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    Oh My I hope everyone Joins me in this. What a spectacular time to be a soap fan. There is soooo much movement in the industry. Fans and cast alike lining up to try to save two cancelled shows, guest star appearances by former cast members, sad final farewells from favorites. Upheavals behind the scenes and on camera by the other shows answering the call to pick it up. A few months ago there was this cloud over the whole industry. There was no money, people were grumbling at the quality of what was hitting the air. This ship was quietly sinking. Now there are breathtaking responces by the minute in the press. New people coming aboard to try to turn the ship around, fan favorites coming back to their roots. Writers that WANT to be doing their job. Grass roots movements standing in front of the ABC building testifying to the fact that America is NOT done with soap opera.
    One wants to check the news updates to find out whats happening next. If even a little bit of this renewal gets on the screen, I have no doubt that this could turn the entire genre back around.
    In the last few days we have had Genie Francis return, we have Deidre Hall, Drake Hogenstyn, and Matt Ashford returning, we have Ed Scott back on the scene, we have two new writing teams promising us something completely new and different than what we have been getting, we are pruning casts and making room for new growth. And Agnes Nixon joining back in helping to either save or atleast have AMC go out with a bang. We see the talented OLTL people and it’s audience attentively climb in the ratings to the point that it HAS to have ABC execs questioning itself atleast privately. Number three in ratings for a month has to mean something…..
    Yes there is alot of sorrow but there is something happening. I can feel it. A new energy that is growing. This may NOT be the end but rather a new begining. Like a star exploding and sending its elements out into the universe seeding new worlds and new stars.
    Everyone who watches OLTL and AMC please believe that I am not happy for you but please enjoy the shows that you watch and hopefully they will be a send off of hope and a sense of closure. In the mean time the 4 shows that are left have an obligations to the fans of daytime to give us the best of what you have to give. And to keep up this new energy that is floating around.

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    I must disagree with you. Although I respect and admire your optimism, I think its a DREADFUL time to be a soap opera enthusiast. Aside from the fact that all my soaps are dropping like flies, most soaps appear to be creatively bankrupt, hanging onto CRAP that doesn’t work for dear life. Not to mention all these POINTLESS new characters that they all insist on bringing on, shuffling the veterans that most of us have loved to the backburner in the process.

    I yearn for the days of the 90s when there were 11 soaps on the air. Lotsa choices, lotsa powerhouse actors, lotsa MAGNIFICENT teen and early 20-something actors (Heather Tom, Sarah Brown, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Melissa Hayden, among others……) and the LEGENDS, Agnes Nixon and Bill Bell Sr., still had GREAT pull and creative control over the directions of their shows.

    Now that the HACKS have seemingly taken over, there seems to be nowhere to go but DOWNHILL fast!!

    But I still admire your positive thinking. Wish it were contagious. ;) ;)

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    Alstonboy it is perfectly allright to dissagree with me as long as you don’t call me evil and vile names LOL! I am not thinking that this is the greatest moment in daytime history but it seems to be a historical landmark anyway. I agree that I would much rather have my 11 soaps back and all those luscious writers (I wish that I could really say there were 11 great head writers though). I still miss Santa Barbara and Another World (among other shows). And it is a travesty that GL and ATWT is no longer on the air. But what I meant is that there feels like a renewal of fight in the air. NOONE is taking this lying down. Not the viewer, not the actors and not the producers and writers. Ken Corday is over there firing everyone but himself (not to say that I want him to fire himself, I actually love Ken, despite all his faults, I believe he loves Days), we have Robin Strasser and Louise Sorel leaking information to the press like a sieve, we have Anges Nixon back in the saddle, we have marchers protesting ABC, we have product boycotting and we have HEADLINES and comicstrips bemoaning our situation. There is no bad press. Only NO press is bad press. We also have tv stars that started on these shows offering to do small appearances that would get those shows more press. OLTL is doing well in the nielsons and showing up execs desicion to cancel it.
    THERE IS ENERGY out there. And EVEN if NOTHING happens, it is still very exciting to watch. Like going to a rally of sorts. Believe me noone made this kind of fuss when all my soaps got canceled.


    What is happening to daytime soaps is what happened when they transitioned from the radio to TV. Only 1 soap Guiding Light made the jaunt. Soaps are going to be on the web. Maybe 1 of the remaining soaps will figure out a way to get in on it. But the web soaps are going to be where you are going to get your dose of drama.

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