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    Okay, so I go back and forth with Y&R because it’s my favorite soap and I want it to do well, but they just seem to pull the wool over my eyes most of the time. Diane’s murder, besides Maura West’s bitchtastic performance, was a bust from the minute it became obvious they had no idea who the killer would be. Then, we had the whole Delia bone marrow drama along with Billy’s secret in Myanmar that just left a bad taste in my mouth.

    However, since the Christmas episode featuring Nikki, I haven’t been as pissed at Y&R. I see glimmers of the old Y&R at time, but I don’t wanna get my hopes up. Some people simply want to hate on the show (this means you, Dyllan!) and can’t give credit where it’s due. This soap has taken a turn for the better recently and I wonder if anyone agrees. Yeah, the kinks in the Jack shooting are noticeable, but we have gotten some great acting out of the story. Peter Bergman set the screen ablaze this past week when his alter ego “died” during surgery, saw his dearly departed father in heaven, and then returned only to learn he’s paralyzed. Same with Michael Muhney’s Adam, who was blinded by Patti. It’s poetic justice for such a dastardly character, but the actor is giving a tour de force. And I know many detest Genie Francis’s presence on Y&R, but Geneieve buying BON is awesome.
    We need good business storylines again!

    And didn’t Nikki look amazing this week?! That purple dress and her hair slicked back was a good look for her. Also, I would be crazy if I didn’t salute Stacy Haiduk for her portrayal of Patti. I don’t give a damn if you don’t Patti, she is a classic villainess and she reminds me why I watch soaps in the first place. She’s damaged and cunning yet so childlike. I think she’s fascinating…

    Although DAYS is still my number # 1 stunna, I’m kinda digging Y&R again!

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    Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t start this…lol

    But of course, I’m sure no one will be surprised that I totally agree. And it’s really nice to see someone say that they are enjoying Y&R. I think it’s pretty darn good right now, and I agree…the show hit rock bottom with that whole DIane murder mystery, but I’m enjoying it again now.

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    You are right Akbad806 because I for one will admit I have been bitching, moaning and throwing a temper-tamper, complaining a blue streak for last year and stopped watching completely for most of that time. Have the antics of MAB PISSED me off ABSOLUTELY but never a hater…the love is to deep, I so miss my CBS (all)soap(s), I want it to go back to the standard we all know Y&R can give fans. I’ve been a viewer of Y&R since ’73 in its debut as a pre-teen. I love CBS soaps. CBS, in their day had the BEST line-up of any network, which I know some would argue for their network. Fair enough. I did go back 1 time with Nikki’s return because MTS, she just ROCKS! Now, with the shooting of Jack I knew we would see all the Abbotts front & center plus PB would have different s\l other than a revenge plot story. PB would have a meaty story to show off his acting skills. I DVR since Jack’s shooting so I can FF the parts that still need to GO AWAY and I’m not going to give my complete support back until I see more changes in direction with the writing. I want the best for Y&R because regardless of mess MAB has created, I still have a deep love. Yes, SH was been a giving tour de force performance but I’m just tired of the Patti story, move on and let it be done please. Doug Davidson has been outstanding and how he ripped Ricky apart at the hospital, I was clapping and screaming out loud. MM is such a wonderful actor, “Adam” but MAB & cronies are trying with this story for redemption of Adam…but it is just to late I feel because they wrote him into a corner being a vile character. I like redemption of characters and can forgive but just can’t like Adam character they went way too far with Adam, Bill would never wrote Adam is such vile and nasty character if he wanted to keep him. Even Sheila, the best villain ever on a soap, he gave her what was coming to her and not to try all of sudden make Sheila likable, as they are doing to Gen, more “Laura like”, it don’t work. The mold has been cast and can’t reverse now. I just think if Y&R would go back to traditional story-telling with new writers it would take no time back on track with ratings still high, you would see the ratings skyrocket. Y&R was the only soap last week in ratings that lost viewers out the remaining soaps, It’s sweeps and not good start for Y&R. As for BON, I’m still HATE Gen I think GF needs to go, as for the story of her buying BON could have great possibilities if she sold to Jill, that would be awesome and give Jill a story. Did anyone see the interview with JW blasting the writers and they will probably punish JW as MTS. If that happens I will do the same thing and fight for Jill on canvas. I fought, twittered, sign petitions for MTS and wasn’t even watching because those are legendary characters that Y&R can’t lose. Yes, I think Y&R is better and crossing my fingers, but we will see. I agree about a corporate or business s\l, Bill always had a corporate s\l because he was the best in the biz with this type of story. Nobody was better then Bill Bell. Trying to be positive about Y&R. :)

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    @Harlee we, as soap fans, have to except that daytime will never be the same as it once was. The remaining shows have their work cut out for them if they want to remain on the air. GH is a critical disaster, B&B is more telenovela/sitcom than soap opera, DAYS is great drama though it sometimes looks like it belongs more on ABC family, and Y&R is trying but just doesn’t seem to be able to keep eyeballs focused on their storylines.

