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    From an earlier discussion I thought I would share my list of the top 5 plotlines that Days has overused.

    5. I’m your Daddy or Mommy.
    Days seems to have a long history of making new characters secretly related to core cast members. Since 2000 we have had too many situations (Brandon being Abe’s child, The Gemini Twins being Kate and Roman’s kid, Melanie being Daniel’s daughter and now Daniel being Maggie’s son as a few examples) in which an adult or teen learned that their parent was someone in Salem. And these characters are always driven by the lack of a real parent’s and that just gets old when it is used too much.

    4. Sami’s birth-o-matic
    It appears that Sami always has to sleep with someone willingly or unwilling and have a child. In-fact this was a general problem with daytime. Between AMC, OLTL, ATWT and GL. The core female characters had more kids then a farm family. So with Sami, I’m tired of her uterus being the supporting player every time she cheats on a man.

    3. The Black Gloved Villain
    How many times in the last decade was there this overused plot device of the black gloved villain causing mayhem in Salem? Too many times to count! It got old always seeing someone peering in on the Salemites through windows, from behind trees, on the pier, closets, and bedrooms and from the sides of buildings. Almost always these plots turned out to be a bust. The momentum going into it was good. But once the reveal was done it was downhill from there.

    2. Intel dual processor microchip
    One of Days worst obsessions was with the whole microchips in people’s brain and turning characters into Stefano’s pawns. I mean was Stefano was mobster or Kahn from Star Track? Plus it almost always brought out the worst acting in the characters whom were supposed to be under the chips spell. I hope I never see another chip on Days for as long as it last.

    1. When all else fails kidnap me!
    Billie was kidnapped, Hope has been kidnapped more times than the FBI can keep track of (she should have personal security by now), Lexie was kidnapped, Sami and EJ’s kids were kidnapped twice I believe, Marlana has been kidnapped, Stefano was kidnapped, Carly was kidnapped, Vivian was kidnapped, Kate was kidnapped and good writers were kidnapped by Dina Higley. It seemed that if they needed a plot device to stir up the ratings why not have someone kidnapped. There had to be more they could do then kidnap people. Lazy writing I tell you lazy writing and regurgitating plots. And as I write this I’m being kidnapped. So I’ll be spending the next 6 months trying to get out of a sound proof room with a fork.
    Add anything?

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    david, four out of the five things on your list are directly connected to having Stefano Dimera live in Salem. The writers keep regurgitating these plot devices partly because they need to create story for Stefano.

    I found it much more entertaining when he would pop up out of the blue and cause mischief for those self-righteous Bradys and occasionally the Hortons. He seems much less menacing now because he has been so over-used.

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    Days may have overused some of David’s plot points, but they have made for some good soap over the decade. Some of these are just soap staple that we have to accept. After all, Salem
    is home of talking to yourself, longing looks across the room, flashbacks, and the dirty deeds of Stefano, Victor, Vivian, Kate, Nicole, Quinn, etc., and we love Days for it.

    I personally would rather see Days embrace it’s campiness and not ignore it. I understand the new writers want to give us a brand new version that’s character driven, but I want to see more drama. Make Sami a bitch and let her help Abby seduce Austin! Show Stefano playing a more active role in the Horton mystery and give him his balls back. EJ and Chad can’t replace the true Dimera and neither can Kate. Besides, she would function so much better as a Kirakis anyway. I miss her and Victor. Also, give Marlena her status back as Salem’s heroine. Hope and Jennifer are cool for sideline stories, but Marlena deserves better.

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    There’s no such thing as overused plotlines. Days keeps coming back to them because they WORK. What I want from Days is basically the same characters and stories I loved in the 90s updated for 2011. So far, the writers are doing a good job of that (example: Will catching Sami and EJ = Sami catching Marlena and John). Clearly, Abby is en route to becoming the new psycho trying to break up Carrie and Austin. Now, they just need to reignite Stefano’s obsession with Marlena and have him kidnap her! If he kidnapped her and replaced her with lookalike Hattie Adams, I would be in heaven.


    Yes there is a such thing as an overused plotline. When you do the same “over-the-top story” almost every year then it is overused.

    When one soap has a murder mystery and then 3 months later 2 more soaps are having murder mysteries then it is overused.

    Every soap having doppelganger was an overuse of the plotline in the last 2 years. Y&R specifically having 3 storylines with in a year and half which involved doppelgangers was too much. The fact that Y&R at this point believes that every sweeps month period must have a some character going bat-s–t crazy is an overuse of a plotline.

    Heck Y&R had 75% of the cast having been in jail and been to court with 2 years. That was an overuse.

    Sure love, lies and deceit are soap stables. Yet when the same major plot devices are used again year after year then it constitutes as an overuse.

    Look at Passions for instance, where every 6 months someone was on their death bed in the hospital. That was an overuse. Riley also had almost every storyline all the time with the same makeup with a love triangle where one character was looney and the other two were in love trying to stay together.

    And GH had been the king of it during the last 5 years of Guza where someone had to get shot, stabbed or otherwise violently assaulted every 2 months.

    So there is a such thing and it can hurt your ratings.

    So good soap is when you watch characters grow and face new challenges and say 1 once a decade or at the least 5 to 7 years revisit a certain plotline.


    @SoapArmageddon: Yes I liked it too. I can’t stand them Brady’s. If you don’t bow down to them then you are enemy #1.

