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    I thought it would be nice to see which storylines in daytime have meant the most to people and were their favorites. So lets list them and why in order from 5 to

    5. Passions: All about Eve
    For Eve the past was catching up to her. A stolen baby from a once love affair with Julian Crane…A history of drugs, alcohol and whoring around…A singing career that didn’t happen…The payoff…A life changed as Eve became a stick conservative and raised two daughters with her husband TC, all the while harboring these secrets. Add in a desperate housewife (Ivy) wanting to get her hands on her former flame. Some pictures from a bird statue that reveal parts of Eve’s past with Julian. Being blackmailed by the lady of the Crane manor… And just when you think the coast is clear here comes your adopted sister (Liz) who blames you for her being molested by your father. Now she wants revenge. She wants to wreck your life the way she felt you wrecked hers when you were too busy trying to hang with the upper-class and be someone you were not, all the while neglecting your family. And with that you have a storyline to die for.

    4. ATWT: Legal Entanglements
    Take Oakdale’s DA Jessica Griffin whom is in love with the Dr. Ben Harris an honest noble guy to a fault. Bring in James Stenbeck’s legal representation T. Marshall Travers and blackmail him into running against Jessica. Then have Jessica start to have feelings for a man working for the wrong side of the law and end having passionate sex with him while her daughter bonnie and her man Isaac and company are trying to get the goods on Marshall so they can take down James. Now things have gotten complicated and soon the tape is released just as Jessica has regretted what she has done. Relationship to Ben over! Now James whom has been convicted by now DA Travers shoots him and Jessica rushes to aid the man only to learn that James was blackmailing with information he had on the whereabouts of Marshall’s daughter. Jessica then takes Marshall in as he recovers. But when their wires get crossed Marshall sexually assaults Jessica, in which he believes was not an assault. This set’s up the stage for Bonnie seeking her avenge her mothers assailant when he is cleared of all charges and brings Ben back into the arms of Jessica albeit hard.

    3. Y&R: Who’s the Daddy?
    One drugged up night back when we were “down with OPP” Malcolm mistaken slept with Dru who believed he was Neil. 9 months later a baby girl was born and Dru didn’t want Malcolm to have any paternity test. She was sure the baby was Neil. It had to be Neil’s! Or so she thought. fast forward about 12 to 13 years later and a secret that has been kept ominously starts to unravel. A returned from the dead Malcolm has had a new outlook on life after going over that cliff in Africa and wants to know if Lily is his or not. Add in a nosey Syphilis who wants to get the goods on Dru to stick it to her nemesis under the guise of doing what’s right, A daughter who knows the truth at least as much that her mom slept with her “uncle and husband whom is has been played the fool longer than TC Russell and we have the set up for an eventual revelation that will drive Neil into arms of Carmen Mesta and cause Dru to return to her street gurl roots to save her marriage.

    2. AMC: Janet takes over Natalie’s life.
    What is a sister to do when her blonde beautiful and successfully skinny sibling has it all: a man, a career, people who love her and a body to die for? Well I’ll tell you what she does? She tries to steal that man and when that does work. She has plastic surgery to look like her sister and then kidnaps her on the day before her wedding, keeps her in a well and takes over her sister’s life. Yes Janet posted as Natalie. But only Herald the dog knows the truth. If only he could speak English. Nat is later saved by Dimitri Marick and suffers from amnesia. But she regains her memory before making the mistake of marrying the rich man and eventually Janet gets caught and faces a trial. But when Trevor and Nat thing the ordeal is over when Janet forced to tell the truth on the stand. Janet has another thing for them. She reveals that she is pregnant with Trevor’s child and that they will never be rid of her. This sets up the stories for years to come.

