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    What do you guys think that Lorraine Broderick should fix first at AMC?

    Personally, I think that she needs a good serial killer storyline to get in there, and take out Randi, Aidan, Madison, and Zach, because Thorsten Kaye isn’t making the move.

    Your thoughts?

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    I say this everywhere and I’ll say it again: Erica has to get away from Ryan ASAP! It’s disgusting if you think about who he is to her. He fathered her grandson! Erica had a relationship with Ryan’s dad! There are too many "ick" factors with that. 

    I would want Kendall to stay, bring Bianca and Reese back and stabilize the Kane family. David needs a huge reality check. Amanda and Jake are popular, so let them have some happiness for at least a minute. Give Angie and Jesse a good storyline. Kill off Randi, Madison, Marissa and whoever else is dead weight!

    What I want the most is simple: Let the characters be themselves! I don’t want to see anyone acting OOC anymore! I love Bianca, but last time they wrote her so far OOC that I didn’t even recognize her.

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    1. Madison goes crazy and kills Randi and Marissa. She then commits suicide.
    2. In a surprise twist, Scott Chandler killed his father Stuart by accident and goes to jail for involuntary manslaughter.
    3. Bianca and Reese come back to town and we watch them settling into life as a couple.
    4. Adam is suffering a mental breakdown from the loss and guilt of Stuart’s death
    5. Annie and JR fight for control of Chandler Enterprises and Skye Chandler comes back and there’s an all out war for control of Chandler Enterprises.
    6. Make Colby a spoiled brat again. She becomes the new Liza of Pine Valley.
    7. Angie becomes chief of staff of Pine Valley hospital and Jesse has to deal with his wife’s long hours. Also another woman comes back from Jesse’s time away.
    8. Frankie is dealing with the loss of his wife and turns to drugs for comfort.
    9. Natalia and Brot continue to build a relationship and Reggie Montgomery comes back to town and a new triangle is created.
    10. Jamie Martin comes back to town to round out the Martin family.
    11. Brooke English comes back to town and Tad and Brooke rekindle their romance which is impacted by the return of Dixie Martin! She’s indeed alive.
    12. Jackson Montgomery returns to town after Greenlee is discovered alive and Reggie comes back to town.
    13. Jackson and Ericka rebuild their relationship and start over. This creates another foursome with Jackson, Ericka, Greenlee and Ryan.
    14. Ericka and Greenlee fight for control of Fushion Cosmetics
    15. The role of Kendell Hart is recast. Have Sarah Michelle Gellar come back to the role
    16. Kendell and Zach are reunited only to have Zach’s “die” in a plane crash. Kendell is now a widow and have to deal with raising two boys alone.
    17. David Hayward is knocked down off his reign of terror on Pine Valley, when Janet comes back to town and threatens him for the way he’s been treating her daughter Amanda.
    18. Jake and Amanda have some happiness for a while. She loses the baby that’s actually his and they grow closer because of the loss.
    19. Have Liza start a romance with David Hayward and Krystal is jealous.
    20. Recast Liza Colby.
    21. Write Off – Bailey Wells, Kat and Damon.
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    they need to fix the whole thing especially Ryan, Erica, Kendall, the Chandlers, Angie, Jessie, Amanda, Jake, David, and just everyone. the show is awful

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    Here is a question, is he taking over prior to the move? or post? (i still don’t know the full facts yet lol)

    ITA about a good serial killer storyline, i think that would be AMAZING, but we never get a good one :( I was praying for a good serial killer on GL at the end but all we got was Edmund….Ugh…

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    EVERYTHING !!! Including the opening credits… go back to slowly opening the book.

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    Brian Frons: New opening credits *SHOCK* NEVER!

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    [quote=Johnathon]Brian Frons: New opening credits *SHOCK* NEVER!


    Your right must be comprised of at least 90% percent corpses before it is even discussed I guess.

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    See I think if AMC changed its opening to people in only their underwear and a lot of jumping up and down then he would totally allow the opening to be changed, but other then that we must have corpses.

