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    Todays characters Maggie, Melanie, Daniel, Victor, Kate, Gabi, Chad, Sonny, Will, Dustin, Sonny’s other friend, Bo, Hope, Stefano, Abigail, Madison, Quinn, Brady.

    Before I start with the recap, I just wanna say that I could have gone through the tv and choked Bo and Hope today! You will find out why in a minute lol.

    My goodness, today was a busy day for the folk in Salem.
    The show started with a series of short scenes that told us mostly what we would be seeing today. The first scene was (again in the lobby of intensity) where Brady and Quinn were kickboxing in some long board shorts and bare chests. Those boys are serious about working out! Muscles gallore but Quinn is much larger built than Brady. He has a chest for days….
    They are getting pretty hot and heavy into it when Quinn calls time. he confronts Brady with some hostility that he was feeling. Brady admits he still harbors some anger about his role in Chloe’s situation last summer ( you know when she was a hooker and Quinn was her pimp. Brady ommits that part where he was the drug king in Salem for a while. Well like he eventually says more or less, “nobody is perfect!”). Quinn assures Brady that he is trying to be a new man. He has been seeing Marlena to help him change. Brady accepts this as a sign that Quinn is different now.

    Kate is trying to talk Chad into modeling for her with Gabi and makes it clear that they are a team. She won’t need Gabi, if there is no Chad. He does not want to work for the Dimera’s he chims in. She claims that he works for her only not Stefano. After talking to Gabi about her pov, he changes his mind and decides to let them photograph them. Gabi has felt unpretty because of the fact that Will was turned off by her. Apparently Chad has no problem with that. He finds her very pretty inside and out (apparently he is able to not notice that she is pretty manipultive and generally gets her way.)

    The boys in the band ( I mean Sonny, Chad, New potential interest for Sonny, and a fourth character whose name I didn;t get.) are hanging out at the bar. Will the boys were talking about different stuff and one mentioned a new bar Unicorn Highway (my guess is that this is not for bears and leather guys). They said that Will would love it. It’s the towns newest gay bar. Sonny mentions to Will that he likes one of the boys Dustin, and maybe Will could put in a good word for him. The conversation turned to coming out tales. Dustin talked about how he took his family out for pizza so they couldn’t make a scene. All his mom said was “Duh. I knew you were gay when you were like 5.” Sonny said his folks were great about the whole thing.
    Dustin asks Will how his coming out went. Will didn’t exactly know how to respond and Sonny covered for him by changing the subject. Later on Sonny apologized for his friends assumption and Will waved it off. Later alone, Will was at Sami’s apartment and looked into a mirror of a minute and then spat at his own face in the mirror.

    Madison offers Abigail a job at Madworld but says she has more in mind than just an intern job. She would tell her more later. Abbie went off to make alot of phone calls and Brady pops up to hang with Madison. They talk for a few then Madison wants to tell Brady she has been hiding something. She tells him that Sami still works for her and is a mole at Countess W.
    Brady just about flips his lid! Don’t you know what you have done? Kate and Sami go way back. She says yeah Kate used to be her mother in law. In an excellent use of show history Brady says yeah and onetime Kate set her up on murder chargers. Stunned Madison said she didn’t know. And since Madworld is owned by the Kiriakis family and The Dimeras own Countess W, that puts them on opposite sides again. The last time that happened people nearly got killed! With real bullets. Again Madison admits she did not know these things. How could she she has only been in town for 3 months! She says she is sorry and admits she shouldn’t have kept this secret. She hopes that Brady isn’t too mad at her. He mentions she seems to really be after Kate and Madison is vague about why but says they once had a run in that she doubts that Kate remembers.

    Daniel is saying aloha at the Kiriakis mansion today. Maggie and Mel are still in tears. Vic is trying to stay cool. Suddenly Jennifer pops in and realizes that Daniel is leaving. He says he’s starting out in Aulstralia (surfing).Mel wants a pic of Daniel in his boardshorts (can that be appropriate behavior for a daughter? I must say though I want that pic too! That boy has a chest and 8 pack with that chest hair that just doesn’t stop!) Jen says same as Jack? (did I miss something? Jack is in Aulstralia?) Daniel says he doesn’t really think Jack is leaving. (I smell a story here lol). Vic wants to talk to Daniel before he leaves. They talk about how close they are and that Daniel feels like this is home to him. Daniel tears up (as usual. he is such a girl lol!) They are talking about Maggie being Daniels mother and how short of a time they had together. Victor says that he “knew”. Then passed it off as he knew that Maggie would be uset, however from the context of the dialog it was apparent that Victor knew something previously about Maggie/Daniel being mother and son. (perhaps he is the boys father as well!) Everyone comes back into the living room and Daniel hugs his mom and daughter and swears to Mel he will return sometime. Hey says I love you (really to Jen) then adds the word all. Hugging everyone but Jen he walks to the door. Jen soon follows and lays a lip lock on him and tells him to come home soon!