    1. Days: The Baby Switch.
    Now near and dear to my heart is the storyline that reenergized my love for the daytime genre. It is nothing more then when Lexie and Abe adopt a white baby with the help of Stefano. Unbeknownst to them both that the baby is actually Hopes and was switched at birth through the machinations of Dr. Rolf. As things start to unravel and Lexie has had a year to bond with her son. She becomes to determine to keep the only child she has, even if it turns out to be Hope. When her father leaves town to escape being arrested she convinces Abe to move into the Dimera mansion and starts her path down to the dark side of the force willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that she keeps Isaac. This leads to her trying to leave the country and later getting caught. And this set’s up a major story arch where Lex descends into madness and only her mother Celeste who had her back no matter what can see her through what happens when Stefano has gotten into your head.

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    5. Gina, DAYS
    When Gina arrived on the scene in 1994, I was immediately drawn to this amnesiac who resembled Bo’s dead wife. I hadn’t seen Hope before but I immediately preferred Gina to Billie and wanted her with Bo. The quest to discover her identity was suspenseful and emotional, especially when she was declared not Hope, and Bo went on to marry Billie. When Gina finally got her hands on the puzzle box and opened it, I was enormously satisfied. But it wasn’t until Bo discovered the secret letter at the bottom of the puzzle box and Gina recited it from memory that I truly fell in love with Bo and Hope.

    4. Carrie/Austin/Sami, DAYS
    When your favourite couple is threatened by an unstoppable force of evil, you can’t help but become emotionally invested. I loved (and still love) Carrie as an individual, and her love story with Austin was beautiful. Sami, meanwhile, had the cold dead eyes of a serial killer and was just so wicked, vindictive and manipulative. She was truly threatening–her schemes always seemed to work and evil always managed to triumph. The story culminated in one of the most cathartic, satisfying moments in daytime history, when Carrie knocked Sami out and married her true love Austin.

    3. Kristen and Susan, DAYS
    Kristen was one of my favourite villains. I never rooted for her but I was always entertained by her. When lookalike Susan was introduced, I was immediately charmed by this Southern yokel who dearly loved her unborn baby. There were so many twists and turns, but the story didn’t truly rock until Marlena discovered Kristen’s wicked ways and was locked in the secret room—only for the unassuming SUSAN to trap Kristen in there with her and take over Kristen’s life! The climax at John and Susan’s Elvis-themed wedding stands as one of Days’ greatest payoffs of all-time.

    2. Buried Alive, DAYS
    Carly was my favourite heroine at the time (my love for Marlena had not yet fully developed), and when I thought she was dead, I was upset. But then she opened her eyes in her coffin and my world shook! The sight of Carly trapped in a coffin under six feet of dirt, unable to save herself and at the mercy of Vivian’s walkie-talkie torment, made this story morbidly fascinating. I was on the edge of my seat. How would Carly get out of this? Would Bo save her? Would Vivian be punished? Thanks to great lighting and camera angles, the audience felt as claustrophobic as Carly.

    1. Marlena’s Possession, DAYS
    This story was EPIC and changed the face of daytime forever. Having been a fan of the occult and supernatural since I was little, the thrill of Satan arriving in Salem and possessing the show’s top heroine (and my personal favourite character) was beyond exciting. Not only did Deidre Hall get to show her acting chops as a villain, the story itself was atmospheric, moody, chilling, and Gothic. The depth of John and Marlena’s love for one another was tested and triumphed over pure evil straight from the pits of hell. Every beat was played and every actor rose to the challenge. Absolutely thrilling.

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    Guiding Light 96-98 (Annie Dutton unhinges and tortures Reva Shayne!) This was the story that HOOKED me on GL as a teenager, along with Cynthia Watros’ genius run as the nurse gone bad.

    All My Children 03-05 (Bianca/Babe baby switch!) Back when Eden Riegel was both entertaining and remembered how to emote and act, her baby switch with Alexa Havins’ Babe kept me on the edge of my seat in what could quite possibly be Megan McTavish’s most successful story of the 2000s.

