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    So, I’m bored at work today and thought this would be fun. I know it’s been done before on this site, but lets update and do a favorite couples list from any and every daytime soap you’ve ever watched. Mine will be the most current soaps on air and the recently deceased soaps since I never had the chance to watch many others before those mentioned below, due to cancellation of such shows before I could get attached. I’m only going to choose five from each show, because I could go on and on about so many in each category. I’m anxious to see who other people choose as their favorites.

    All My Children

    1. Greenlee and Leo–I cried for days after their wedding and bawled for days when he died. No one could ever replace Leo for Greenlee in my eyes.

    2. Kendall and Zach–Duh!

    3. Gillian and Ryan–Unfortunately, now he’s just a giant douche and I could give a what about his relationship with anyone (let alone Greenlee :sick: )

    4. JR and Annie–Talk about heat!

    5. Tad and Dixie

    Honorable mentions: Angie and Jesse, Kendall and Ryan–Before he became an intolerable, sanctimonious, douche; Jack and Erica, Erica and Dimitri, Julia and Noah, Palmer and Opal, Jenny and Greg, Edmund and Maria, Edmund and Brooke, Jake and Amanda, Adam and Brooke, BAM (Bianca and Maggie)

    One Life to Live

    1. Nora and Bo

    2. Blair and Todd (Roger Howarth version)

    3. Nora and Lindsey–I mean, come on!

    4. John and Evangeline

    5. Nash and Tess

    Honorable mentions: Tea and Todd (TSJ version.), Max and Blair (Kassie DePaiva version), RJ and Lindsey, KISH, Vicki and Ben, David and Dorian, Starr and Cole (I mean, he is her baby daddy) ;)

    General Hospital

    1. Sonny and Brenda–They were all I ever thought about in the 90’s. They were what I wanted in high school. Heat can’t even describe the passion these too shared for each other and the passion I shared for them as a couple. It was deeper than love, than lust, than anything I had ever seen before. I loved them with every dying breath, with every fiber of my being. Sorenda was all that mattered to me back then.

    2. Liz and Jason–The writers and HPIC’s never gave them a chance to be together FOR REAL, and since Becky’s been fired, we know we’ll never get it, but I still say them all the way ~ Liason Foreva! Viva Liason! In the end, until those damn rumors become spoilers, we’ll always have Jake.

    3. Sam and Jason–During their first go-round, I thought their relationship progressed naturally. I know a lot of people say Sonny pawned her off on Jason and it was contrived (can’t believe I’m defending this) BUT, when had Sonny NOT asked Jason to take care of some woman he was sleeping with in one way or another??? Whether take them in or give them money for some reason or another. From Brenda on, that was his thing. The man told him to dump Brenda at the altar FOR HIM. Is it so hard to believe that he would send Sam right across the hall once he decided he wanted Carly back??? I think not. So, I appreciated Jason and Sam the first time around, and even as a SUPER Liason fan, I saw the chemistry and as much as I tried, I couldn’t deny it. I blame the writers for screwing it up for me, personally, the second time around.

    4. Luke and Laura–I wasn’t born when they got married, but I’ve seen all the tapes and realized early on why they became such a beloved supercouple.

    5. Patrick and Robin–I’ve gone so far as to buy a pair of Scrubs for this couple, having them embroidered, and wearing them to every Scrubs event during the GH fan club weekends. No. Lie. I think this is one of the best paring’s, if not THE best paring (and I include Jason in this, and I FLOVED Jason and Robin) she has ever had. So yeah, I’m that obsessed.

    Honorable mentions: Elizabeth and Lucky (JJ and Greg versions only), Carly and Jax, Jason and Brenda (I know they’ve never been together, but they have always had a natural chemistry!), Sam and Lucky (Greg Vaughn version; Sam and Lucky just looked HOT together and were sexy as hell! Every kiss and touch was smoldering :love: ), Robin and Stone, Alexis and Jax, Lois and Ned, Edward and Lila, Tracy and Luke, Anna and Robert, Frisco and Felicia, Felicia and Mac, Anna and Duke, Sonny and Carly (SB and Tams versions), Jax and Courtney (I am not, nor have I ever been a Courtney fan, and I despised Journey with a flaming rage, but I loved her with Jax), Nikolas and Emily, Jason and Robin, Jax and Skye, Skye and Lorenzo, Alan and Monica

    Obviously, GH was MY SHOW. I’m trying to limit the honorable mentions, but I could go on and on!

    The Young and the Restless

    1. Phyllis and Nick–I know, I know. How they got together was downright despicable and made Nick look like and even bigger douche than many of us already know he is. BUT I thought they generated natural heat in all of their scenes. And I mean, ALL of their scenes!