    I think if other characters besides Victor, Nikki, Nick, Victoria, Billy, Phyllis, Sharon, and Adam didn’t feel like an afterthought, maybe Y&R would be clicking on all cylinders again. The reason I love DAYS so much more right now is it’s sense of community. Salem feels like a place I’d want to live and have a modern-day “Peyton Place” esque that’s so juicy! Genoa City, Beverly Hills, and Port Charles just don’t operate in that same vein and that’s so sad. I want the lives of Tucker, Neil, Devon, Lily, Harmony, Jill, Daniel, Chloe, Michael, Kevin, Lauren, and Gloria to matter just as much as the Newmans and the Abbotts. Remember when EVERYBODY on “The Young and the Restless” was a must see character? Even on days where Victor or Jack or Katherine were absent, you were still engrossed by slow burning storylines that had you at the edge of your seat. If Bill Bell had written the BON storyline, it would have been FIYAH. I want that intensity for Y&R again, but that would be mean the current writing team would have to go. MAB is incapable of producing the classic powerhouse this soap has the potential to be.

    Sidebar: where did you read an article of Jess Walton calling out the hacks? I’d love to read it!

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    963 Posts are so right about DOOL and the whole feel of community. Lets hope they keep this up. Days has been on FIYAH! I’m loving Days now. As for B&B, I’m watching again and B&B has been must see lately, the scenes with DD & SC had last Wednesday was Emmy worthy scenes!! Brad has taken a step back and went traditional style stories. Rick & Amber, with Amber is written so much better by Brad then MAB. I’m trusting Brad for the reason of clearing out “Marones” never been my personal favorites. Could be he shoring up bringing on RJ, Alexandra and what’s hot right now with soaps is bringing back favorite characters so I love to see him rebuild Spectra\Garrison families like he did with the Spencers. Heather Tom, what can you say, Brad was so smart to scoop her up, Y&R should had never lost her as Victoria. Y&R has paid dearly for their mistake. I agree with you 100% about all characters were must see and balanced. I see your comments all the time on YT with Y&R clips, it’s just good soap and to see Y&R and how good and its shocking how it has changed since Bill’s passing. I’m there all the time too! Oh! I could imagine if Bill had done the story of BON, it would scorching hot! I feel Bill would had Victoria more involved in the story because it was Victoria’s baby she created. You know the saying “what is old is new again” I believe that in soaps again. What created the longevity of soaps was the emotional connections to fans to keep coming back, which has gotten lost over the past decade. It was from Soap Uncensored interview, commenting on the all the newbies, I shouldn’t said blasting but JW made a very strong point about soaps and Y&R. Let us see if this year Y&R switches gear and becomes more balance.

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    @harlee I’m a major B&B hater so don’t take my comments at heart. I just don’t like the feel that soap gives off, so I’m not a fan. I guess that means I should just shut my mouth lol.

    As for Victoria, she is not the same cutthroat businesswoman she was when HT played the role. AH is some flower child mess that is a combo of bad writing and acting. Even Villy have lost some of their spark. Goes to show romance is sorely Y&R which is a monstrosity. I’d love to see more of Michael and Lauren in a modern-day Tom and Alice Horton or Chris and Nancy Hughes vein commenting on the lives of more dynamic residents. Not saying Lauren should be a coffee pourer, but I would kill for a Lauren centered episode with voiceovers and the whole nine!

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    I took it as a personal betrayal when the show that was my second favorite after Days for so many years became a mindless, soul-less, plot-driven cartoon. Last May I reached the limits of my patience and completely stopped watching.

    While it’s good to hear fans saying nice things about Y&R, I don’t intend to include this show in my TV-viewing again until it gets at least two months of positive reviews. I’ve been burned one too many times.

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    I would like to see B&B take off in a totally new way. These two families have been explored to death.