    Young and Restless (early 90s!) ANY story that involved Sheila raising hell and taking names. Sheila Carter is the best female villainess of all time. Bar none. Of course, the ONLY Sheila story that turned out to be a COMPLETE bust was the one that involved Michelle “Spit Take” Bleeping Stafford portraying her in what was one of the most FOOLISH stories to ever take place on Y&R. It was a disgrace to the legacy of Kimberlin Brown and Sheila Carter. And I was NOT amused. NOT.ONE.BIT.

    All My Children (92-93) Erica learns she had a baby she never knew about, enter Kendall Hart. My grandmother used to watch AMC in the afternoons and send us kids outside or into the other room to watch cartoons. I caught bits and glimpses of it while staying with her, but was never able to watch until I was back at home during the day. Sarah Michelle Gellar was the perfect teen bitch. I wish younger actresses like Yvonne Zimaless would take notes. She was the gold standard of youthful bitchiness, along with Allison Sweeney.

    Can’t really think of a 5th STORYLINE right now, but I would like to salute all the GREAT female rivalries that have kept me ENTHRALLED with the medium as a whole over the past 18 years. There’s NOTHING on soaps like a well-written female rivalry. Ironically, most of the GOOD rivalries seem to outlast whatever man the ladies involved seem to be arguing over at the given time. Please feel free to add any that I might have forgotten:







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    5) GL’s Annie frames Reva for her miscarriage.

    This is when “Guiding Light” kicked soap opera booty and took names! I loved the suspenseful plot twist of Annie carrying a dead fetus in her womb just to set Reva up for murder. The trial featured delicious daytime drama as Cynthia Watros, Robert Newman, and the incomparable Cynthia Watros capitalized of the resurgence the serial was undergoing circa 97.


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    I dont know if I could pick just five but certainly some of my favorites were sams pregnancy on gh, carly hits town on gh, anna and robert reunite on gh, luke and laura, dorian goes to death row, and blair and todd form the losers club and fall in love. I also loved how they ended Loving with Gwynth killing off half the town – some real tension, twists and good soapy camp.

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    Heck yeah. Annie Dutton was a BADDDDDDDD bitch!!!!!!!!! I miss Cynthia Watros in daytime. Even though I was also rooting for Eileen Davidson, I swear I was SCREAMING with joy the night she won that Emmy for Best Actress in 1998.

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    5) GL’s Annie frames Reva for her miscarriage.

    This is when “Guiding Light” kicked soap opera booty and took names! I loved the suspenseful plot twist of Annie carrying a dead fetus in her womb just to set Reva up for murder. The trial featured delicious daytime drama as Cynthia Watros, Robert Newman, and the incomparable Cynthia Watros capitalized of the resurgence the serial was undergoing circa 97.

    4)David Kimble terrorizes Nina on Y&R.

    From the moment he started sniffing around the widow Chancellor, I knew we were in for some mess! I relished the entire storyline as David sought to kill Nina and claim her fortune. Then, David framed Danny for selling drug which was SO juicy!!!!!Bill Bell had me on the edge of my seat every day, even though he threw Cricket a few bones and spent a little too much time focusing on her in the role of the supportive, lawyer confidant after Nina shot David. Everyone who’s familiar with Y&R knows the different twists and turns this storyline took, ending in the evil villain dying via a trash compactor. Talk about campy and compelling…

    3)OLTL’s Viki/Niki/Jean/Tommy/Princess debacle

    I’ve always been a fan of Viki’s personalities on “One Life To Live” and was hyped during this era in 95/96. I didn’t care for much of the show during this period, but the writing team and ES brought their “A” game!!!
    Viki became more than the lady always in peril to me, emerging as a true conflicted heroine in my eyes. I also loved me some Jean Randolph, the complete opposite of our dear Victoria, and always will. Got tired of Tommy and Princess quickly though. Plus, the catfight scenes with Dorian were legendary. The show tries to recapture that magic with Jess/Tess/Mess, but it ain’t the same. Never has been, never will be…