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    I have only watched under Pratt, and it was decent for a couple weeks for me. What I think needs to happen is that Zach kills Aidan out of rage and it is undeniable and he goes to prison. That gets him off the show but able to come back in a couple years as a spoiler. Ryan and Erica break it off when he finds out Greenlee is alive. Kendall wants Ryan but he isn’t interested anymore. Recast Kendall with someone that can act more like Erica. Bring back Bianca and Reese, and make the Kanes a core family. Refocus the Chandler drama to the business, and bring back Skye, who tries to take it away from all three of them during their current life dramas. And Randi and Madison fight over Frankie and both take a tumble from the top floor of a building to their deaths. This leads Frankie to blame himself and fall into a depression. Jesse and Angie try to help him, but he just wants out of Pine Valley, so he reenlists in the Army and get shipped to Afghanistan. After a few months Jesse and Angie hear that he was killed in action, but no body was ever recovered, allowing him to come back in the future when they can get a better actor and have people for him to act with. As a surprise to everyone, Dr Dave is demoted when Joe Martin dies during a bypass surgery that Hayward screws up, and everyone thinks that Angie will become the new chief of staff, but is shocked when it is given to Jake Martin. This sets up a mini rivalry because although she likes him, Angie doesn’t think he is qualified. Zach tries to blackmail Jesse with his knowledge of Kendall’s getaway, but Jesse confesses and leaves the police force so Zach can’t use it against him. A new Chief (a hot, white, 30 something guy) comes on, and Natalia is attracted to him, while she and brot are getting engaged. Angie spends more time at work, while Jesse has nothing to do since he left the force. He resents her, and gets a job doing security at Fusion, and starts an affair with Erica. Tad finds out about it and is relentless in telling him how what he is doing is wrong. Tad has a stroke, and when he recovers, he is back to his old self again. Not the wierd dude that came from the shot in the head.

    All in all, you have to focus on the characters, and not the storylines.

    the thoery of opposites
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    I don’t care what happens, as long as it’s compelling & well-written. All I need is my Dixie Cooney back ASAP! I do have one gripe, though. Why are they taking away all of Erica’s lifelines? Once the move is made, there will be no Jack or Opal. Bianca isn’t coming back. Kendall’s leaving with Zach. Myrtle & Josh are dead. She won’t have anyone to play her history off of but Tad & Adam…

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    Dismantle the Grandma Cougar storyline,fast. I don’t want to see Erica and the guy she treated like a son who has had relationships with her step niece Gillian, step daughter Greenlee and has a child with her daughter Kendall go anywhere near a bedroom, couch, floor, or any other hard surface.

    Give David Canary back his spine, intelligence and cunning. Get him away from Crazy Annie. Make it worth his while to uproot his entire life in NY to come to LA.

    Make Dr Darkness {David} more realistic. Bring him a family Trey, Vanessa, closeness to Marissa. Marj Dusay is available and would be good with Canary. Trey is David and Kendall’s brother. He has history with Bianca, Jack and Erica.

    Bring Jack back!!! Have a Reggie recast that could date Natalia and maybe work for Cambias or Chandler Industries.

    Soras the kids since they are not coming to LA. Emma from GL would make a good Miranda.

    Beg TK to return even if it’s a "fireman schedule 3 days on 4 days off" and return him to embrace his Cambias side and his company returned from Ryan. Have Liza, Trey and Reggie work for Cambias.

    Make Crazy Annie a powerhouse at Chandler Enterprises. She has good balance against JR and she needs to be with Scott.

    SEND Brot, Madison, Randi, Marissa, Bailey and  NuColby to an acting coach and another tv show like the Hills

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    I would like to see them make Jessie, Zach, Rya$$, David and Erica pay for their mistakes also. Yes Annie was hiding what Adam did but Adam was drugged up with some nasty stuff thanks to David, and Jessie breaking all kinds of laws just irks me. I guess I am just tired of everyone being against Annie. I like her and I compare what she did to what Jessie did and I don’t see much difference both covered up a murder. But of course it is only Annie that pays (Just like OLTL and BO & John, Bo never helps anyone but his "pets)"

    Hate JR with Marissa  I was wishing she would be more like David, she is just to laid back and boring.
    Like Brot and Jessies daughter what ever her name is
    I like Madison and would rather see her with Jessie or his son…I am so evil
    I think Randi is a beautiful girl and wish she could be with someone that was more interesting.
    I like Annie reminds me of Erica in the early years of AMC.
    I like Lizza (love the actress) she needs a good story

    Do not like Zach and Kendall, so very tired of them
    Hate Rya$$ with a Lizzard passion doesn’t matter who he is with.
    Hate, HATE I tell you, that that she devil, nasty, icky, loathsome creature is coming back to AMC

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    Here’s what I would do.

    Zach killed Josh. I want Josh back, and given a good story. You do not, under any circumstances, kill Erica Kane’s only son.
    Chandler Enterprises needs a corporate takeover storyline. Have Bianca come back, running Cambias, while accumulating Chandler stock, with a secret backer… SKYE! Skye runs the company, offers JR, and Scott jobs, but not Adam, because she really has daddy issues, and Little A becomes friends with his cousin, Lila Rae..
    It is physically impossible that Jake is Trevor’s father. Just keep David his father, Marissa has a car accident that leaves her life in perril, which forces David to rethink his life, and becomes closer to Greenlee, who keeps him from going over the edge once again…. igniting them in passion.
    Amanda and Jake enjoy their lull of happiness, as Amanda goes back to work and goes up against Erica at Fusion. Erica plots against Amanda until she receives a visit from Janet. Needless to say, Erica backs off a bit…for now…
    Ryan, a Cambias stockholder and member of the company, takes an interest in Skye and they begin a torrid romance.
    Krystal and Reese rebuild The Comeback, and Krystal hires Reese as a bartender after she notices that she makes a good dry martini.
    Brot becomes a cop, and both he and Natalia rise through the ranks and become detectives, where they give into their passions.
    Jesse actually gets his integrity back.. Angie continues her run as Chief of Staff… Randi has an affair with Aidan, while he’s on the run with Kendall, Jesse shoots Randi after Aidan uses her as a human shield. Aidan goes to jail, Randi dies, Jesse and Frankie are both distraught and spend time out of each other’s orbits for a while…. Frankie leaves his job as a doctor to work for Chandler Enterprises where he begins an affair with Annie. Oh, and everyone forgets that Madison was even there…. lol (she leaves town… who knows?)
    Reggie, Petey, and Sean return and fight over Colby and a newly returned Maddie Grey….
    Kids (Emma, Spike, Ian, Little A, Miranda, Gabby, Lila Rae) are all SORAS’d
    Jack and Erica get back together. Zach goes to jail. Kendall leaves town.

