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    Victoria Rowell tells an inspirational story of the The Rowell Foster Children’s Positive Plan and her life.

    and oh wow her fight really did work

    and a classic scene Dru vs Nikki

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    You are absolutely on the money with your comments. Now you know why she’s my favorite soap actress of all time. Y&R lost a HUGE chunk of its personality and heart the day that Drucilla fell off that cliff, and they will NEVER truly get it back until she returns. She’s also one of the FEW characters on Y&R who won nearly EVERY argument that she ever engaged in. I don’t think there was ever a person in Genoa City, with the exception of Mamie and OCCASIONALLY Neil, who could get the best of Drucilla during a verbal sparring session. Maria is clearly TOO stupid to see what a gem Vicki is and what a valuable asset she is to the show, much less write her a decent story, so I don’t want to see Victoria/Drucilla return until CBS gets rid of this non-writing heifer and hires someone who knows what the hell he or she is doing.


    It is important to know that lost the best actress they had. She produced something so authentic and so good that no other female on Y&R could do it. But yes she would want to be back under this regime.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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