    2)”Who Shot Francesca Vargas?”, Sunset Beach

    Naysayers be damned, this murder mystery rocked and even critics relished the sudser when they went balls to the wall before leaving the airwaves. The dysfunctional Richards (Gregory, Olivia, Annie, Caitlin), Deschanels (A.J., Cole), and Torres (Antonio, Gabi) all had motive to want the scheming Francesca dead and someone ended up shooting her. Lisa Guerrero’s portrayal captured a great parody of villainesses of yore which kept “Sunset Beach” fans glued to the screen. Another excellent feature of the storyline was the reveal that Gregory pulled the trigger! Sam Behrens already gave a ruthless edge to his alter ego, but he really terrified viewers after we found out he committed murder. What a ride…

    1) The Killing Pool, DAYS

    Now you want to talk daytime drama at its best, this is it!!! ED gave a tour de force and watching her in conjunction with CW’s Annie on “Guiding Light” cemented my love for a campy soap bad bitch. Kristen was a menace to Jarlena, a couple I woshipped at the time, but I loved her. I loved her more when she turned up floating dead in her swimming pool because the heifa wasn’t even dead! James E. Reilly even encompassed TB’s Celeste and JLB’s Laura in the story by setting them up as potential suspects. Never again will “Days Of Our Lives” or a soap opera in general be this suspenseful!

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    Akbad, The Killing Pool is a great storyline but it was actually written by Sally Sussman-Morina, the head writer who succeeded JER when he left Days to create Passions. It was my favourite story of hers and one of the best mystery stories on daytime. I hate how EJ’s very presence spits in the face of this fantastic storyline—ugh! Susan getting her happy ending with Little Elvis was the best part.


    @akbad806: I actually love all the personalities that Viki had. Especially that scene where she pushes Dorian down the stairs.


    @alstonboy4315: Kendall Hart (criteria SMG) yes she was very good. She had that right evilness to her that was lost in the recast. But I love 90% of the AMC storylines from the 90 and earlier.

    Then yes 90’s Y&R was the best.

    the thoery of opposites
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    @ A-Crane, that’s right!!! Thank you for the correction. DAYS did change its vibe around that time and I notice it with the portrayal of the Dimeras. Under JER’s pen, they were a family of gothic supervillains, but everyone else writes them as a basic gangster family across town.

    @David, Princess did way too much and I couldn’t digest Tommy. I’m happy they had the guts to go all out, but those two weren’t my cup of tea.

    Anyone wanna hear what storylines I didn’t like?

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    Let er’ loose………..

    (grabs popcorn and soda!) :beer:


    @EricasEvilTwin: love the death row for Dorian story. A very powerful scene here.

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    Top 5…#5 Feb 3, ’89

    5. From GL Dr. Michelle Forbes’s Sonni/Sonita/Reva/Josh/Will saga ’87-’89 the BIG story for GL for 2 wonderful years…story had wheels because of the season actors and Michelle Forbes’s performance and talent oozed all over the screen. This is how to do a very good doppleganger storyline, well crafted, throughly thought out bible by writers to keep fans on edge. This doppleganger was a story of twins but twisted. Sonita was Josh’s first wife, RN had left for 2 yrs, returned in ’87 the story was built for his return, Reva couldn’t marry Kyle, run away bride, she runs into path of car, enter Josh coming home. Well Crafted. The fans was clamoring for Jeva, further built the love story of Jeva once again for a whole year. Trouble always lumed with those two…enters Sonni. Sonni’s father, Welles Carrera, arrived in town and threatened to tell Josh the truth—Sonni had committed suicide as a teenager; this woman was his rebellious daughter, Solita–Sonni’s twin sister., Will arranged for Carrera to die in a car accident but didn’t tell Sonni that it his fault. Sonni later lost Josh’s baby because of a fight with a recovered Reva. When Will learned that the baby wasn’t his but Josh’s, he angrily confronted her. During the course of the argument, Sonni knocked Will out in self-defense. Convinced that she’d killed him, she put his lifeless body into his boat and set it adrift. Reva got Sonni to finally remember what happened the day her sister, Solita died: When Sonni was a teenager, she had an affair with Will. When her father discovered them together, he assumed that she was Solita. Wells savagely whipped his daughter with a belt. Unfortunately, his anger wasn’t satisfied and when Solita came home she too was beaten by Welles, while Sonni — protected by Anita Ybarra – watched in agony. Solita then killed herself by hanging herself in the nearby monastery. At that point, a guilty Sonni took on the personality of her now deceased twin as a defense mechanism. After her confession, Reva got Sonni to walk away from the bridge…it was intense drama!! I loved this story. (I always said they should of made Sandy as Josh’s son from Sonni..she was coocoo for coca puffs and it would of worked.)

