cynthia a drink. Cynthia kicks her shoes off and positions herself on the lounge chair. Robert comes over and hands Cynthia her drink. He begins to walk to and fro as he tries to figure out who the 13th board member could be. Cynthia believes that the only way for him to find out is to search through Thomas’s files in his office. She is sure that he has the information in there. Robert tells Cynthia that he would have to get past Allison first to get into Thomas’s office. Cynthia offers to help and Robert obliges…At the Toussaint home Henry and Olivia lay in bed together in the afterglow of making love. Henry thanks his wife for all her support through this recent ordeal. Olivia lets Henry know that she always has his back. She goes on to inform him what she told Robert about there being a 13th board member. Henry says he doesn’t care and just wishes the best of health for Thomas. Olivia informs Henry that if anything should happen to Thomas that she is almost 100% sure that Robert will be taking over the reins at Wilshire. Henry tells her they won’t think about that until it happens. Henry kisses Olivia and they head under the sheets for another round.

    Next Week
    -Cynthia in-acts a plan.
    -Paula learns a shocking new truth from Thomas about the CEO of Wilshire.
    -Nicole is called out on her behavior.
    -Olivia has a memory of the past.


    Week 7: Eye on The Prize


    In Marcus and Brandon’s apartment Marcus sits on the living room sofa looking over notes when he receives a call on his cell phone. Marcus talks to the person on the other end of his cell and is a little disturbed by what he is hearing. Soon it appears that there is good news and he smiles until he hears what that news is. Marcus’s face turns to shock and quickly shuts his cell off while lowering his head in shame.

    Brandon exits from his room and notices that Marcus is not in a good mood. He questions why Marcus is looking shameful? Marcus informs Brandon that he has some problems going on in his family and that he just hopes everything will turn out to be okay.

    Brandon informs Marcus that he and Julia are going to be serving food at the homeless shelter. Marcus laughs as if Brandon is joking in regards to Julia agreeing to participate in giving back to poor through service, but Brandon insists he is serious.

    Brandon asks Marcus if he wants to join and Marcus declines.

    Later, Brandon calls Nichole and asks her if she would like to participate? Nichole (thinking it would be a great idea) agrees to meet him there.

    Marcus then has a change of heart, after overhearing that Nichole is will be there and decides that he will tag along.


    At the hospital Geneva sits at her desk looking at some patient files when Derek arrives. He is looking like he is not in the mood for her right now, but Geneva doesn’t seem too concerned.

    Derek sits down and Geneva apologizes to him for the way she has been treating him. She goes on to state that what she did the other night was uncalled for and that he is not there to serve her when she has time.

    Derek informs Geneva that he has been doing some thinking and wonders if her career is going to always take precedence over their relationship. He opens up to her about how he has tried to understand and deal with the fact that his woman is a doctor. He feels that it is honorable what she does for people with medical needs on a daily basis. Yet, he says that it has also kept them away from each other for quite some time now and he doesn’t know how much more of it he can take.

    Geneva promises that she is going to spend more time with Derek. She says that things have been hectic with all that has been going on at the hospital due to budget cuts and being understaffed. She later opens up her daily planner and looks at it suggesting that she has some time coming up where she can take a few days off so that they can spend some time together.

    Derek informs Geneva that it is always the same thing with her. When it comes to their love and cultivating their relationship she needs to find time the time or pencil him in between patients.

    Geneva becomes frustrated and wonders what Derek wants her to do. She says that she is trying to plan something with him right now and all that he can do is chastise her. She asks him to meet her half way.

    Derek gets up and walks toward the door. He tells Geneva that he will meet her half way. He lets her know that she can plan whatever she likes but that if she doesn’t follow through on her promise that he is not sure that they have a future together.

    Derek leaves and Geneva looks worried.


    In the study at the Wilshire mansion Thomas asks Paula to help in the selection process of the next President & CEO of Wilshire Publishing Inc. Paula is happy that he thinks so highly of her and agrees to give all she can to making sure that the best man for the job gets the position.

    Thomas and Paula go over those whom have turned in their letters of intent to seek his position. Robert and Henry are among the 4 candidates they are going to have to choose from.

    Thomas plans for them to each submit a 5 year business plan to help the company grow while sustaining the business in the current market. He asks Paula to help him by calling Allison and dictating to her a memo that needs to go out to each of the 4 candidates in regards to the next step.

