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    What I Like about GH right now:

    1) Tracy and AJ rivarly
    2) Lucy and Scott interactions
    3) Anna and Duke interactions and possible S/L with the Jeromes
    4) Britt and Dr. O
    5) Britt and Nikolas ( and Liz being jealous about Nik moving on someone else
    6) Ava and Julian/Derek

    What I DISLIKE about GH right now:
    1) Patrick and Sabrina
    2) Dante and Lulu (KILL him off and make Lulu hash out the unresolve issue with Carly about Michael going to prison)
    3) Kiki/Michael/Morgan ( find another girl that has chemistry with both brothers; Kiki has no chemistry with either of them)
    3) Spinelli character and him with Maxie

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