    Along with that all the other stories brewing at the same time Blake (#1) arrived in Spfld., her Phillip was engaged, Phillip found out Blake slept w/Alan

    Harley/A-M is getting married, Sam ruined Harley’s wedding gown. This was the light fun stuff on GL, to break all the heavy drama. Sam was way before GH’s Spinelli…Sam was a geeky genius. This is continuation of the story of Daisy. Nadine!! pink cadillac

    Fletcher & Alex is stranded on the island together getting close, and the acting scenes with BM & JH excellent. I loved it, BM was no hair model, she acted what the part called now, it actually nice to see a scene with food and actors was eating..not like today with playing in food today and never eating. B&J was eating the food and doing their lines to perfection. The scene when Alex is brushing her teeth pricless.

    Setting up the return of Roger..Holly on her way home now.

    Love watching all these clips from everyone…thanks.

    So many stories…not sure which would be think on that one and make a decision.

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    @david just watched the Dorian scene, EXCELLENT I know its ’94 but what is set-up, trying to find the story line to watch, didn’t watch OLTL then and I want go back and watch…what do I look for on YT? This is good!!

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    I couldn’t stop at 5—I had to pick another batch!

    10. Hell in a Closet, Passions
    Everything that I wanted Passions to be, and everything Passions could be, came together in Spring 2001 when Charity’s closet became a portal to hell and eventually sucked the Bennett home into its fiery pits. A SWAT team led by Sam Bennett faced off with actual DEMONS! Even my favourite couple Theresa and Ethan, were menaced by flying demons while attempting to make love for the first time! Everyone on the canvas was affected by hell in Harmony. Very, very entertaining!

    9. David Kimble, Y&R
    I couldn’t wait for this evil sonofabitch to get what was coming to him. I loved Nina and he was manipulating her! Nina firing a gun at David, his courtship of her mother Flo, and the unraveling of his schemes culminating in his death by trash compactor still remains memorable.

    8. The baby switch, Y&R
    Nothing was more terrifying to me as a child than evil Nurse Sheila SWITCHING Lauren’s baby with someone else’s! I was horrified and felt terrible for Lauren. I was constantly in a state of suspense waiting for Sheila to get caught and for Lauren to get her child back. This story had some great moments, like Molly Carter trying to spit out “Sh..Sh…Sh..Sheila!”.

    7. Marty’s rape, OLTL
    Although I was too young to really understand the concept of rape, I knew Marty had been violated. The trial was intense and I remember hating Nora at first as she raked Marty over the coals. Todd was easily one of the most terrifying villains–he just had a wicked look in his eyes (and still does). Susan Haskell was terrific and really made Marty a character to root for.

    6. Theresa and Ethan, Passions
    There’s was an epic love. Theresa was the ultimate underdog, the housekeeper’s daughter in love with the wealthy scion of the Crane family who was dating a debutante. In spite of the odds, Theresa’s dreams came true when Ethan fell in love with her. Their rocky road to get together was very intense, but it was all worth it when Gwen was exposed for leaking the truth about Ethan’s paternity to the tabloid and he dumped her for his soulmate Theresa. Their wedding was the perfect way to end the show.

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    5) Blade/Ashley/Rick/Mari Jo, Y&R.