    Paula heads out and down the hall into her bedroom. She sits on the bed next to the side table and opens a drawer. She pulls out a large folder and opens it. It is the business plan she once wrote for the company few years ago.

    Paula contemplates on showing it to Thomas but remembers him saying that there was no way that she would ever be considered to run W.P.I. She sits the folder with the business plan down on the bed and pulls out her cell phone. She makes a phone call to a man and ask him to meet her asap.


    In the executive lobby At W.P.I. Robert comes over and gives Allison a gift card to Niemen Marcus. A shocked Allison wonders why he is being so nice to her? Robert informs Allison that he wants to get things started off on the right foot since he will be in charge soon.

    Allison wonders how Robert knows that he will be the one to run the company when Thomas steps down?

    Robert informs Allison that he knows who the other two people are whom he is competing against on the board. He says that Lyle and Arthur haven’t the slightest chance at besting him for the President & CEO position at W.P.I.

    Allison looks at her computer and then back at Robert and informs him that there is a 4th person in the running.

    Robert asks her who it is and Allison delightfully informs him that Henry has put his bid in the hat.

    Robert looks annoyed after having learned this bit of information but tries to cover it up. He thanks Allison for the heads up and dashes off to the break room for coffee where he runs into Henry. Robert welcomes him in to the competition and warns Henry of the fact that things like this can get dirty. But that it is all done in the best interest of the company.

    Henry lets Robert know that he can handle the pressure and doesn’t take anything personal. He also informs Robert about how stiff the competition was before he became editor of Parker Magazine and then a board member to boat.

    Robert leaves the break room and heads back to his office. He sits in his desk chair and thinks to himself that he is not going to let Henry try and take a position that has been his since the day he started working at W.P.I. He vows that he will convince Thomas and the board that he is the best man for the job.

    I SPY

    At the Seven Seven, Cynthia sits at a booth and spots Olivia on the other side having a conversation with what looks like to be a client. Cynthia remembers that Robert learned about the 13th board member from Olivia. She thinks to herself that the best way to get the answer that is needed is to go straight to the source. But she knows she must be coy about it or else Olivia will know what she is up to.

    After seeing Olivia’s client leave Cynthia makes her way over to the table and says hello. Olivia responds in kind and offers Cynthia a seat. Cynthia sits down at the table and begins to talk with Olivia about the recent goings on at W.P.I. and sad change in Thomas’s health.

    Olivia expresses her concern for Thomas’s medical issues and is glad that he is going to put his health over business. She goes on to say that whomever takes over the company will be someone who Thomas can trust to continue its legacy and to build on it.

    Cynthia slyly adds that all 13 of the board members should love that person.

    Olivia goes on to candidly suggest that the board members (all 13 of them) may not all agree on who should run the company but that the one with the most votes is the one who gets the position.

    Cynthia states that she knows at least 12 of them well and that means that it is surely a shoe-in for Robert, unless the 13th board member has any influence over them.

    Olivia tells Cynthia not to be so sure that Robert will get the job. She goes on to let her know that Henry has put his bid in and she thinks he has a great chance.

    Cynthia smiles and says she hopes the best man wins. She then excuses herself and calls Robert on her cell. She tries to inform him that Henry is in the game, but he lets her know that he is already aware of the situation and is confident that he won’t pose a problem.

    After ending the call Cynthia becomes more determined than ever to find out who the 13th board member is and assure that Robert is seated at the head of Wilshire Publishing Inc.

    Next Week

    -Julia has an “experience” at the shelter.
    -Derek confides in Allison.
    -Jesse and David have a heated confrontation.
    -Cynthia gets her hands on important information.


    Week 12: The Moves We Make

    At the court house in the lobby Roberta arrives with Marcus. She thanks her son for showing his support. Marcus informs his mother that he only came to thank Jeffrey for what he did. He warns Roberta that she needs to either take this opportunity to change her life around or else leave town.

    Roberta informs her son that the reason why she came to Cresent City was to start her a life anew. She says that she wants to give up life in the projects and start being the mother she should be.

    Unconvinced, Marcus reminds his mother that she is appearing in court because she was arrested for trying to walk out on a bill at the Seven Seven where she had been drinking. He also informs his mother that she assaulted a bartender. So he wonders what she really came to town for.

    Roberta becomes frustrated at her son’s assessment of things and informs him that he caught her. She confesses that she was evicted from the projects due to her inability to pay the rent.

