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    When Robin first came back to Port Charles, I, too, couldn’t wait for her to reunite with Patrick, since I have never believed in the viability of Patrick and Sabrina. However, now that I’ve had a chance to think about it, Patrick’s ambivalence is rather appropriate. Think about it. Robin has always manipulated the pace of their relationship. Now, she is reaping the harvest of what she has sown. It was Robin’s decision to go back into the lab to “save Jason.” She martyred herself for Jason; she knew that the fire doors were going to lock. Ultimately, that choice was a betrayal to Patrick, one for which he blamed Jason. When she went back to the lab, she set everything in motion for her to be kidnapped by Faison. Neither Patrick nor Robin have had an opportunity to address that.

    Although he has made mistakes, Patrick has bent over backwards to please her. (Lisa Niles, anyone?) It was Robin who told Patrick to move on (with Elizabeth, if memory serves.) And now that he has, she wants him to ignore all that. These things take time.

    Robin been through a lot with the League of Doom. She is a Scorpio. I fully expect her to win Patrick back (and, believe it or not, I am a Scrubs fan), but this hiatus between Patrick and Robin is appropriate. It has less to do with his attachment (or love) for Sabrina than the legitimate emotional status of the Scrubs’ relationship.

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