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    In the annuals of All My Children’s history there have been many wonderful actresses that have graced the small screen Monday thru Friday to the delight of fans with their talented acting abilities. Some actors have created distinctive timeless characters that still resonate with fans today and are irreplaceable. While others have given performances of a lifetime audiences can never forget.

    In the case of this top 5 list, these current and former AMC stars have held a very special place within the history of the ABC Suder. These are actresses also remind long term fans and for the newer ones what AMC “was”, “is”, and can still “be.” It is this legacy that all the younger actresses on the series are charged with continuing.

    So now I present you with My Top 5 AMC Actresses.

    5. Ruth Warrick (Phoebe Wallingford)

    As the epitome of the upper curst snob Phoebe Ruth Warrick was able to bring a combination of comedic and dramatic performances to every scene. She made Phoebe a hoot and allowed the character to OWN who she was and love every minute of it. So she will always be seen as one of the greatest AMC actresses and a legend in her own right. Thus, her 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award via the Daytime Emmy’s capped off her brilliant career. RIP Ruth!

    4. Julia Barr (Brooke English)

    Julia Barr has portrayed the character of Brooke off and on for over 3 decades and counting. She was the recast of the role and even thought she was to originate the part. Yet theater called and she returned later to prove that you can turn a “ho into a housewife.” The actress seamlessly went from schemer to heroine and won 2 Supporting Actress Daytime Emmy awards ( 1990 & 1990 ) and is a 6 time Lead Actress Emmy nominee (1980, 1981, 1991, 1993, 1994 & 2001). She illuminates the screen anytime she is on and proves that she one of AMC’s greatest gifts to the fans.

    3. Susan Lucci (Erica Kane)

    La’Lucci as they call her has created the hands down most distinctive character in daytime. And like with many great daytime stars her portrayal of the diva Erica Kane was as much her input as it was creator Agnes Nixon’s. Call it a collaboration or a meeting of the minds. Whatever it was the actress whom is the face of daytime is the only actress to have had 21 repeat Emmy nominations and was a winner at the turn of the century. So as a household name Susan Lucci and her alter ego Erica Kane are synonymous with daytime.

    2. Cady McClain (Dixie Cooney)

    When it comes to acting Cady McClain is in tiptop shape. And her off and on portrayal of the beloved heroine Dixie Cooney has won her rave reviews and legions of fans clamoring for her to return on a fulltime basis. (Hey if Jesse can be a ghost and then be alive why not Dixie?)

    The actress brought such a wealth of talent to her role that she could be considered the archetype for a soap opera heroine.

    Fans have followed Cady’s character Dixie through all her trails and tribulations and the actress has given the type of performances that have fans loving her for a lifetime. The industry has done so as well by awarding the actress with the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Ingénue in 1990. Yet the actress’s greatest gift is her talent places as a part of talented top 3% of daytime actors.

    1. Debbie Morgan (Angie Hubbard)

    What can I tell you about Debbie? She didn’t come to work to play. She came to ACT. And when I say act I mean really ACT! There are few actresses or actors for that matter who give REAL to life relatable performances in daytime. Yet from the first moment Miss Morgan hit the screen she played Angela “Angie” Baxter (later Hubbard) like she was a real person not a character on a soap opera. This made her standout in a way that would soon take her to the top. And she would go on to become one half of arguably one of daytime’s greatest and most realistic supercouples Jesse and Angie. And like the very few actresses who fit into not the talented 3% but the talented 1% she can turn whatever she touches to gold.

    In 1989 Debbie was awarded with a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress and in 2009 and 2011 was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress and won an NAACP Award after having returned from a long hiatus proving that she still had what it takes to woo fans and critics alike.

    Who are your personal top 5 AMC actresses?

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    I love your list……perfect choices. I would have to add a 6th though. Marj Dusay was HEAVEN as Vanessa on AMC in the early 2000s. Absolute perfection!!!


    Yes, she was good too. All My Children has had a lot of vary good actresses over the years. So many, but these stood out as the best of the best of them all.

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    I love and agree with your choices. I would like to also add Mary Fickett in her role as Ruth Martin. She was extraordinary. I loved her.


    @Ryan-Scott: She was good too. Loved her.


    @Ryan-Scott: She was good too. Loved her.

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