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    Here’s what I would do.

    Zach killed Josh. I want Josh back, and given a good story. You do not, under any circumstances, kill Erica Kane’s only son.
    Chandler Enterprises needs a corporate takeover storyline. Have Bianca come back, running Cambias, while accumulating Chandler stock, with a secret backer… SKYE! Skye runs the company, offers JR, and Scott jobs, but not Adam, because she really has daddy issues, and Little A becomes friends with his cousin, Lila Rae..
    It is physically impossible that Jake is Trevor’s father. Just keep David his father, Marissa has a car accident that leaves her life in perril, which forces David to rethink his life, and becomes closer to Greenlee, who keeps him from going over the edge once again…. igniting them in passion.
    Amanda and Jake enjoy their lull of happiness, as Amanda goes back to work and goes up against Erica at Fusion. Erica plots against Amanda until she receives a visit from Janet. Needless to say, Erica backs off a bit…for now…
    Ryan, a Cambias stockholder and member of the company, takes an interest in Skye and they begin a torrid romance.
    Krystal and Reese rebuild The Comeback, and Krystal hires Reese as a bartender after she notices that she makes a good dry martini.
    Brot becomes a cop, and both he and Natalia rise through the ranks and become detectives, where they give into their passions.
    Jesse actually gets his integrity back.. Angie continues her run as Chief of Staff… Randi has an affair with Aidan, while he’s on the run with Kendall, Jesse shoots Randi after Aidan uses her as a human shield. Aidan goes to jail, Randi dies, Jesse and Frankie are both distraught and spend time out of each other’s orbits for a while…. Frankie leaves his job as a doctor to work for Chandler Enterprises where he begins an affair with Annie. Oh, and everyone forgets that Madison was even there…. lol (she leaves town… who knows?)
    Reggie, Petey, and Sean return and fight over Colby and a newly returned Maddie Grey….
    Kids (Emma, Spike, Ian, Little A, Miranda, Gabby, Lila Rae) are all SORAS’d
    Jack and Erica get back together. Zach goes to jail. Kendall leaves town.

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    I think Ms. Broderick needs to distance her storylines away from Pratt’s by skipping ahead in time.  She could skip ahead a year or so later in order to setup her own storylines.  There could be storylines already in progress or new one about to begin.  That way she could bring back characters such as Bianca and Jamie, or quickly get rid of people such as Randi and Madison.  Then the writers could use flashbacks, gradually, to fill in the gaps.  The main thing Ms. Broderick needs to do is utilize the veterans in solid storylines build show’s core concepts.  Erica, Tad, Jessie, and Angie should be driving story, it’s that simple!  Also, the fans need to give this woman some time and a bit of respect.  She is working in a mine field.

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    I don’t think there should be any re-do’s or flash forwards. Each character needs to deal head on with the choices they have made, even if the choices were out of character and just because the head writer was more focused on plot than common sense.

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    Erica/Annie become business partners in a reborn reviatilized cosmetics company under the umbrella of Chandler Enterprises run by a competent,kick butt and take names Adam.

    Madison shoots and kills Randi,wounding Natalia in the process and then shoot and kills herself. While Natalia is in the hospital she needs a donor match to survive.
    In a shocking twist neither Jesse or Frankie is a match for her leading to a dna test that reveals she is NOT Jesse’s biological daughter.
    Natalia enlists Brot’s help and her new all her police skills to find out who her real father is.

    Jesse’s crimes catch up with him as Madison has detailed all in her delaings with the Hubbards in her journal. He is forced to resign and facing multiple charges. He turns to the bottle for comfort.Meanwhile Angie is trying to deal with her family falling apart and running PVH she brings on at board insistence an effciency expert who turns out to be a former lover of hers. She struggles between her feelings for him and and a bitter,drunk and  ethically challenged Jesse.