    I was always glued to Brenda Epperson’s Ashley because she just LOOKED the part of a soap opera character, but this storyline stink. Why in the world did Bill Bell take us on this ride? I would’ve sent the Bladeson twins to the attic and called it a day. Luckily, Mari Jo, the lethal bitch who pumped a couple of bullets in Victor Newman, was saved after it was over going on to become a feared Genoa City villain. Just didn’t like the Blade/Rick switcheroo and was relieved when they called the whole sordid clunker a wrap!

    4)San Cristobel, GL.

    OMG all the Crystal Chappell worshippers can eat my shorts because my opinion is that the “Guiding Light” island plot introducing Richard, Edmund, and Olivia to the canvas tanked. I was enthalled by Carmen Santos and her machinations at the time, so I thought it would be fun to see mayhem on the side of the sphere. Boy, I was wrong! San Cristobel led to Reva’s long-lost son, Jonathan, a repulsive young man who slept with his own cousin. Even the background cue in the San Cristobel scenes was hokey! Total rip-off of OLTL’s Mendorra storyline in the late 80’s with glimpses of Marlena’s missing years on DAYS. In conclusion, most of the soap’s later problems stemmed from this development(the ill-conceived Jeffrey, Edmund’s constant cartoon antics, Olivia whoring her out to all of Springfield before deciding she prefers women, ruining Cassie after Richard and Tammy’s deaths)…Mendorra it was not!

    3) Vivian steals Kate and Victor’s embryo, DAYS.

    Sure, JER gave us a rip roaring plot twist in the Kate/Victor/Vivian triangle, but this had me hot. Deborah Adair’s Kate and Victor walked on water to me, so allowing La Alamain to birth his baby was unforgivable. What was worse was how Phillip hid in the shadows pretty much until they spiked his sippy cup with SORAS juice. No confusion whether he should be loyal to Viv or Kate, just waiting in the wings for boring ass Belle and Shawn to catch a growth spout. I could’ve had a V8…(yawn) :/

    2) Virtual Eden, DAYS.

    This reeked of network influence and I tuned out. Who remembers Austin Peck appearing for MONTHS onscreen in barely a loincloth? Rumors are he hated the storyline and so did I. I couldn’t care less about Austin, but Greta was different. Before she went to Virtual Eden, Greta ranked up there with Marlena, Hope, Jennifer, Maggie, Julie, and Lexie as one of my favorite Salem heroines. Unfortunately, this plot-driven disaster caused me to stop watching DAYS all together for a while. I didn’t come back until Abe Carver’s “murder.”

    1)The Quest For Victor’s Sperm, Y&R

    Ya’ll say “Sister Killer” was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but I beg to differ. Diane, Nikki, Ashley, and even Victoria, correct me if I’m wrong, all carted Victor’s specimen around talking to it and all kinds of foolishness. I could not take it!!! Why did Kay Alden write this storyline? I mean, I know she played the beats, but it didn’t gel well with me. Y&R featured corporate battles and Harlequin-style romance, I wasn’t ready to see a 50-year old’s sperm the major source of conflict on daytime’s best drama. I flipped the channel on “Young And The Restless” for quite some time and stayed away for two years.

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    Forgot to add that for my money the best baby switch story was Jenny and Katrina on OLTL. That story had so much payoff.


    @AlistairCrane: interesting!

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    Top 5 Favorite s/l?

    5. Liz’s Rape s/l along with Lucky finding out that Luke raped Laura (GH)

    4. BJ’s Death (GH)

    3. Viki’s multiple personality s/l (OLTL)

    2. Marty’s Rape (OLTL)

    1. Karen Wolek admits she’s a hooker on the witness stand (OLTL)

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    The Best:

    (1)DOOL: Buried Alive storyline. That’s the summer (’93) when I really started watching Days religiously.

    (2)DOOL: Gina storyline. This story was interesting and unique, in my opinion. It was really good, until Sally Sussman-Morina created the brainchips and Tom Langan ran with it for two years. Absolutely awful after that.