    It was such a good day and so many things went well and the pacing was good and Bo and Hope had cornered Stefano and taken him to the bank to open that stupid lockbox with his and Alice’s key. Stefano is posturing, Hope is having doubts that she wants to know what’s inside. Bo finally steps in and says we can do this another time because Hope is not ready for this! (UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!) I could have shot him! I swear if I could have gotten through the tv screen (and had a gun to use) Bo Brady would have been gone! NO! Hope might not be ready for what is in that box but I AM! (Ok I will admit this is kinda good soap that they take you right to the edge then make you wait. BUt damn that is frustrating. They better not do it many more times!) So everyone takes their keys and goes home with Bo and Hope declaring they might come back and want to do it again and Stefano better cooperate! I liked this part of the story because Bo and Hope finally tricked Stefano and actually did good detective work. Then they didn’t finish the job! UHHHHGGGGG again (still frustrated lol)!


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    I loved the episode but the way it ended was all kinds of wrong IMO.

    First, it just highlighted one of the problems I’ve always had with Hope. Is she a strong career woman or the eternal damsel in distress? You spend all this time going after that secret and NOW you’re going to get the vapors? That’s just silly.

    Second, no good police officer is going to leave a mystery unsolved at this crucial point. And if you have something that might reveal the secrets of your beloved grandmother, why would you not be in a hurry to find out what it is?

    I guess we won’t know until February sweeps. Damn you, writers! :)


    @SoapArmageddon: I love to hate Hope and she is not supposed to be the villain. I just don’t like them damsel in distress. lol.

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    LOL half cop/half victum. One must admit that this is a unique character. Maybe someday she can get into trouble and save herself!!!
    It does get old though that a “cop” has to be rescued so often. Surely she has seen so much on the force by now that whatever was in that box could have been handled easily. It isn’t like Alice was a mobster or anything. The secret is obviously a love child of someone in her family with someone in the Dimera family. Someone who if known, would maybe break up their marriage or cause alot of trouble for. I am going with Doug having a baby with some Dimera woman. The reason I pick Doug is that he is in a stable but previously troubled marriage and Hope would be directly affected by it because this person would be her sibling.


    What if Hope was a Dimera? That would be shocking. Because if you look at the history they changed her birth-date when they cast Kirstin Alfonse from 1974 to 1965. It was to make up for the SORAS’ing of the character. This could be a game changer.

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    I am loving your recaps, but umm, do you live by a different calendar than the one we use in the US? We are still in January, but your last two have been dated 2/##/12. It confused the hell out of me. :)

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    To start, I’d like to say a quick thanks to the various Days posters here at DC, with a special mention to marknsprmo for writing these recaps. I’ve watched Days with varying degrees of attention since the height of Eileen Davidson’s run, but I’ve really gotten into it again since the reboot. While there are certain things I’m not crazy about, I’m still enjoying the show immensely, and I love being able to come here and read other people’s thoughts without the constant personal insults (to writers, execs, actors, and other posters) and universal negativity I find on other boards. It’s so nice to actually read positive feedback, and even the negative feedback here tends to be mature and well-meaning, rather than just spitting profanity about how horrible everyone and everything is! Now, onto my thoughts about this episode…

    Loved the Will scenes, and I absolutely love that Sonny is being set up as more of a supportive friend than a love interest, though I do hope Sonny will get some story of his own soon. I absolutely love the way the coming out storyline has been played. In addition to Chandler Massey’s outstanding performances, I love that coming out is only a part of Will’s story. I know some people have been critical of his struggle because it seems clear that his friends and family will be accepting, but I don’t really see it so simple. For one thing, he’s clearly still having trouble accepting it for himself, which doesn’t necessarily have to do with outside reaction so much as reconciling what it means with what he had envisioned for his life.

    I have no interest in Quinn, and the only thought he’s inspired so far is bafflement at a few of the strange choices made in designing these new sets. I mean, surely they could have put at least a glass wall up at Intensity to separate the lobby and the workout area? And the open flames and white couch with throw pillows in the town square really are ridiculous. That said, I’m glad to be rid of all that purple, so these are minor gripes I can live with.

    Brady and Madison have been a disappointment to me. I adore Sarah Brown, and was so excited when she joined the cast, but she really seemed to fizzle out after her first couple weeks, and the romance with Brady felt very clunky to me. I’m still hopeful that as Madison’s secrets are revealed she’ll become a character worthy of Sarah Brown’s talent.

    The idea of Dan as Maggie’s son still irks, and I’m still hopeful that the remaining thread of Victor’s involvement will eventually reverse that choice. It just seems like such a pointless decision since it really didn’t change anything, except to devalue the relationship between Maggie and Melanie. I did like the Dan-Jennifer kiss, because I’ve enjoyed them together, and would much rather them than Jack-Jennifer, who just don’t really fit with eachother anymore.

    As for Bo and Hope, I have such mixed feeling on this mystery that while I can’t wait to see where it goes, I also dread the silly choices that will be made in getting us there. I know some people feel the story has tarnished the image of Alice, I don’t really see that, but the whole key-in-plaque thing definitely took a step in that direction for me. I can easily forget the idea that Alice somehow knew that Bo’s rear end would reveal the key, so maybe she didn’t know or intend for it to ever be found, but I’m still faced with the idea that Alice Horton was expecting a plaque in her honor. The Alice Horton I watched wasn’t the kind of person who would make arrangements on her deathbed that included a plaque honoring herself.