    In desperate plea to save herself from David’s reign of terror Amanda frees her mother Janet from the sanitarium and tells her the hell David has made of her and little Trevor’s lives.Janet vows to keep her baby and grandbaby safe and immediately starts preparing for the kidnap and torture of Dr.David Hayward.


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    season1217, I agree that an incoming regime should not re-do another regime’s stories. What I am saying is that Pratt’s time has poisoned AMC to the degree that some sort of barrier between the two should be erected. It may be jarring to suddenly transition from plot to character driven stories. Then again, all this theorizing may be a moot point. Ms. Broderick may only be there to tie up Pratt’s storylines, and keep the head writer’s seat warm until a permanent writer(s) is(are) chosen. Unless of course, she ends up taking the reigns permanently and this is some sort of audition. I guess we should all just stay tuned!

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     There are two major things for me:

    First, get rid of Liza.  Only Marcy Walker is Liza to me, and the sooner they get rid of the red-headed squinty one, the sooner we can go back to envisioning Marcy as Colby’s mom.  I compare this to when they recast Natalie Dillon with Melody Anderson.  Once they got rid of her, even though Kate Collins could never return to the role, we’ve gone back to thinking of Kate Collins as Natalie.  (Of course, that opens a whole other can of worms, because I think it’s ridiculous that Kate Collins is playing Janet, since she had plastic surgery to look like Robin Mattson.  Argh!)

    Second, have Jesse own up to his crimes.  Redeem him somehow, because he needs to stick around, but since he became police chief, he has done nothing but commit one crime after another!  Have him kicked off the police force and let him partner with Ted as private eyes.

    I agree with a lot of what I’ve read above (especially d_andre), but those are my top two.

    I would love to see Robin Mattson back as Amanda’s mom (maybe she could raise Trevor after Amanda goes missing) and Skye should return with her hellion child, Lila Mae.  Since they will likely recast a lot of the kids after the move to L.A., I’m guessing they will be SORASed.  Lila and Little A could be kissin’ cousins, since they’re not related by blood!

    My all-time favorite storyline is when Erica, Janet and Skye buried Jonathan Kinder in Mona’s rose garden, which happened under Lorraine’s pen.  If she brings some of that fun back with her, I’ll gladly return to watching this show!


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    First and the most needed for me is…. break up Ryan and Erica, and Adam and Annie. ICK ICK ICK.

    Jamie Lunar has grown on me but a lot people still don’t see her as Liza so find a way to keep her on but not as Liza. Maybe someone shady Liza met while on the run with Colby, who stole Liza’s identity or something.

    Get Alicia Minshew to stay. No need for Zach to stay though because as far as I’m concerned he’s always been a grunting caveman who NEVER has to pay for his actions. Pair Kendall with someone NEW, as in NOT Ryan.

    Get Eden back as Bianca because if Alicia leaves Erica will have nobody left from her family.

    KILL THE DEAD WEIGHT!!!! Yes, thats you Marissa, Madison, Brot, Natalia, Randi, and whoever that chick Bethanne Bonner plays is.

    Give the characters something to do. Does anyone in that town work now besides Liza, David, Angie and Jake? Ummmm Kendall & Erica don’t you have a company called Fusion you should be running? Adam, JR, Scott don’t you also have a company? Ryan?

    AND finally…. GET DAVID OUT OF JAKE AND AMANDA’S ORBIT!!! Its disgusting how low this storyline is sinking. Amanda should not be blackmailed into having sex in the back of a car with David and cheating on her Husband. It’s sickening

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    Heres my ideas for a new AMC…here we go….

    1. a new opening/same theme song people go in this order (ERICA,RYAN,GREENLEE,KENDALL,TAD, KRYSTAL, JAKE, LIZA,NU-COLBY,SCOTT, ADAM, ANNIE,BROT,NATALIA,FRANKIE,ANGIE,JESSE, and ERICA again)….
    2. A serial killer dubbed THE PINE VALLEY STALKER kills Madison, Randi, A Dayplayer for shock value, the Nurse that helped David, and the killer turns out to be "ZACH" dont be alarmed, its an evil twin that David employed for revenge, the real Zach is imprisoned by the serial killer John Doe, and this can bring Zach back if he chooses to return someday…..
    3. Jesse/Angie get their reunion but its cut short as Jesse ends up in peril not once but twice, Jesse investigates an old murder in Palmer’s estate and ends up trapped in quicksand, the same pit that almost swallowed Brooke English 2 decades before, and Angie and Frankie try to save him, Frankie falls in, and they are rescued, then Palmer dies, and Opal sells the house to the Hubbards and moves out west to be with an old boyfriend during her time away from Pine Valley (this is cause shes not going) –    Angie and Jesse begin arguing again cause hes not taking care of himself, Angie wants him checked out, Jesse refuses and passes out, he wakes up to Jake and Angie teary eyed, Angie informs her husband he has colon cancer and its spread…Jesse wont die, i love the actor to death, but itll give something realistic for them to deal with since hes in his 40s/50s…
    4. Tad has a stroke and Liza marries him in his final "days’ but he returns to the old caddy Tad, and Krystal/Tad/Liza triangle works out and goodbye to Jamie Luner, Marcy Walker Smith returns in the role….
    5. Annie/Scott try to gaslight Adam to get his fortune, and Annie and Janet team up to get even with Jake,Amanda, and David, a car crash meant for David, Amanda ends up in a coma (this will accomadate Chrishell’s recurring status til she resigns)…
    6. Erica marries a 12th time, she marries Ryan just as Greenlee walks into the wedding and punches Erica out and says hes mine, and the 2 ladies fight over their man, and Kendall deals with widowhood, a renewed heart problem and alcoholism…
    8. Id bring Reggie back and have him be a foil for Colby, and Frankie finds himself falling for Colby since losing Randi…
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    Make Ryan not a huge douche, if that’s possible… Maybe… Hey, bring back Jon-boy, making a creepy, horrible villain that we can hate and have Ryan finally take his head out of his ass, after screwing up, and realize he’s walking the path of his brother and father. Give Erica some worthy opponent to battle against, maybe Brooke English? Adam Chandler could buy a magazine with Erica and make Brooke the editor, maybe write Erica’s biography, maybe doing research they find out Josh wasn’t Erica’s son but some con man. Erica needs some other woman to battle with over… anything!! Much snarkyness ensues.

