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    Does someone know what apparently went wrong between SK and KKL?

    Soaptown USA said that SK’s return might be cut short to problems with one of the major stars. Online rumors indicate that this major star is no other than Sean Kanan’s former on-screen love Katherine Kelly Lang. These problems could become the reason why SK’s return is cut short.

    KKL gave an interview DayPlayerDish last night, where she addressed the current Deacon storyline only very short, saying that this isn’t something she or Brooke want to revisit. She wants Brooke to move on but understand that it had to happened because of Hope. For a storyline that was MAJOR back in the day and still could have so much to offer I don’t get this statement, which leads me to believe that the rumors are true…

    It would be really sad because I always liked the on-screen chemistry between SK and KKL. And I love that Deacon is back on the show. It would be sad to lose him over some problems these two have…

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