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    The upcoming returns of Lucas Horton, Billie Reed, and Celeste Perrault got me thinking about what characters I’d like to see return to Salem. I actually think the canvas is pretty full right now, so I’m not that eager for them to add anyone else to the cast. But I would like a visit from Carrie’s fugitive mom Anna (I adore Leann Hunly) and I’m very curious about Kimberly and Shane Donovan’s family but I really can’t think of anyone else.

    Ignore everything I just said. I would love for Eileen Davidson’s Kristen to come back. But I don’t want to see the other seventeen characters she played, except for Susan.

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    Why have Leann Hunley and Christie Clark never shared scenes together on the show? That’s just criminally ridiculous. The writers need to remedy that ASAP!


    Brandon Walker as played by Matt Cendeo. It would have been lovely to have seen him go up against James Scott as E.J. because Brandon was not afraid of no one.

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    Steven Olsen. He was last played by Steven Schnetzer(Cass Wintrop of Another World, Guiding LIght and As the World Turns). He is Julie and Hope’s brother and has never been a good guy. He has lived in Europe most of his life and I would bet 20 dollars he has worked for Stefano before. He could also be the connection between Kate,Anna, Liz Chandler and the Dimeras since someone from Salem surely introduced them to him. I picture that Steven was Tony’s roomate at school and was introduced to Stefano that way.

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    Lark Voorhies as Wendy Reardon so we can finally find out
    the big mystery about her baby from back in the day….

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    I have a long time NBCer from the day and he’s been screaming in my ear since he returned watching Days back in September is Tony & Anna. He’s a huge fan of those two, and said Days could figure out a way to make Tony “undead” because Tony adds another element to the diverse family dynamic the DiMera family. Count Antony “Tony” DiMera is opposite of EJ, more like Lexie he said and is Stefano’s original child and been on canvas since ’81. Shawn could tell you some history going back to Tony & Liz? I think that’s her name and if mistaken sorry. He wants to see Tony & Anna, hit town with Carrie being back and Shawn’s been saying since he returned is Days should actually make “Chad” Tony’s son and an adult grandchild of Stefano which could be interesting. How Shawn described Tony and watching the YT clips of Tony & Anna, I would have to agreed with Shawn. I would had most likely enjoyed this couple very much because of the actors. Thaao Penghlis, I know his work from other projects and he’s a hellva’ of actor and would be so nice to see this on canvas.

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    Steven Olsen sounds very interesting, a Horton who stole and smuggled cocaine. There aren’t very many of those. :)

    And having been an Another World fan, I would welcome the chance to see Stephen Schnetzer in action again.

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    Steve and Kayla Johnson
    Shane and Kim Donovan

    I know this one isn’t possible but it would be so great if Jo Johnson played by the late Joy Garrett could come back. She was always so great and REAL. Joy was wonderful.

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    Jo Johnson was such a sweet, long-suffering character. Steve and Adrienne’s father was really a monstruos bastard, wasn’t he?

    I’ve always thought Michael Learned would make a great Jo Johnson. She gives off that same warm, caring vibe that Joy had. (And she’s already played Stephen Nichols mom on Y&R.) :)

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    Yes, Duke Johnson was the beast. ;)

    Jo as played by Joy was just the best. I used to love when she would call Steve or Jack “Son” & she was in love with Dr. Neil Curtis but he never picked up on it. I always wished they’d gotten together.

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    Chloe with the one and only Nadia in the role,Philip with Jay in the role,Shawn,Belle,Craig and Nancy

    I want the real Chloe back to kick some ass,to give some well earned payback to Daniel,Quinn and Kate for everything they did to her,…And I want her back with her baby.

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