    (3)Y&R: Jill and Katherine are mother and daughter. A lot of people are going to disagree with me on that, but I still liked the startling revelation that gave Kay a stroke! :) I’ve always liked Katherine more than Jill (Jill’s a b*tch in my opinion). Anyway, it changed the dynamic of the history and broke up boring as hell Mac and Billy. I didn’t like it much when they changed it yet again so Mac and Billy could give it a go again. Tucker isn’t really an exciting character anyway.

    (4)DOOL: Tony’s return in 2002. The will reading was very interesting and I was sorry they never went further with that storyline. The story was even better when they revealed that Tony was actually Andre all along.

    (5)DOOL: The John Black parentage reveal. Okay, I actually didn’t like the storyline (mostly anyway). I thought it made sense that John was a Brady and a DiMera. It disappointed me that they didn’t reveal that Stefano knew all along and tortured John due to a family vendetta. I don’t think Dena Higley was smart enough or creative enough to carry on the storyline anyway, though.

    The Worst Ones:

    (1)DOOL: The Garden of Eden storyline. Nuff said.
    (2)As mentioned, the brainchips stories with John and Hope.
    (3)The “Sista Killer” storyline on Y&R.
    (4)The Gemini Twin storyline on Days. Could have been interesting if they had just shown up on Marlena and John’s doorstep, claiming to be her children. Instead, they went with genetically engineered weirdos who arrived on a capsule. God-awful.
    (5)The “Who’s the Daddy” storyline currently on Y&R. So sick of Faux Malcolm and “non-actress with a Masters in Fine Arts” Sophia. Besides, the storyline is just a repeat of the Neil/Malcolm/Dru storyline. I’m hoping somehow that Malcolm will be the Daddy and they will LEAVE! :)

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    I also enjoyed and liked Jill and Kay as mother and daughter. That was one of the FEW rewrites of history that I think Lynn Latham did well, but reportedly both Jeanne Cooper and Jess Walton hated the storyline twist, which more than likely is what convinced Maria Bell to retcon that retconned history. I’d have gladly taken Jill as Kay’s child over TUCKER. They basically have done NOTHING with that story, no real development of any sort of mother/son relationship between them, so what was the point?

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    OHH this is hard— but off the top of my head-

    Passions–Tabitha & Timmy= Anything really, scheaming( bonus points for Robin S as Hecuba)!!

    DAYS- Baby Switch– I loved Lexie so much!!

    Santa Barbara- Robert Barr/Quinn/Flame/Cruz/Eden

    Santa Barbara-The whole Elena/Eleanor storyline, except for her lame death.

    Y&R- Patty storyline, before the double doppelgangers

    **in no order**

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    IMO the best baby switch storyline in daytime has to go to Sheila Carter switching babies with Lauren Fenmore. I haven’t seen one done quite as good as that one. DAYS’ BEST baby switch storyline was their original one! Kristen/Susan baby switch was AMAZING and rating proved it! They almost unseated Y&R as the number one soap because of this storyline. Besides those two I can’t think of any other baby switch that could compare.

