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    I only started watching OLTL during the 90s Todd saga so I’m not super familiar with OLTL history but Didn’t Tina live with Irene( and her step father Ted) until Irene “died”? Irene said she raised Victor jr, Wouldn’t Tina know she had a brother? Any idea how they will explain this??
    Thanks for any help

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    From my memory – when could be flawed.

    Irene had an affair with Victor Lord (senior) when she was in high school. When Victoria found out she started to experience DID. Which resulted in Vicki’s pregnancy with Megan and Eterna (but that’s another story). The affair produced Tina and then a few years later presumably the twins Todd and Victor.

    Irene raised Tina with her husband Ted Clayton until Tina was around 18. At that time, Irene said that she was dying and she dropped Tina off with Vicki. A fake Ted Clayton came to town, which seemed to suggest that Tina didn’t know her father growing up. Then, she found out that Victor was her father and Vicki had another case of DID.

    In the new timeline, Irene gave birth to the twins after Tina (while still an unmarried teen) so she gave Todd to her brother Peter (who Vicki never mentioned was in town despite having grown up with him) and she hid the other one away. She later married the real Ted Clayton and they raised Tina, but it was a short union.

    So, this explains why neither Todd, Tina, Victor Sr. nor Vicki knew about Victor Jr.

    My question is – How did Victor Jr. – who was explained to be slightly developmentally delayed – suddenly gain IQ point when he posed as Todd?

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