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    5. Elizabeth “Liz” Sanbourne, Passions

    Now if there was ever a villainous character I connected with in daytime then Liz (Amelia Marshall) was the one. She is the first truly villainous African American character I can remember in the history of daytime. Yes,there was Doreen (Generations), Virginia (Sunset Beach), and even Taylor (All My Children), but this one was the one who got the most storyline and seemed to pop off the TV the most for me. Liz came to Harmony with intentions on destroying her sister Eve’s life because of childhood abandonment issues and because she felt that Eve wasn’t there for her when she was being sexually abused by their father. Liz had the ammo that her sister’s husband and children never knew: That Eve was once a drunk, a drug addict, and a whore. But the biggest secret of all was that Eve and once dated TC, Eve’s husbands’ nemesis Julian and had a baby with him that Eve believed was dead. Liz tortured Eve for 3 long years before all the secrets came out. It was later revealed that Liz was behind the multiple attempts to kill Julian and she was the one who shot Alistair as well.

    4. Janet Green, AMC

    Janet (criteria Kate Collins) was the first real villainous I loved to hate on daytime. She stormed into Pine Valley as Natalie’s overweight and underprivileged sister, who was envious of Natalie’s life. She would go on to kidnap Natalie and keep her held captive in a well while she took over Natalie’s life. Janet as Natalie married Trevor and became pregnant with his child. Harold the dog was the first person to figure out that “Natalie” was really Janet. Eventually Janet was caught and tried in court. I found that the most iconic scene was when she announced to a stunned court room that she was pregnant with Trevor’s child.

    3. Alex Olanov, OLTL

    Alex (Tonja Walker) first came to town as an FAB agent and eventually fell in love with Bo, hoping that Bo would return her feelings. But instead, Bo fell in love with Cassie Callison. Alex’s behavior became more and more erratic and eventually she even kidnapped Cassie and tried to drown her in a lake in an effort to get Bo for herself. The drowning was the most iconic. In the end Alex was arrested and taken to Mountain View Clinic. Alex was a nut.

    2. Barbara Ryan, ATWT

    Barbara (Colleen Zenk Pinter) was the mother obsessed with controlling her children’s lives. Paul seemed to be her first biggest obsession. She not only destroyed his relationship with Rose and made forced him to leave town temporarily, but upon his return forced him to have to protect his siblings and Barbara’s other children Will and Jennifer from her. Yes Barbara went on to mentally warp her youngest son Will in a tug of war game with Paul. When Will was put in the mental institution for arson she attempted to break him out at gun point. She even jumped out of a courtroom window to escape charges in a crime she said she was set up for by James Steinbeck her menacing and ever-haunting ex-husband. And trust me I am only giving you a taste of the atrocious acts she has done over the years. The most Iconic scene for me was seeing her try to break Will out of the mental institution. Barbara is still in Oakdale and has since become a more subdued woman to date.

    1. Shelia Carter, Y&R / B&B

    And the grand Dame of all soap villainous women is Shelia (Kimberlin Brown). Shelia first appeared in Genoa City in 1990 as a nurse working at Memorial.Since the first moment she laid eyes on Dr. Scott Grainger, Shelia has been terrorizing Lauren Fenmore! After drugging Scott, Lauren’s husband, he and Shelia had sex and she became pregnant. Scott divorced Lauren out of obligation, and then found out that Lauren was pregnant too! Unbeknownst to anyone, Shelia had a miscarriage, but was determined to still have Scott’s child. Shelia then bought a child on the black market and switched it with Lauren’s baby! Lauren’s baby,Dillon, ended up dying of meningitis and Shelia went on to raise Lauren’s real child Scotty! After Shelia’s mother threatened to tell Lauren the truth, Shelia kidnapped Lauren and held her and her mother in a cabin. When the truth finally came out, Shelia tried to kill Lauren, but in the end Lauren and Scott were reunited with their child, leaving everyone to believe that Shelia had died in a fire. Yes she did all that! And let me tell you I loved every minute of it.

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    I would add GL’s Annie Dutton to the list, but only when she was played by Cynthia Watros. Signy Coleman tried her best, but when Cynthia left, my love for the character left right along with her.

    But you are absolutely right with your #1 choice. Sheila is the BADDEST BITCH to ever hit CBS Daytime. Kimberlin Brown’s powerful portrayal is unparalleled.

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    OMG, I can’t believe I forgot about Kristen Blake. Thanks for reminding me, A-Crane!! She DEFINITELY belongs on the list! What in Hades was I thinking? :D

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    1. Kristen Blake, Days of Our Lives
    Kristen was one of those delicately-balanced villainesses who was pure evil but at the same time extremely entertaining. Kristen did some horrible things to keep John and Marlena apart, like hiding John’s love letter to Marlena (Kristen reading that letter was the moment where she snapped and became a villainess) to faking her pregnancy. But in my opinion Kristen was at her most evil when she tried to take little Elvis away from Susan. Kristen forced Susan into hiding, setting off a chain of events that led to Kristen’s imprisonment in the dungeon of a Caribbean fortress.