    Bring Bianca back, and NO Reese, maybe she could team up with Erica to take control over Cambias Industries over Ryan and Zach’ But seriously, keep Reese away from PV and Bianca. Give her random girlfriends but no more of this Bianca important parts of her romances off screen. It doesn’t work! God, I hate Reese.

    Recast Liza, without somebody age appropriate and that acts somewhat close to the original Liza.

    Jack and Erica could rekindle their love? He could come back when Greenlee shows up alive, maybe with his daughter and Reggie and throw some drama with him trying to save (I don’t remember her name) from Jonathan.

    But the most important thing is that the writer PLAN the storylines beginning, middle and end instead of making it as it goes!

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    Bring back Bianca and Reese have Bianca Erica and Kendall form fusion into a magazine and have brooke her daughter laura have brooke have a nephew played by murray bulllet who played cryus on gl to be a love interest for kendall have zach get killed off  if the actor playing him don’t want to come back have bring kendall brother trey to be involved with them in magazine storyline with brooke her daughter laura and nephew let call him gabe battle over stories and stuff have trey be a love interest for laura have brooke tad and erica and jackson in a quadrangle have ryan be in charge of cambias if u want to killed off zach battle it out with palmer and adam in some kind of business intiruge have ryan greenlee and annie and scott be involved have krystal and adam back together have jenny be adam have jamie and babe come back with quadrangle with marissa and jr i know marissa boring but i think it be cool to see brother sbattle over sisters jamie is doctor liza and david hook up have angie and jesse be in a quadrangle with the frye family bring derek danielle and her mom i forgot her name have danielle become cop along side brot and natalia and throw reggie montogemery into the mix bring lily back and have sam grey come back and he bit of rebel he comes to get to know his bio family the martins and he get into a quadrangle with petey colby and lily sam grey should be played by zach conroy have colby be played by lindze letherman and have jamie and babe be played by erin hershey and brian hershey and have trey be played by chad brannon  and have laura be played by amber tamblyn if she can’t come how about alicia leigh willis or marcy rylan have and have a decent murder mystery like bring in a new or old  character that should have ties to the whole town have them killed off a beloved character i don’t know someone like ruth martin or joe martin have it become a mystery this villian is someone we know someone who you thougth was dead but isn’t comes back with a new face and he out to get revenge on the poeple who think  he wrong him and have the stories be involved with everyone on screen like everyone will have a pieces of the puzzle he killing poeple and leaving puzzle with the bodies all ties to a wierd empedic thats plauge the town.

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    I just care about seeing Jake and Amanda happy and strong as a couple.

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    Heres a way to bring back Keith Hamilton Cobb (short term, cause i know he doesnt like to have long runs on a soap-heres a nice 3 month arc)….

    Noah could be brought back short term, only to reunite Shakespearan way, with Julia, was thought to have been killed by The Dragon, maybe do what Jesse did to his family, but only for Noah to return and find out Julia had died, he faked his death to protect her and he finds himself falling for Angie, and Jesse doesnt like it one bit, and Frankie even takes to Noah, and Jesse ends up sleeping with Krystal in a dark moment, Noah and Jesse would have known each other from being on the run and be ‘friends" til he finds him falling for his wife, and then Noah would learn The Dragon’s people are out to get him, bring back Sydney as Julia for an episode where they trick him into seeing an actress pretend to be her, he goes for her they shoot him, Angie and Jesse find their ways back to each other following this tragedy,and a special episode has Noah meeting Julia in Heaven, goodbye for real Noah Keefer, and they visit Kathy and are happy to see her with Tad….

