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    I was looking through TV Guide Canada’s best/worst of 2009.  I know this topic will lead to a lot of discussion.

    Do you agree with TV Guide Canada that OLTL was the best soap of 2009?

    Here are my thoughts.  My favorite soap of 2009 is Y&R.  I only watched Y&R for the whole year.  I am currently back to watching three soaps Y&R, B&B, and OLTL.  Currently I am enjoying OLTL the best out of the three, but since I didn’t view it for the entire year I can’t say it’s my best soap.  I did enjoy Y&R for the first 9 months of the year.  Here lately it’s been very hard to sit through but it is what it is.

    What’s your favorite soap of 2009?

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    I think OLTL is definitely worthy of Best Soap for 2009. I do think that it was a bit rocky during the first of the year with the whole Stacy focus, but, all-in-all, I think it really rocked.

    I’m a Y&R watcher, but only since around April of this year, and I think the show is great.

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    This is a hard question because I think both Y&R and OLTL had great years. It’s obviously a subjective question. While I think OLTL is great and fun to watch, there are others who have a negative opinion about it. There were times in the year where I would enjoy one soap over the other. Like now I prefer OLTL over Y&R. If I were making the list I probably would have had a tie between the two. I know, very democratic of me. Actually, I would throw DOOL into the mix as well.

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    Yes, I do! I watch BnB, ATWT, OLTL, GH and AMC but keep up with the spoilers on YnR.  BnB is making me nuts with this FC catastrophy and that they are screwing us for X-Mas once again. ATWT is rocking and GH is what I watch on the weekends when I am all caught up on the other shows. AMC is the most maddening of them all so far, still… I just can’t turn my back on it completely. BUT OLTL is my absolute favorite. I also wasn’t thrilled with the Stacy intro, she really needs to go, but now that she was so stupid as to try and deal with the devil on earth, I am sooooo loving the wait for her final demise! Love Tea, Todd, Blair, Ross (too bad they made him into a sociopath– loved his James Bond epis!) and naturally Viki, Dorian, Schyler, the Evans Family, you name it… I am sooo loving this show.

    If I were to have a choice, I would say that ATWT and OLTL are the winners, but if I can only choose one… it is OLTL all the way.

    Thanks for the thread Smitty, can’t speak about this show enough!

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    OLTL all the way!  I love Kim!  Team Dani and Destiny!  I love the diversity of the show and we get to see ALL of the characters and not just three or four. 

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    I agree!!  OLTL is the best – not perfect, but then no soap will be perfect.  OLTL is as close to perfection as we can get right now!!

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    Even though I don’t watch ABC soaps much anymore. I subscribe to clips;  I will say I have a deep respect for OLTL headwriter Ron Carlivati when I did watch this show his love of the genre shines through and the best part re: this man is "he likes women"   based on what I’ve seen and this writer I would say yes OLTL deserves it.

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    Out of the US soaps yes One life to live was the best, but like others said the ‘best’ doesn’t really mean much when you are comparing it to the other shows.

    I think each of the US soaps had their down points this year, and they all had major issues, but One Life was able to make better ‘comebacks’ then the other shows (imo).

    Anyways my ‘BEST’ soap for 2010 is a tie between the two Australian soaps Home and Away and Neighbours, those two were just pure amazingness lol.

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    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I like Neighbors… just don’t get  to see it enough over here in Germany. Johanathon… I like your style! OLTL is the best soap on US tv and I am sooooooooooooooooooo there to keep it on top! Even with low ratings… truth be told it is all in the writing, the chemistry of the ensemble and the Production model.. which OLTL has kept all in budget!

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    I agree, I also watch Y&R and I think 2009 was a terrible year for the show. It was much too dark and crazy, IMO.

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    OH,  LOOK OUT!  Sasha Fierce in the house now!

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