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    I’ve compiled a list of my top ten favourite soap couples of the decade.  I mostly watched Passions and Days this decade, so the thread’s going in this forum. As for my list, I’m trying to focus on couples that got together this decade, but of course there may be some cross over.

    1) Theresa and Ethan, PASSIONS
    Everything a supercouple is: passionate, star-crossed, melodramatic, tortured, epic. It took nine glorious years, but Theresa and Ethan finally married in Passions’ series finale, culminating almost a decade of date rape, miscarriages, stolen embryos, catfights, marriages to evil spouses (Gwen, Alistair), and so on. Theresa and Ethan had some great moments, like Theresa’s prom boat confession of love, Ethan dumping Gwen the night before their wedding and Gwen coming after Theresa with a baseball bat, Ethan proposing to Theresa at midnight mass, the hot summer in LA, getting to be happy in 2007 for a bit when Gwen left town, and finally Gwen getting her comeuppance and Theresa and Ethan marrying. Lindsay Hartley had chemistry with both Ethans (Travis Schuldt and Eric Martsolf), and kudos to Eric for seamlessly stepping into the role and keeping the couple alive.

    2) Philip and Chloe, DAYS
    Ghoul Girl and the billionaire’s son. Jay Johnson and Nadia Bjorlin had wicked chemistry and really sold this couple to me. I was never really into Shawn and Belle, but I loved the grit and angst felt by Philip and Chloe. Memorable moments: Philip gets chicken blood poured on his head at the Last Blast Dance, their almost-sex in the barn, and Philip shunning the in crowd to be with Chloe.

    3) Sheridan and Luis, PASSIONS
    Another epic James E. Reilly supercouple. These two were tortured for centuries and STILL didn’t get to be together in the end! That was unfortunate, but their struggle to get together was worth watching. Sheridan buried alive is a classic, as is Sheridan appearing to Luis at the church after being pronounced dead. Loved their reunion after she was presumed dead in the boat explosion and again when Antonio was thought dead. Hell, I even loved sneaky Sheridan who schemed to break up Luis and Fancy!

    4) Carrie and Austin, DAYS
    One of the most popular couples of the 90s, Carrie and Austin were broken up in 1999 when Christie Clark and Roark Critchlow (Mike) chose to leave at the same time. Fortunately, Jim Reilly brought Carrie and Austin back and righted that mistake. Christie Clark and Austin Peck showed that they still had great chemistry. Maybe I was the only one, but I loved the Carrie/Austin/Sami/Lucas quad, Part 2. The only thing Hogan Sheffer did right during his stint at Days was marrying Carrie and Austin. 

    5) Sami and Lucas, DAYS
    They flirted with romance in the 90s, but Sami and Lucas didn’t make it official until the Salem Stalker turned their lives upside down. Two peas in a pod, Sami and Lucas belong together, and Sweeney and Datillo work so well together. Still waiting for that reunion, Days.

    6) Charity and Miguel, PASSIONS
    Another Passions couple that didn’t get together in the end! That being said, I was a fan of their star-crossed romance from the start: If Charity lost her virginity to Miguel, she’d come into her full powers of goodness and destroy all evil in Harmony. How’s that for a reason for Tabby to keep them apart? Charity and Miguel may have been too much of a sugar shock for some people, but I loved their cute, sweet romance.

    7) Tabitha and Timmy, PASSIONS
    Not a traditional romantic couple, but a couple none the less. Juliet Mills and Josh Ryan Evans worked great as a comedic duo/mother-son/best friends combo. There is no moment sadder or more beautiful than when Tabitha listened to Timmy’s heart beating inside her mortal enemy Charity’s chest. Still tears.

    8) John and Marlena, DAYS
    The 2000s were not nearly as epic for John and Marlena as the 90s, but they had some great moments. Marlena’s fantasy of murdering John when she was the Stalker is a wonderful example of Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn’s chemistry and abilities. When John returned in 2008 with amnesia and a new personality, it was a chance for John and Marlena to fall in love all over again without a third party like Kristen or Roman in the picture. Even though they are gone, John and Marlena are far from forgotten.

    9) Sam and Grace, PASSIONS
    Yep, another Passions couple that didn’t reunite in the end. I loved Sam and Grace’s classic relationship. They are the quintessential married soap couple. What can I say, I like sweet characters like Grace and Charity more than meanies like Ivy and Kay. Grace had a lot of potential, what with her amnesia and powers, plus she and Sam were quite realistic as a married couple. They were pretty hot together too. Miss ‘em.

    10) Fox and Kay, PASSIONS
    Both were bad seeds, black sheep in their respective families. This romance reinvigorated both Fox and Kay, who were being wasted on the backburner with no real romance to speak of. Justin Hartley and Heidi Mueller had a nice spark, and Mueller really showcased why she was the best Kay during her romance with Fox. Mark Wystrych was also good in the role and managed to keep me lovin’ the couple. Putting Craney Fox in Kay’s supernatural orbit was a great move.

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    Really good list!

    I miss the Passions couples so much, but we just have to move on i guess.

    Thanks for sharing :)

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