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    Hopefully, nobody got too stuff on the turkey, fixings, and desserts.

    Here’s what I think Ms. Broderick should do first.

    I know I am in the minority, but I still think that she should either go back a year or flash forward a year. That way she can start from scratch.
    If not, I also like some of you guys’ suggestions about a serial killer in PV done right. If not, just write characters like Randi and Marissa off, because I agree they are useless.

    Get rid of the Erica/Ryan pairing ASAP!!!! Have Ryan be a single father for a while and have Erica be the strong, independent Erica, we all know and love. If not Adam, bring back Jack, if not him either, bring back Dimitri as a love interest. Have Erica say grandchildren, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Bring the Tad we all know and love, the fun-loving cad. End the Dixie mystery once for all either bring back Cady McClain or solve it so that chapter can be closed.

    I like Jamie Luner as Liza, but she does look so young with Jesse, Angie, and Tad, she still doesn’t seem like they all went to school together. If you go back a year, you can have either Beth Chamberlain (GL)  or Mary Beth Evans (Days and GH) as Liza, and they both look like the new Colby (I like what I see from her so far). If not find a way to do it.  Have Jamie play Skye or a new character.

    Bring back Bianca and Reese as well. If Alicia Minshew does leave as Kendall, Erica needs her other daughter in tow. Bring back Brooke or bring back Laura (I like Marcy Rylan) and have a rival for Erica.

    Bring back a Martin (Maybe Chad Brannon as Jamie), a Courtlandt, a Santos, or even a Frye.

    Bring back Reggie so that Greenlee will have family and family for Erica as well (who always treated him like a son).

    I would love for AMC to bring in Drake Hogestyn as Dimitri, I can see him and Susan Lucci having great chemistry.

    Bring back Janet, Amanda needs her mom, (Kate Collins or Robin Matteson doesn’t matter to me).

    I know this is a long shot, but perhaps maybe bring back Keith Hamilton Cobb as Noah, I know Ms. Broderick wrote for him and Sydney Penny (Julia), their romance bring her back as well. I know, I know, but it is a soap anything can happen.

    Bring Lawrence Lau (Greg) back full time.

    Basically bring back the friendships, humor, and romance that made AMC the soap to watch. I know it’s a tall order, but who better to do it than someone who knows the history of the show very well.

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    Everything! Seriously though, I don’t know what she should fix first. I wouldn’t mind a flashback ala Dallas as some other fans have suggested, but if not that I just want to see som good writing. Barring any rewinds, cleaning up from Pratt is going to be *hard* so even when Lorraine comes on, we’ll have to cut her some slack.

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    With so many things wrong right now, its hard to pick the FIRST thing she should fix, but I guess for me it would be in general to develop a VISION for the show based on which characters she still has after the move.  Every show has a few signature characters around who the show is based. Who is that going to be and then how do you showcase them.  If the show is going to be about Erica then they have two bring in two men to fight over her, figure out who is going to be her main rival and then go from there. Having her lusting after her daughters ex lover (and the father to her GRANDCHILD) makes her look silly.  I like the idea of Drake Hogestyn as Dimitri, but for me I would rather have the original back (if he has his personal life together now)  Bring back WW but have Jackson get involved with KWAK or bring back Dixie and have Tad choose KWAK for the first year and let her be with Jackson.  They need someone with serious CHOPS to go head to head with Erica and really make it a big rivalry ala Dorian vs. Vicki.

      If its going to be Zack and Kendall as the focus (both of whom I am hoping will stick around with the regime change) then ditto that.  Then they could conceivable leave Erica for the short term with Ryan and let Greenlee come back SERIOUSLY pissed off that Ryan is going to stay with Erica and her bestie had sex with her man less after only about a month of her "death" Have Greenlee make a play for Zach much to Kendalls chagrin, and have her enlist Davids help on to have David decide he wants her for himself. Greenlee ultimately turns Dr. Demento into a better man.

    IF Zack and Kendall leave, they should reform the character of David abit to make him more viable with other members of the canvas.  Pairing him with Greenlee would be the start of that. It would give her back a little of her edge too.

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    I responded to this thread last night- but thought some more about it & edited some of my comments……….

    WOW- this is a hard one…… cause there is sooooo much broken with AMC now!

    1. I guess first restore core families and romance.  Once that is in place I think us long time fans will see our show is in the right direction!!!!  This show has so many random characters.  I would trim the fat & focus on the core families– maybe build some of them up again. Speaking of direction– I think the show needs vision and direction as far as character development & storylines go.

    2. Bye Bye Jamie L– and that is tough for me to say– cause I like the actress but she was soooo poorly cast.  JL is way to young.  They could keep Liza on screen but played by a mature actress please!  Cast: Mary Beth Evans, Kimberlin Brown, Beth Chamberlin, Jensen Buchanan, Liz Keifer or Rebecca Staab in the role!

