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    What to do about Y&R and lack of the vets not been shown in favor for mainly Steve Burton & Jessica Collins. We are now on (including tomorrow show) 11 out 12 days of Steve Burton being shown and Jessica Collins. I liked Avery but enough is enough. When the vets are on it’s a completely different show because of their story. We have too many new characters trying to carry episodes and they can’t because no investment by the longtime viewers and equals boring. I think we were played, knowing the anniversary was coming up and spotlighted all the vets in story and then since beginning of April 70-80% airtime has been around the newer characters. I’m dumbfounded because with all the gains in the ratings why would you not highlight what was working …..the VETS! Slowly those gains if not careful will be lost and then what……another round of music chairs of EP & HW? I think this team could deliver the stories because they showed they could with the vets but they must want to deliver it and stop trying to put their “stamp” on the show. Let the new characters naturally flow in with the canvas. We now have another psychic coming and the canvas is bloated once again and Jill is doing the same thing as MAB and Josh’s stories are similar for newbies…stories fans (at least this one) finding not good! |( but boring big time and he’s pushing the new characters like Maria did over time. What to do?

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