    Marcus wonders what she did with the money she was receiving from social services since the rent was only a $120 a month.

    Roberta confesses that she might have been spending the money on things she needed.

    Marcus realizes that his mother was spending money on booze and other party favors. He chastises her for doing what she did when he was a child. He reminds Roberta of the nights he went hungry so that she could sell the food stamps to buy liquor and play cards with other people. He says that it drove him to do whatever it takes not to end up like that.

    Roberta becoming agitated yells at Marcus that if he is not there to support her then he can leave. Yet just as Marcus tries to walk away Jeffrey shows up and Marcus decides to stick around.

    Jeffrey informs Roberta that he has had a chance to look at the case and talk to Sarah, the bartender Roberta assaulted. He says that Sarah has agreed not to pursue charges and that Roberta has been 86th from the Seven Seven indefinitely. He also informs Roberta that he has looked into her past and sees that she has had a long history with the criminal justice system. A few of those times lead to short-term county jail incarcerations and probation.

    Roberta admits that she has had a troubled past and moreover that the current situation is a sign that she still has issues. But she says she wants to change and just needs the support to do so.

    Jeffrey informs Roberta that he is going ask the judge to give her community service and reprimand her to a job program as well as outpatient drug and alcohol treatment. But he makes it clear that if the judge okay’s it that Roberta must follow through or else it could mean jail time.

    Roberta makes it clear that she will not disappoint Jeffrey and he suggest she head into the courtroom as they are about to begin soon.

    After Robert heads inside Marcus thanks Jeffrey for what he has done and asked why he wants to help his mother? Jeffrey responds that he came from the same situation. So he wants to try and do for Roberta what he could not do for his own mother.

    Later, the judge hears the case and Roberta agrees the terms.

    At WPI on the executive floor Allison is sitting in the break room having a cup of coffee and looking at the daily newspaper when Robert enters. He makes some small talk about the current goings on with the world economy, but Allison is not moved by his attempts at conversation as she is deeply engaged in an article.

    When Robert brings up Thomas’s retirement Allison looks up and discusses how much she is going to miss having Thomas around the office. She and Robert take a stroll down memory lane about the good times they remember having with Thomas there.

    Robert though becomes unnerved when Allison informs him that one of the greatest things she liked was when Henry was hired as the Editor of Parker Magazine. She goes on to explain how that was a big deal for WPI to have the first African American editor for a mainstream magazine publication and what it meant to not only the African American community but to the world at large.

    Robert suggests that it was not all that important because Henry was hired based on his merit and qualifications not his race. But he doubles back to suggest that he understands the importance of the hire. He goes on to inform Allison that he was the main board member championing for Henry to be brought on board.

    Allison thanks him for that, but wonders if he will be such a champion if Henry becomes the next President and CEO of WPI.

    Robert says that “if” and that is a “big if” Henry were to succeed him in running the company that he would have no hard feelings, but that he knows it won’t happen because despite being a wonderful editor for Parker Magazine and being the youngest member of the board that Henry does not have the experience it takes to run a major publishing conglomerate.

    Allison disagrees and what she thinks Thomas may be looking for i a fresh pair of eyes that can take the company into the future and beyond. She sees Henry as a visionary man who took a once ailing Parker Magazine and turned it into the bestselling lifestyle magazine in America. She believes that that is what puts him play for running the company.

    Robert agrees to disagree with Allison on that but says he will work hard as the President and CEO to incorporate and cultivate Henry so that he may be the next line after him to run the company.

    At the Whilshire mansion Thomas is in the living room speaking to a member of the board on his cell. He starts to discuss the candidates, one of whom will replace him as the head of WPI.

    After talking about the first of 3 candidates he moves on to Robert. He informs the board member that Robert has been with the company for many years and as his VP is ready to handle the job from day one. He knows that WPI would be in capable hands if left in his hands.

    To Thomas, Robert is the quintessential team player whom has earned his keep brick-by-brick. Yet he has concerns that all Robert will be able to do is keep the ship sailing on even ground. He is not sure that Robert can move the company forward and bring it to new heights.

    Thomas believes that Robert being from his own generation could be a hindrance at making sure that their publications can attract a new audience and truly understand how to market the online content so that company is bringing in new revenue streams.

    This gives Thomas a cause for pause and a reason to question whom is the best man for the job.