    3.  I wish they could undo this stupid Stuart murder storyline – as well as Zach fathered Bianca’s child.  I wish there was a way to undo that entire Reese/Zach romance too!  It was stupid and what should have been a groundbreaking lesbian love story & wedding was made into another mixed up mess.. typical of Pratt!

    4. Annie???? —–I  like the actress– but she is a flippin mess!!!!   Maybe have her really take ownership of the role of MRS ADAM CHANDLER… show casing this power hungry business woman who is cut throat– out to prove herself to the town.  I don’t know what direction this role should take really… but they need to give her a purpose or cut her lose!  The town nut can only last so long! 

    5.  Lets give Erica a real romance & rival worth her time and effort.  Brooke was a great foe- but now thats she is gone they need to find a match.  Greenlee????  Not sure that is a great match up. 
    BRING BACK ERICA’s ULTIMATE RIVAL– TARA MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!   But not played by the original actress- she looks too old at this point.  One of the other three who played the role OR RECAST— maybe Elaine Princi, Genie Frances or Catherine Hickland!  A named actress- but not someone coming with these huge screen time requirements like Deidre Hall or Kim Zimmer. 
    I would also bring back Tara’s daughter KELSEY MARTIN then – maybe played by Erin Hershey or Alicia Leigh WIlliams.
    Ryan and Erica- isnt appealing to many– so with sinking ratings- maybe listen to the fans & give her a more mature love interest.  Perhaps Tara could come to town married & Erica falls for her husband!??!?!?!

    6.  If Bianca isnt coming back & Lish wont return after maternity leave– Erica NEEDS a younger contemporary.  Someone to menture- but also have those touching moments with.  My idea is to bring Julie Chandler back – rather then recast one of Erica’s daughters at this point– cause a recast could backfire—and please no long lost children!!!  Julie is Marc’s daughter– Erica’s neice. Bring in a name soap actress – who can act….  Robin Lively (Savannah), Cynthia Preston (GH), or Sarah Buxton (Sunset Beach).  This role was last played by Lauren Holly- so the role should be in her early 40’s at this point.  

    7. Cut the dead weight in the cast!  Bye bye- Marissa, Scott, Randi, Natalia, Kit, Aidan, Brot, Madison

    8. I like Ryan best when he was involved in a goofy love story– Ryan & Gillian.  Either make him and Greenlee lighter then we’ve had in the past or pair him up with someone he can have fun with- rather then being a superhero all the time.  I think him and Carmen would have been a blast!  I think the same goes for Tad.  Tad needs light hearted comedy– your typical romantic comedy love story– not this BS on and again off again stuff with Krystal.  I think Cameron & Mike E K- do best when they are doing light hearted romantic comedy. 

    9. Give us some real drama that has some long term story effects—– maybe a health crisis for Erica (Tara’s husband could be her doctor???) ??? Bring Anna back for a guest role- to have David discuss how he is haunted by the loss of their daughter & the continues loss of the children he loves.   JR & Krystal have a one nightstand that blows up in their face- with Marisa leaving town & Tad hating Krystal. 

    10. The Hubbards– Give them some more meaty stories. And seriously- lets delve into Jesse’s past.  ANd come on a bright woman like Angie is ok that he just went missing – leaving her & her son— there should be much more internal conflict with ANgie.  Affraid that Jesse will do it again.  How can this woman just trust him – like nothing happened.  Their reunion was AWESOME- but then they feel flat.  Jesse was gone for so long – there could be lots of people from his past popping into PV & throwing into ANgie’s face the past she is trying to ignore

    11. Rivals & Good Friendships– both are needed!  Erica needs a worthy rival BUT also that bestie!  So they should do whatever it takes to keep Opal on screen.  Greenlee needs a rival– but should build a solid frindship with Amanda.  Adam vs. Tad— but show case the friendship between Jesse, Angie & Tad.  Like I said earlier- I would ditch Scott but also bring back Bobby Cortlandt.  And lets see Bobby vs. JR.  This could be Palmer vs. Adam part II.  Up and coming business rivals.  Trying to continue what their families built!   

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    Suggestions All My Kids could Use:

    I haven’t run through all the responses to this particular topic but I must say the one thing Lorraine Broderick should keep is that Scott and Annie dynamic. The rest of the show is rubbish.

    Ryan and Erica need to stay good friends, the one male that Erica goes to to figure out why men are the way men are. She needs to start questioning why she is so male centric. She’s been married 14 times!

    David Hayward needs to be more  dimensional and not the mustache twirling joke he is currently.

    Amanda needs a brain. Jake can have one too. She’s Janet and Trevor’s child. Why do I feel the need to hand her a sippy cup more than Trevor? 

    Madison North needs to go SOUTH for the winter and sail into the Bermuda Triangle.

    Liza has grown on me but can we dye her hair blonde and call her Marcy Walker in person?

