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    When it comes to interracial dating in daytime there has been a lot of ups and down over the years. Many of the early pairings were panned by people out there who were uncomfortable with Black/White pairings such as Jim/Carla, One Life To Live (which caused some network affiliates in the south to drop the show.); David/Valerie, Days Of Our Live; & Neil/Victoria, The Young and The Restless (a storyline even Kristoff Saint John who plays Neil stated in a recent interview was bad pairing for reasons that Neil wanted Dru to be home barefoot and making babies,so it was off that he would want to be with a woman who wants to run her father’s company) . Although the pairings of a Latino/White were flouring like All My Children’s Haley/Mateo & Edmund/Maria.

    Most often the pairings of Asian’s were of White men and Asian women and the whole Vietnam War love child was the theme that played out on many soaps such as Tom/Lien, As The World Turns and Jack/Luanm, Y&R . Although the pairing of Ben and Lien on ATWT was the first Black/Asian pairing in the history of daytime.

    In the old days an interracial pairing usually of a White man a Black women was a sign of the end the White actors time on the show. Most often after the pairing had ended the white male actor was written off as was the Black actress. So many White actors rejected the notion of an interracial pairing for that reason.

    Now-a-days in daytime interracial pairings are widely accepted and arguably the only way for actors of color to get a storyline. With that being said I have put together a list of the top 5 interracial couples in daytime and why they made the list.

    *Note there were a lot of couples that I didn’t mention and they were great too… At least the pairings that worked.

    5. Eve and Julian, Passions

    Eve and Julian will go down in history as the most used onscreen interracial pairing in daytime. For years as the buildup to this couple’s public reunion and their public relationship after the secret was out Eve and Julian best known by fans as Evian were on screen almost every day for over 5 years straight during their tenure on the show. Also as a mature couple over 40 Evian enjoyed the front burner status to fan praise and admiration, something that is rare outside of say The Young and The Restless.

    4. Daniel and Lily (Davetta version), The Young and The Restless

    Daniel and Lily smothered together on screen as an age appropriate (sorry I cannot get down with a man who passes himself off as an over 40 year old fake back from the dead child of Jill in a relationship with a 22 year old) against all odds lovers who went through well written hell and back just to be together. And the fact that both of their mothers were mortal enemies made this pairing so much more exciting. And of Lily’s 4 onscreen interracial pairings her best storyline was when she went on went on the run when Daniel was falsely accused of killing Cassie in an alleged drunk driving accident.

    3. Jessica and Duncan, As The World Turns

    The story of Jessica and Duncan was a love story that addressed the still major issue at the time of interracial dating in America. Jessica was concerned how their relationship make her family feel and Duncan was ready to go for all no matter what. This storyline was played against type as most often issues came from the other side. Jessica and Duncan enjoyed a wonderful relationship that produced a child, Bonnie and were widely accepted by many fans.

    2. Eden and Cruz, Santa Barbara

    Eden and Cruz were a wildly popular couple in daytime. You can call them the original against all odds pairing to have existed. When one says they went through it all to be together that is an understatement. In many ways one could say they laid the groundwork for future pairings of this type or of any kind to establish a lovethat would be remembered in the hearts and minds of daytime fans forever.

    1. Noah and Juila, All My Children

    The most widely popular interracial pairing to date has to go to Noah and Julia. This made both actors a star in the soap genre and warranted them several covers of the various magazines that were devoted to soaps at the time. Noah and Julia embodied the essence of a super couple and their tragic love story was one rough with one Shakespearean twist after another. Julia was a prostitute raped by Louie a drug dealer and Noah was the below the law run of the mill thug who came to her defense, which sparked an unusual love affair. Their love was even tested when a jealous Taylor (the black one) set Noah up for the murder of Louie in hopes he would run away with her and instead he escaped and ran away with Julia and they hitched boat ride to the Caribbean Islands to avoid capture. Eventually they were found and extradited back to the states and the truth later came out. Noah and Julia were given the last great lavish wedding in daytime equipped with horse drawn carriages in true super couple fashion.

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    The story of Jessica\Duncan was awesome. Fans did accept the pairing with little backlash. Both characters was on canvas protrayed by understanding actors and very well liked by all fans regardless of color. I thought was very interested at the time of the story was how Doug M. presented the story about Jessica’s parents was not thrilled with Jessica’s decision to date out of her race. The other side of the story was very unique at the time was Jessica being a successful attorney and having many white & black clients which she had dealt with to a degree of prejudice and Jessica caught in the middle and still trying to have a career. It wasn’t about family or friends after awhile but about prejudice in the work place. Jessica not only being black but a black woman in a successful male world. Jessica didn’t get a partnership in a firm because of the prejudice of interracial relationship underlying problem. They continued this about 10 yrs later when they aged Bonnie and the prejudices from being a children of interracial couple. I loved Jessica & Duncan.

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    I would have put Cruz and Eden on top of the list for many reasons. One of which is they had their own show for nearly 10 years. The minute they were gone the show sank. The second of which is that their relationship, although interacial was the first interacial couple never to adress their differences. It did not mostly occur to me that I was seeing a couple who were not of the same race. They were just Cruz and Eden even though Cruz’s ethicity was definately part of who he was. To treat this couple as a supercouple for all those years and to be as madly popular as they were was no small headway into accepting positive reactions to multiracial family. Thirdly and maybe subjective, but Cruz and Eden were the best couple any soap has ever produced of any color or ethnicity. Their chemistry was so off the charts, it still feels fresh on the small scenes I have watched on UTUBE.

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