    2. Beth Wallace, Passions
    Beth, like Kristen, was a good girl gone bad. After being a good girl/best friend for years, Beth finally snapped because of Luis’ love for Sheridan. But like any good villainess, she kept her true colours hidden and managed to pull off successful scheme after successful scheme. Beth even passed Sheridan’s baby Marty off as her own for almost two years! Because of Beth’s wicked, diaper-wearing mother Edna, you couldn’t help but feel sorry for Beth.

    3. Sami Brady, Days of Our Lives
    Sami was an overweight teen jealous of her insanely pretty, confident older sister Carrie, and she did some horribly evil things to wreck Carrie’s life. Because her schemes were always so successful, the payoff was that much greater when Sami was finally exposed (first when Kate blew her out of the water for raping Austin, and most importantly when Carrie revealed Will’s true paternity and got Austin back for good).

    4. Gwen Hotchkiss, Passions
    Gwen was the typical high society, spoiled-rotten, two-faced bitch that you can only hate. Everyone knows this type of girl. Thus, Gwen was the perfect foil for underdog/housekeeper’s daughter Theresa. Gwen just couldn’t stand that her boyfriend Ethan could possibly fall in love with a member of a “lower class” and it drove her crazy. Gwen did terrible, horrible things to keep Theresa and Ethan apart, not because she loved Ethan, but because she couldn’t stand losing to “Tacocita”. Gwen’s vicious lies kept Theresa and Ethan apart until Passions’ very last episode. [NOTE: The Gnatalie Zea years do not, I repeat, do not count! Her Gwen was about as exciting as a doormat.]

    5. Sheila Carter, The Young and the Restless
    What can I say about Sheila that hasn’t already been said? The fact that she stole a baby made her one of the most terrifying and threatening figures of my childhood.

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    This is kind of a tough call. I agree Shelia Carter was a great villain in the beginning, but they kind of ruined her after the 393939 return. Does that still count? She use to be scary, but she became a joke towards the end. I hated Sheila on Y&R, but I LOVED her on B&B (strange).

    I completely agree about Kristen Blake. ED was wonderful.

    Does Dorian Lord count as a villain?

    What about Patty Williams?

    Gwen was an AWFUL villain. Ugghh…couldn’t stand her and how she recaped during half the show.

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    5. Taylor Benson, AW, this had 2 stories inter-connecting at the same time, Sharly-Sharlene’ DID and Taylor was obessed with John and trying to destroy Sharlene. For pete’s sake she was Sharlene’s thearpist! The actress that played Taylor was wonderful.

    4. Vanessa Prientiss, Y&R the brilliance of Bill Bell. How he would fully intergrate characters with set up, story and drama. Vanessa was on canvas for over 2 yrs and the set up story was for Laurie & Lance. How her face was scarred and the vale was excellent and how she framed Laurie for murder was Y&R at its best.

    3. Tie-Sheila Carter, Y&R again Bill knowing how to set up story again and fully using Sheila in the beginning and before anything happening on our screens, the fans got a sense about Sheila for 2 yrs. Let the audience know something was amiss about Ms. Carter. The story was for the fab TB and Lauren. After other writers got hold of Sheila made her cartoon character didn’t even want her on my tv. 2nd- Lilth, ATWT Doug Marland creating a wickedly fun character as Lilth. Not sure who the actress was but she was just brilliant. It was centered around Duncan & Shannon, with an eerie, gothic, supernatural flavoring mixed in the story. Duncan’s castle, voodoo, and head shrinking. It was just the right blend, not so over the top but fun, with fan favorite couple it was an entertaining story that made fans wanting even more.

    2. Dinah Marler, GL, with WM in the part, hell had no fury like a scorned Dinah. Dinah had everything in a good story, turmoil, deep seed resentment, longing to be loved, which made Dinah react to any sitution rather it was revenge or love Dinah went after it hard and take no prisoners.

    1. Annie Dutton, GL, CW’s Annie had everything, hurt, pain, drug addiction, miscarriage and someone would pay. CW gave Annie so much depth of emotions, from men that wronged her, to her grief of the miscarriage, and of course her biggest pain in the ass Dead Reva reemerging to take Joshua back, and for a rival it didn’t get better then Annie & Reva. Annie & Dinah was very good friends at one point and when CW & WM shared the screen it was magical.

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    Female villian…or just plain Bitch… there can be a difference!


    1. Helena Cassadine GH
    2. Sheila Carter Y&R and B&B
    3. Annie Dutton – GL (as played by Cynthia Watros)
    4. Carmen Santos – GL
    5. Vivian Alamain – DAYS

    Top Bitch

    1. Stephanie Forrester B&B
    2. Phylis Newman Y&R\
    3. Sami Brady DAYS
    4. Dorian Lord OLTO
    5. Lucinda Walsh ATWT

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