    Clean Jesse up. All his shenanigans as CHIEF of POLICE has compromised him and Angie. They need to be the upstanding citizens that the new foundation of the show is based. The Martins are losing Joe so move the the Hubbards center stage as the preeminent family of Pine Valley.

    Strengthen the Chandler family by investing in building the character of JR up. Adam has kicked the spirit of this guy so low that the writers refuse to make him a strong man. Change this by giving him more obstacles outside his family to make him prepared for battle with Adam. Weak men on soaps are a turnoff.

    Recast Randi and bring back Cassandra and turn her into a real bitch. Let her shake everyone up.

    Just thought I share that.

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    First restore the Chandlers back to a powerplay family full of ruthlessness and ambition. Jr and Scott can battle it out for control of Chandler Enterprise with Adam playing puppet master.  At the right time Annie comes in as CEO and both have to work with her. The enemy of my enemy is my friend is the ew motto and Jr and Scott team up to take Annie down. Sadly Scott cant seperate his ethics form his libido and double crosses JR.

    The brilliance of VI as David is being wasted as a one note cartoon villain. David is more complex than that. Show Davids compassion and loyalty to someone who cannot do anything fo him or advance his career. 

    Jake- Allow him to deal with his wife running off and the betrayal by Amanda. Lets see the dark & twisted side of Jake for a while Later have Kendall or Greenlee be the frined that brings him back form the edge and gives him a reason to believe in love again.

    Madison & Marissa- Useless and need to go.

    Tad/Krystal- Thsi time around make it a strugglr for Krystal to have Tads trust. Show Kystal as a strong & feisty woman again with some smarts. Thsi time though she has learned a few lessons form her past and is FAITHFUL and honest to Tad when temptation occurs.

    Jesse/Angie-We have danced around that tree long enough. That marriage has issues galore and need to be excorsiced. Bring Rebecca Fowler back and have Jesse truly struggle between both women, He loves Angie but truth be told Rebecca knows him a helluva alot better. Jesse is at ease and can easily toalk to Rebecca without judgement as Angie tends to do.   Overtime Angie & Rebecca finally have a honest toe to toe discussion and Jesse comes to fully own that he loves Angie but Rebecca is his best friend. With a renewed respect for who each other truly are now Jesse and Angie move forward more honest & accepting of each other

    Frankie/Randi- This couple is good and one of the few healthy romances on the show.  They have had alot of challenges but none that have been written with complexity.  Have Liza be notified that her 1/2 sister Mia is dead and the son who she gave up for adoption and later reclaimed is now in foster care. Liza has been burned by Baby Stuart  and firmly believes a child should be with its parent. She privately tells Frankie of his childs situation. Not knowing how to ell his expectant wife who excited about having their first child AND fearful of how his parents will react Frankie decides to leave the child in foster care and work to find him a good home. Of course the cats gets out of the bag and Frankie is in big trouble with everyone. He’s angry, resentfulw/ his parents as they rail against him especially Jesse who keeps throwing Frankies birth and subsequent abandonemnt by Angie up in Frankies face. " I moved heaven & earth to find and raise you and you willingly give your child". Frankie & Jesse finally have it out and clear the air of the last 20 years and how it affected Frankie and his life choices.

    Nat & Brot do not support Frankies actions. He simply cannot and will not face Randi. in The midst of all the family chaos Randi has been visiting the child in foster care and has grown attached. She works with Liza to get temp custody for her and Frankie. She brings the child home and the Hubbards eventually work it all out.

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    AMCfanatic———– I think your ideas are wonderful.  Especially the idea of Frankie’s baby coming back into his orbit!  I too agree that their is a lot of unanswered questions about the Jesse/Rebecca relationship– and somehow should be revisitied.  I think they breezed through that storyline- when it had the potential to provide Angie & Jesse with some wonderful dramatic work.  SO I do hope she (LB) revisits that. 
    When Jake came to the show– there were lots of runors that his ex wife would be returning– and that Beth E may be playing that role — this of course was before it was announced she was Taylor.  I think they should delve into Jake’s past too.
    The one thing I like about returning characters that were gone for awhile- is the writers have the ability to create a backstory for them– what happened while they were gone.  Usually I realy enjoy it— the one backstory I am not thrilled with is Liza going to law school while on the run?!?!??!  SAY WHAT??

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     It seems when they de-aged Frankie back to his 20s, they wiped out any trace of the son he had with Mia, which is a shame.  Also, I may be mistaken, but the whole time they were dealing with Mia and Frankie’s baby, Colby was either an infant or Liza was still pregnant with her, so that would mean Frankie’s son would be older than Colby.  That makes no sense, because that would put him about the same age as Frankie himself.  Too complicated.  Too confusing.

    Then again, when Angie found Cassandra in the dumpster on The City, Frankie was already out of college, so they shouldn’t be so close in age.  They really made a mess of history when they de-aged Frankie.

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