    2. Sharon and Nick (when they first got together, but never again!)

    3. Victoria and Billy–I know they are not everyone’s favorite but for a time, he made her tolerable for me.

    4. Nikki and Victor (given their history together)

    5. Michael and Lauren

    Honorable mentions: Dru and Neil, Sharon and Adam, Olivia and Malcolm (Shemar’s version, double DUH!), Dru and Phyllis–These two had supercouple written all over them!, Jack and Phyllis, Victor and Ashley

    The Bold and the Beautiful

    1. Ridge and Brooke

    2. Ridge and Taylor

    3. Brooke and Stephenie

    4. Nick and Brooke

    5. Brooke and Thomas–No, they’re not a couple, and yes, I’m a very, very bad girl! This Thomas is hot and can act, let’s be real about it! And if ANYONE could pull off cougar in daytime, it would be one Ms. Katherine Kelly Lang. That woman is still beautiful! She defines the phrase age ain’t nothing but a number!

    Honorable mention: Thorne and Macy

    As the World Turns

    1. Carly and Jack–Seriously, one of my favorites, EVER! I was completely CarJacked in those days and couldn’t stand them with anyone else. Really.

    2. Gwen and Will

    3. Paul and Meg (before she became NUTMeg)

    4. Paul and Emily

    5. Katie and Simon

    Honorable mentions: Katie and Brad, Luke and Reid, Luke and Noah, Holden and Lily (Martha Byrne, obviously), Tom and Margo, Steve and Betsy, Dusty and Lucy (Peyton List only, for me)

    Guiding Light

    1. Jonathan and Tammy– Jammy, Jammy, Jammy all the way! Sigh. Okay, before anyone has the chance to harp on me, I am well aware of the continued controversy surrounding this couple, and I know for a fact that they are not everyone’s favorite BECAUSE of that known and continued controversy, but MY GAW! I just can’t deny it. Sorry. Their heat was seriously indisputable for me and damn near combustible on my screen. If I have to stand alone in defending my love for this couple, I will, without question. Not since Sonny/Brenda had I been so hot for a couple in daytime and damn near obsessed to see them onscreen (both together and apart), and not since Jammy do I think I ever will be that obsessed again. IMHO, they had a natural chemistry, therefore the show had no choice BUT to put them together (and who was she going to be with anyway? Sandy? (gag))–and rip them a part every chance they had. GL ate up the mounting controversy like chocolate cake and continued pouring more batter into the mix–laced with crack, acid, and tons of ecstasy, I must say. I admit, I was addicted and still am. I like my boys bad, broken, dirty, and all kinds of wrong on soaps, primetime and daytime. (I’d choose Eric over Bill on True Blood and Dylan over Brandon on the original 90210 any day of the week just to give you an idea!) And Tammy was good, but boy, could she be bad for one Jonathan Randall! Not to mention, I still cry like a bawling baby during the hospital scene when she dies in his arms.

    2. Danny and Michelle (Bethany Joy Galeotti (formerly Lenz) and Nancy St. Alban versions)

    3. Josh and Reva–What would Guiding Light be without Reva and her JoshUa??? LOL.

    4. Olivia and Natalia

    5. Beth and Phillip

    Honorable mentions: Bill and Lizzie–He made her human and likable which for me, said a lot because I loved to hate me some Lizzie Spaulding, especially Marcy Rylan’s version, but she never lost her wit, Roger and Holly (thank goodness for YouTube), Coop and Lizzie, Dinah and Mallet

    Days of Our Lives

    1. Sami and EJ–Sigh times two. I know the controversy surrounding this couple as well, and I know people either love to hate EJ or just plain hate him for being an arrogant prick and continuous saboteur. But I’m ready for the writers to stop screwing around and just put them back together already; and FOR REAL this time, at least for a little while. I was a fan from the get go and I’ll be a fan till the end, even if I talk crap about them, which I will often do. But really, if one is not shooting the other in the head or lying about a dead child, or lying about a child that’s still alive, all the while PRETENDING it’s dead to teach a lesson to their former significant other, they’re trying to ruin the other’s relationship, all the while proclaiming not to be in love with each other which we all know is complete Bull. Spit. WHY must Dena Higley and Co. continue ruining EJ??? I can defend my love for the couple, but I’ve gotten to the point where I can no longer defend or justify EJ himself or his actions and I often did so until I was blue in the face with those who opposed me. Despite my raging anger at TPTB, Ejami are another couple that has a natural heat/chemistry that’s always been undeniable to me. Every kiss and look sends my TV screen into overdrive. They’ve still got nothing on Jammy for me, but they’re pretty damn close, seeing as how I call them my daytime version of Chuck and Blair, via Gossip Girl. That said, I’m not the least bit looking forward to him and Natalia Livingston’s Taylor hooking up. I don’t care if she’s supposed to restore his soul and make him good, I’d MUCH rather take him and Nicole any day of the week, and I’ve NEVER boarded the Ejole train.

    2. Carrie and Austin (Patrick Muldoon version)

    3. Phillip and Chloe (their first go round)

    4. Shawn and Belle (Kirsten Storms version)

    5 (TIE). Bo and Hope–She’ll always be his Fancy Face!, and John and Marlena

    Honorable mentions: Jack and Jennifer–FLOVED them!, Sami and Lucas, Nicole and Brady, Maggie and Victor, Patch and Kayla, Chad and Will (Come ON DOOL, just DO IT already!)