    Meanwhile, outside the mansion Cynthia arrives at the door and rings the bell. She is met by the housekeeper and informs her that she has an appointment to see Robert. The housekeeper let’s her in and directs Cynthia toward the living room.

    Cynthia as heads to the living room she stops at the entrance as she hears Thomas talking on his cell about Henry. She steps back out of sight so that he cannot see her and listens in.

    Inside the living room Thomas is discussing the pros and cons of Henry. He says that despite Henry’s lack of experience needed that would make him ready to run the company from day one, he sees that Henry is an innovative man. The fact that he not only turned Parker Magazine around and has brought the company record profits through advertisement, but Henry also tested out the web market for the magazine through its dot com site and has built an impressive online audience with the site getting over a million hits a month and advertisers being happy with the success.

    He is also impressed with the initiative he took to propose WPI buying 2 fledgling ethnic publications to build on the African American and Latino markets.

    Thomas believes that a forward thinking man like that is just what the company needs.

    Cynthia having heard this conversation emerges with a steely eyed look on her face.

    Thomas notices her and informs the board member that he will call him back later to finish up the discussion. After ending the call Thomas wonders what Cynthia is there for.

    Cynthia demands to know who is going to take over at WPI when Thomas steps down? To which Thomas informs her that everyone will learn who will be taking over WPI at his retirement party.

    Cynthia then reminds Thomas how much money she has invested in WPI and how Robert has worked his tail off to make sure that company was always the best it could be.

    Thomas informs her that he will be taking that into account as he makes his decision.

    Cynthia makes it clear to Thomas that he doesn’t need to make any decisions because Robert is the man for the job and had better get it or else she will she will cut her investment in WPI. And that will be hard for them given the tough economy.

    Taken aback Thomas lets Cynthia know that he runs WPI and that it is only HIM whom will be making decisions as to whom shall run the company his father started. He also lets her know that if she wants take her investments out of the company that she doesn’t have to wait to learn whom is going to be taking over to do so.

    Thomas heads over to a table and pulls out a checkbook from the drawer asking Cynthia how many millions she needs.

    Cynthia ignores him and pushes onward threatening that if Thomas gives the position to Henry that she will make sure that WPI goes down in flames. She informs him that her deceased father the great shipping entrepreneur who went on to become a billionaire and left the business in her hands welded a lot of power in the business world. And so goes the power to her.

    Thomas asks Cynthia if she is making a threat and she informs him that it is a promise.

    Thomas yells at Cynthia to get out. But Cynthia says she is not leaving.
    Thomas then walks over and grabs Cynthia by the arm and drags her to the door. He opens it and pushed her out.

    Once the door is shut Cynthia starts to scream at Thomas and then she kicks the door with her right foot breaking the heel of her shoe.

    Back at WPI in Robert’s office he sits talking with daughter Julia where she gives with the details on how classes at CCU are going. Robert is pleased that Julia is taking advantage of the opportunities allowed her and reminds his daughter to stay focused.

    Meanwhile, out in the hallway Cynthia emerges from the elevator and heads towards Roberts office. When she reaches the door she realizes that she feels tense and needs to calm down. So she heads to the lady’s room and fixes up her makeup. She informs herself that she is not going to let Thomas pass Robert over for some young hotshot like Henry to run WPI. She is convinced that Robert is owed the position and that it will be his one way or another.

    After leaving the lady’s room she heads back toward Roberts office and sees Julia whom is waiting by the elevator. Cynthia walks over and hugs her daughter. She is happy to see her and checks in on how her schooling is going. But Julia notices that her mother seems to be consumed by other thoughts and wonders what is going on.

    Cynthia plays it off as if it is just tense business deals that have her on the lamb. She then hugs Julia and sees her off.

    After Julia has exited Cynthia heads over to Roberts office and enters. He is surprised to see her there and wonders why she has come by.

    Cynthia informs Robert that they need to talk.

    Robert believes that whatever it is can wait until he gets homes, but Cynthia says that it is of the utmost importance.

    Curious, Robert wants to know what is so important that she needs to tell him now?

    Cynthia turns away from Robert and has a flashback to overhearing Thomas discuss Henry’s qualifications. When we come back to the present Cynthia turns to Robert and informs him that what she has to tell him will change his life forever.

    Next Week
    -Roberta moves in with the Toussaint’s.
    -Cynthia tells Robert what she knows.
    -Paula meets an unlikely friend at the Seven Seven.

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