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    David, unless the writers want to rewrite history, Hope’s mom Addie was soooo smitten with Doug Williams, that she took him away from her own daughter Julie. I would seriously doubt that Hope is anyone but Doug’s child. I watched her grow up from birth and remember how happy Addie and Doug were to have Hope. Addie was risking death to give birth to Doug’s baby. So I couldn’t even imagine trying to rewrite that. Having said that, I could believe that both Addie and her first husband Ben Olsen knew Stefano in Europe while they lived there. Who knows maybe Stefano had Ben killed off!
    Scooter sorry about the date! I guess I am just in a hurry to get rid of winter lol!

    Spudfarm, the way I understand this story of Horton Square, Alice not only knew about the plaque but the whole square. She gave the money for it to be built. So that is why it is dedicated to her and her husband Tom. Perhaps the original dedication was to Tom only and the kids and grandkids had her name added as well. As far as tarnishing her history, Alice was known to do something outside the boundaries of the law if it was for a good reason (helping many people escape from jail for instance, hiding refugees of the law for another). So I am sure Alice felt like she was doing good when she did whatever it is she did!
    Thanks for your positive statements about my articles.
    Oh yes and I forgot that yesterday was Alice’s birtday.

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    Hope not opening the safe deposit box was a term we use in the South…chicken shit! Fancy Face been runnin around Salem for months vowing to expose this Alice mystery and now she backs off. And I’m mad at Bo for talking her into it. Ugh…

    I just hope it’s not a Dimera/Horton child or something. The last DAYS needs is a sudden child! I’m sorry, but that would be an epic fail for show. Wouldn’t everyone agree? Keep everyone in their own families for now!

    As for Will and Sonny, I wish we could see some at least more flirtatious banter that indicates someone is getting laid. Maybe Tyler wiping his mouth nonchalantly at Intensity after him and Quinn leave the sauna or something. I want some indication the gay storyline has a heartbeat other than Will’s angst. But the spitting in the mirror scene was iconic. That was Chandler’s Emmy right there…

    I also loved seeing Dr. Hairy Chest boot scoot his ass of out of dodge, even though I too see something cooking with him and Jack in Australia. But that is kinda sloopy since we had no knowledge that Jack was currently out of town.

    In conclusion, I’m disappointed that Gabi isn’t embracing her inner schemer yet. I wanted more fire yesterday and I didn’t get it :-(

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    I for one think I’m going to like “Gabi’s” personality change and she’ll be a fun bad girl. Days need this type of bad girl wanting the man, the money and the prestige. It’s a soap staple and this is where the young actress playing “Gabi” is going to shine. To bad about Lindsey Harley couldn’t come back as the middle sister because I fell in love with the actress on AMC. If DOOL was to development a Latino family they have the foundation with Rafe and hope they do to make more diverse. Why couldn’t Rafe have a younger brother or even cousin come to town to interject with younger cast in Salem. I think with “Cafe” heating up and wondering if Carrie will become pregnant with Rafe’s baby? Karma baby, similar what had happen to Sami many years ago and Carrie could take off her halo and her actions would have big implications on several characters…Feb. sweeps are going to be sweet in Salem.

    the thoery of opposites
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    I think that Days could be making a young Rachel Davis (another world) out of Gabi. A young model inlove with tall brooding sucessful man who only has eyes for another woman. She will do anything to get her man including have his child. This could work for the three of them.

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    I’m not buying Gabi’s whole “nobody-ever-told-me-I-was-pretty” shctick. She’s making a play for sympathy and already has her eye on the Chadsicle. :)

    At least she has good taste in men, even if her choices are always inappropriate.

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    akbad, we use chicken shit up in the north too. LOL.

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    Melanie/Chad/Gabi could pay homage to Alice/Steve/Rachel in a modern flavored storyline that runs for awhile with many twists and turns. I like it :-)

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    Melanie/Chad/Gabi could pay homage to Alice/Steve/Rachel in a modern flavored storyline that runs for awhile with many twists and turns. I like it :-)

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    Thats haw I feel akbad. For one thing we don’t have sickly sweet Alice in the picture but Melanie, a girl that can take care of herself (although both of them are quite weepy lol!)
    And Chad is a member of a psychotic rich family instead of a psychotic poor family (I do miss the Frames!).
    The one negative I can think of is that Gabi is pretty much alone. Well she has Rafe but Rafe ain’t Ada (Rachel’s mom). Gabi needs someone to play the conscience role for her.

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    @marknsprmo maybe they could cast Lupe Ontiveros (“Selena”, “Desperate Housewives”) in the recurring role of Vera Hernandez, Rafe and Gabi’s mother who is hired as a new housekeeper for the Dimeras. They would definitely give Gabi a conscience also providing intrigue.

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