    1. Luis and Sheridan–Can you say, one of the most tortured couples in daytime? Jeez.

    2. Teresa and Ethan

    3. Teresa and Gwen

    4. Julian and Eve

    5. Timmy and Tabitha

    Honorable mentions: Kay and Miguel (Adrian Bellani version), Fox and Whitney (even though Whitney got on my damn nerves)

    All time favorite couples out of the LOT, in order:

    1. (Jammy) Jonathan and Tammy
    2. (Sorenda) Sonny and Brenda
    3. (Liason) Liz and Jason
    4. (Ejami) Sami and EJ
    5. (GreenLeo) Greenlee and Leo

    I never thought any one couple could take Sonny and Brenda’s place in my heart, but the writing and contrived crap since her return has just ruined them for me as of late.

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    I have only really watched GH the majority of my life. Although, there were a few years that I watched Days and Another World. I also remember catching OLTL and AMC w/my mom.

    My favorites:
    1. Frisco and Felicia – Jack Wagner. Need I say more?? I don’t think any couple will ever trump them for me.
    2. Jason and Liz
    3. Jennifer and Frankie (DAYS) – There was just something so sweet and HS about them.
    4. Jake and Vicky (AW) – LOVED the twins. Jake and Vicky were CRAZY!!
    5. Luke and Tracey – They are so much fun.

    **I loved Luke and Laura, but the meat of their relationship happened when I was young. I still don’t think I understand depths of the love the shared. I was 6 when they got married. 0:)

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    Great topic. Oh how it brings back memories of soaps past!

    Cooper and Steffi

    Another World:
    Jake and Vicky (I LOVED them!)
    Cass and Frankie

    Guiding Light:
    Harley and Mallet
    Harley and Phillip

    As the World Turns:
    Jack and Carly

    One Life to Live:
    Todd and Blair

    All My Children:
    Tad and Dixie

    Lucas and Sami

    Ridge and Brooke

    General Hospital:
    Mac and Felicia (Talk about an underdog – I knew they never had a chance)

    Young and the Restless:
    Ryan and Victoria
    Billy and Victoria (I’m a total fanatic of this pair!)

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    Palmer and Opal, they always made me die laughing. Great memories…
    Erica and Jack
    Angie and Jesse

    Kim and Bob
    Simon and Lucy (Peyton List version), these two were smoldering HOT!!!

    Stephanie and Brooke, only decent couple on this show

    John and Marlena
    Abe and Lexie
    Bo and Hope
    Jennifer and Jack
    Shane and Kim
    Patch and Kayla
    Sami and Lucas, I’m still mad as hell they didn’t end up together. UGH

    Lucky and Liz, only decent relationship I’ve seen on this show

    Alan and Olivia
    Reva and Josh
    Cassie and Richard…yes, I loved them SO much and it tore me apart when he died

    Tina and Cord
    Gabrielle and Michael Grande…they kicked ass in the 80’s say what you will…Max who????
    Asa and Renee
    Hank and Sheila

    Ethan and Theresa were the truth, loved them
    Luis and Sheridan

    Drucilla and Neil
    Sharon and Nick…in the 90’s
    Katherine and Rex
    Lauren and Michael
    Brittany and Bobby…dont even get me started cuz bringing them back would be so awesome
    JT and Colleen (LF’s version)
    Drucilla and Phyllis

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    From what I can remember, because I have been watching soaps since forever it seems

    GH Y&R
    Carly and Jason Victor and Nikki
    Laura and Stefan Nick and Sharon
    Sonny and Carly (SB version) Victoria and Cole (HT version)
    Jack and Phyllis

    Erica and Dimitri Jessica and Will
    Edmond and Maria Asa and Renee
    Noah and Anita Blair and Todd (RH version)
    Liza and Adam (MW version)

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    Cruz and Eden from Santa Barbara!!!

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    Cruz and Eden from Santa Barbara!!! Greg and Paige from Knots Landing!!

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    Oh there are so many. Ghfan-4now, you named just about all of mine but here goes:

    Leo/Greenlee..LOVE LOVE LOVE Leo and Josh Duhamel.
    Greenlee/Ryan – very early in their relationship when she loved him first and he loved Gillian and when he chose to marry Greens over Kendall. I’m not feeling them this go around.
    Edmund/Maria and Edmund/Brooke. I loved Edmund with both of his leading ladies.
    Ryan/Kendall- I always liked them together. Still remember him walking in on her with Aiden and her screaming for Ryan in the parking lot as he drove off on his motorcycle.
    Currently: Jake/Amanda..absolutely love them.

    Bo/Nora.. of course love of each other’s lives
    Blair & Todd
    Blair & Max
    Max & Gabrielle
    Max & Luna
    Tina & Cord
    Jessica & Will
    Vicki & Ben

    Favorite of all time: Jason/Carly, Jax/Brenda, Frisco/Felicia and Robert/Anna
    I also liked Jax’s marriage to Alexis and Jax/Skye
    I also really liked Felicia/Mac

    Y & R:

    B & B:
    Favorite of all time: Ridge/Brooke but I also like her with Nick

    Carly/Jack…he’ll always be her G-Man
    Lily/Luke’s bio dad..can’t remember his name right now


    LOVE Jake/Vicki

    Port Charles:


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