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    5. Spookiest villian story.Another World Sven Kidnaps Rachel. Sven the seriously most scary character ever on daytime, menaces the Cory family for many months. He tries to extort money from Mac Cory by drugging him and Sven’s neice and making it look like they slept together. Regine, his neice, is pregnant by another man but is forced to pretend that it is Mac’s for fear of this knife toting fiend. Jamie and Dennis find Cory the grounds man Rocky dead in their treehouse which starts to unravel Sven’s plans for Mac. He kidnaps Rachel and holds her hostage. During the rescue, Rachel is hit in the head (one of many times to come) and is rendered temporarily blind. Sven is captured and leaves with the promise that he would be back (unfortunately noone ever wrote that story).
    4.Days of our Lives Stephano kidnaps Liz and Marlena. This was a great story because it was exciting and romantic adventure where Liz gives birth while locked up by Stephano to Noel, Liz and Neils baby. This is also the begining of the Phoenix saga where the pretty much unkillable Stephano dies for the first time. The story also set the tone for a decade of love on the run, love indanger and adventure that brought us Bo and Hope, Patch and Kayla, Jack and Jen, etc.
    3.Another World Sam Fowler/ Amanda Cory/ Evan Bates love triangle. This is by far the best use of soap history I have seen. Sam came to town and met Amanda. Sam was this angst ridden artist type that did alot of sulking and self important stuff. Amanda this spunky strong willed girl who was definately a combo of Mac and Rachel. They meet and are imediately attracted and eventually fall in love get married and they are sort of the Bo and Hope of ANOTHER WORLD. Except not as much adventure. Sam by the way is the brother of the man who nearly came between Mac and Rachel(Mitch Blake). He once helped Rachel’s enemy Janice Frame drug Mac and try to kill him for his money. He fell for Rachel though and helped Rachel stop it before Mac died. Janice was killed instead. Rachel became pregnant with
    Mitch’s baby (Matthew). Mac and Rachel did not hold this over Sam’s head and accepted him warts and all into the family. They were more or less a happy couple for a while. Then comes Evan. Evan was a guy that was helping Mac’s daughter Iris to take over Cory Publishing from Mac. Well come to find out Evan is the son of Rachel’s enemy Janice and has come back for revenge but he falls for Amanda and has a change of heart. These two men were complex and each had good reasons to be drawn to them or to be repelled by them. Amanda was really stuck between them for a long while.
    Unfortunately through new writers and recasting the story got very diluted. But with the initial cast and the original story, it was fire. At one point Evan convinced Amanda that Sam was dangerous. The fact that he was so moody and jealous didn’t help matters. It was so hard to decide for her and the audience which man she should end up with. Unfortunately it eventually was neither.
    2.Salem Strangler. This was truely the 2.0 reboot of Days of our Lives. The show had started to meader because of a rapid set of writers coming in and making a mess. One of soaps great writers Pat Falkin Smith came to the rescue and created this umbrella story and cemented a new group of characters into the Salem landscape. It was truely the first time that an hour long format fit the show well. The strangler story touched everyone on the show. It exposed Marlena’s suitor Kellum Chandler for the nutjob he was, it brought in Eugene Bradford the new crazy best friend for Marlena adding a humor ellement to the show. We got this great little (and too short) young love triangle between Jessica/Angel and the vietnam vet Joshua and Jake Kosichek. The messed up relationship of Sister Marie Horton and Alex Marshall being Jessicas bio parents. We had this intrigueing and ever growing whodunnit as the strangler. But most importantly Marlena got a new love. Roman. The character has been on the show since in some copacity but his family the Brady’s have pretty much ruled the show since day one. Plus we were all shocked at the outcome of the strangler story with the red herring that Marlena was killed (her twin actually) and that nice Jake Kosichek slowly decended into madness in front of us and was the killer.
    1. Young and the Restless The Jill and Katherine feud. Although to be fair this is many stories and not just one. But what ties them together is the fact that one story builds on another. From the very first Kay and Jill were at odds because of Phillip Chancelor 2. Jill wanted him, Kay had him. Jill gets pregnant and Kay finally relents but Phill is killed. This sets in motion a series of events that leads these two women through a journey of hate, revenge, respect and finally understanding and admiration (with still a little hate thrown in). Every body in their lives has been affected by this war between them from Phillip the third to the present day characters. They have fought over men (my fav was Danny Romalatti’s father Rex Sterling), children, grandchildren, the maid, the house, companies. The war is endless and tireless and fuel is added as need be but they can still manage to go back to the begining and start all over fighting over the first man that came between them. It has been magnificent to watch and by far the best story and the longest one ever on daytime. It also represeents a series of feuds between women on soaps from days gone by that were the staple of daytime for many years. One that needs to be repopularized.

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