    What I like about Days now is that each character has a purpose in life. There is a focus on what they are trying to achieve and building the drama around that. Rather than for the sake of the plot the character must do this or that.

    It is compelling and thought provoking. This is what made soaps a hit back in the day. The 70’s was an era of theater-like soap which was driven by being socially conscious and Agnes Nixon laid the ground work for that.

    Bill Bell showed us how you could maintain character traits while growing them at the same time.

    They knew how to make a soap well-liked, popular and award winning. This is what the writers are working on now. They are staying away (per-their own words) from anything that we knew from JERK and Higley. And I for one am happy at the return to what Days was pre-90’s and under Bell.

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    No there isn’t, David. People watch soaps to feel comforted. And what better way to feel comforted than to enter a fictional world where nothing ever changes? Most people hate change, so it’s comforting to enter the “Days world” where we get to see our favourite characters in stories we know and love. I don’t want to see “new” or “different” stories. I watch Days for the nostalgia. It reminds me of how I felt as a kid watching the show growing up. If the stories changed too much, Days wouldn’t be “home” anymore and I’d stop watching.


    Most people don’t hate change. They love to see the characters grow and mature. One can still be bad or good and grown and mature. Again the best writers in daytime Anges and Bill proved this and rose their soaps to superior heights. Y&R use to be compared to a prime series due the fact that it didn’t do typical “soap things” all the time. Bill Bell wrote and matured his characters all the while keeping their personalities in tact. It was intelligent soap. Adult soap and it was #1 in the ratings. Take note.

    Dru for instance was once an illiterate thief. She later rose to become a ballet dancer and then a model. Later she became spokes model and finally an executive. While Dru matured and moved on to new things she never lost her spunk.

    And so the challenges in their careers, love lives and how the characters react to certain situations has been part of the draw for decades.

    Actors also tend to get bored when doing the same thing over and over again and is one of the reasons why they often leave their soaps.

    So at some point Sami getting left at the alter becomes uninteresting, because after you’ve seen it for the 17th time you’ll find fans start to wish they would do something else. And due to the downturn in daytime ratings, repeating the same plot-devices over and over again has not made fans feel comfortable.

    So it’s not about change it is about growth. You have to study the greats to understand this. Agnes has not earned the title of the most influential player in daytime history for nothing. And Days took a cue from that book. And that is why the ratings are on the rise.

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    I am absolutely loving Days right now. Love the overused plot list. From the misscarriage that became Chelsea Brady to Melanie who is the 21st century John Black, days has used up its quotient of who’s your daddy (mommy) stories. And if Stefano, Kate or Sami produce any more children….

    And I never will get over the most kidnapped person in history teaching a Brownie troup self defense training this last summer. Hope really? You know how NOT to be kidnapped?

    I have one more for you for the over used list. Trading bed partners. There has been this string of bedchangers Belle/Phillip/Mimi/Shawn/Chloe/Melanie/Daniel/Brady/Nicole/EJ/Sami/Rafe/Austin/Carrie/Lucas multiangled mess. Then there was the Billie/Bo/Hope/Patrick thing. Then there was the John/Marlena/Kate/Roman thing. All these people just kept switching up with eachother and it was kinda gross. Hope and Patrick making out in the same room as Billie and Bo in front of each other was just nasty.
    Belle and Phillip and Mimi and Shawn living across the way from eachother and just trading partners back and forth was silly.
    Marlena getting pregnant by Roman while they were in their late 50s while Kate and John were living it up in Salem….. Crazy practically threw up in my mouth a little there lol.
    I am so glad that the writers are coming up with fresh new material that is relevant for today. Such as politics, financial instability, finding out about ones loved ones past, coming out of the closet, some very nice things. I am very encouraged by the show since the reboot.
    Yesterday, when Bo and Hope were unwrapping the Horton christmas balls and talking about Zack and Alice was soooo great. Just the fact that loved ones are remembered such as Belle and Shawn.People having conversations with people outside their tiny circle such as Marlena’s conversation with Nicole. Will and his long repressed issues with Sami coming to a surface. So many good things that are worth my time and energy to follow. I am ALL for a revolution in what soaps are today and how to make them relevant for todays audience and I believe that what is being produced on air at Days is definately a step in the right direction.


    @marknsprmo: You are so spot on. Days is resembling a actual Nixon/Bell like soap. You go to watch the show online even through youtube and you see the fans just having good debates about the actual storylines and not about who is sleeping with who. I just saw the ratings on Soap Opera Network. In the key demo’s Days is up.

    Women 18-49 Viewers
    1. Y&R 879,000 (-24,000/-168,000)
    2. DAYS 703,000 (+109,000/+11,000)
    3. OLTL 683,000 (+15,000/+58,000)
    4. GH 616,000 (-19,000/-105,000)
    5. B&B 559,000 (-89,000/-52,000)

    Women 18-49 Rating
    1. Y&R 1.4/9 (same/-.2)
    2. DAYS 1.1/7 (+.2/+.1)
    2. OLTL 1.1/7 (+.1/+.2)
    4. GH 1.0/6 (same/-.1)
    5. B&B 0.9/5 (-.1/same)

    And there was no levitation nor any killing sprees needed. They just got back to basics and have drawn in an audience. Brought back the fans. Now that is great.

    Days is smart, intelligent and has mature storylines. So the praise has all been worth it.

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