    My idea for B&B:

    The Forrester’s host a tv show trying to find the next face of Forrester Creations. One male and one female. They have say 5 contestants of each gender living in a house. We flip back and forth between this “reality show” of the 10 contestants living together (and giving the actors guide lines and outlines of script but not actual dialog so it sounds and feels real). Then the Forresters are the ones who judge the contests and host the show. Imagine Stephanie, Ridge and Brook as judges on a reality show and the fights that S&B would get into. Maybe Eric or Rick could be the host of the show. As we are finding out more and more about these characters, we find a few of the model/characters that the show wants to keep as regulars. Then when the winner is announced, those characters go on to be part of the regular show as major characters that show us the modeling part of the business. In the mean time, we clean house with some of the characters to make room for the new directions we are going in, such as print layouts, internet, model’s lives etc. So the show is more upstairs/downstairs. We still have the glamorous folk that are the Forresters but we also have the struggling people who take the pix, are in the pix, work at the stores etc.
    Anyway that is my idea for expanding this show in a new direction. Then each year the Forresters can do another reality show. I would also love for the show to be more global. Why don’t they show in Paris and NY and Rome every year? Or London even. They don’t actually have to go ther but atleast talk about it! What about print? Do they ever do magazine spreads? Or do they ever have celebrity clients that they dress? Doesn’t Perez Hilton ever pan a Forrester dress? Fashion is a fun and drama filled world that I don’t think B&B really explores to its fullest potential. Ok every 5 years someone steals one of their collections (Always Spectre Fashions or whatever name it is). That is part of business but there are soooo many facets to it, and so much of it is being done on Bravo, Lifetime, and CW.
    I think it would be great to see that on B&B rather than just another inbred incestuous relationship. I can call some of my hill billy family if I want to see that!

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    You sure are looking mighty handsome in your new avatar picture!!! ;) ;)

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    HAHA…oh wow thanx Alstonboy. LOL. I saw my name and your name and I KNEW you were going to blast me again for being a MAB kiss-ass….LOL. Nice surprise tho!! LOL

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    Been sayin it for months, and twill continue. The low point was the creepiest, stupidest, weirdest, worst plot-line on Y&R — “Delia’s Transplant”. The worst ever since I’ve been watching since 1981. So, since then, The Show has had no-where to go but up.

    In fact, every time Chelsea comes on the screen, with her Myanmar baby, it reminds me of that low-point of The Restless. So, I say, before Daisy Dukes shows up next week, write them both off.

    Instead, agreeing with akbad, let’s have a business story-line that rips open both Lane and Villy. Put Cane and Victoria at Beauty of Nature; and watch both of Y&R’s favorite couples slowly come apart (a la Bill Bell). After all, Vicky is a smart business-woman who knows BoN backwards and forwards; and Cane is Gen’s son.

    Hey, even MTS has become tolerable to me. In December, the mascara was running down Nikki’s face…Her over-bubbling of her love for Victor ad nauseum…The endless parade of vodka bottles. Ugh. But this has given way to a tolerable Nikki in January. Deacon is gone, and Victor is out of jail. But for some reason, Nikki suddenly believes it is 1992…instead of 2012, and she is at Jack’s bed-side, like when they were married. But I say, if MTS is going to be on every day — at least she is sober, and not shining Victor’s shoes.

    Good to see Jill. I see they are working her into every scene possible. Katherine, Billy, Jeffrey — anything to see Jess Walton on the screen — which is good.

    Eye Candy is back. My girl Ash reappeared in mid-month — but she needs a story. A good one. Maybe Emily can make a play on Tucker. Strange that Ash is the bedrock stable babe of the Show.

    But more than anything, Y&R is better.

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    Y&R is more watchable than it has been in months. During the Delia/Where’s Billy storyline (and others), I kept flipping over to Judge Mathis. I remember one day when I never bothered flipping back to Y&R. This week I actually watched most of the show each day (one day I watched the whole thing). I’m still FFing Victor most of the time. He annoyed me saying he was going to revenge on Genevieve and Jack (before the truth came out) for buying a company that he allowed Adam to put up for sale. It’s not like BON was stolen. He put Adam in charge hoping to trip him up and instead got caught in his own trap, and someone who was not remotely involved with the scheme legally bought BON. And that calls for “revenge”? I can see Victor wanting to get BON back since he didn’t really intend for it to go, but there’s a difference between “get my company back” and “revenge”, which indicates someone did you wrong. Ugh.

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    [quote=hey mon]let’s have a business story-line that rips open both Lane and Villy. Put Cane and Victoria at Beauty of Nature; and watch both of Y&R’s favorite couples slowly come apart (a la Bill Bell).[/quote]
    This would actually make a good story line, and the fighting that would ensue btwn both of those couple’s fanbases would make for great ratings.

    It’s also soap writing 101 to throw the two top couples at each other, and see what happens.


    @stoney07 and alstonboy: GET A ROOOOOM! ;)

    Okay so I’ll try to watch again this week. I’ll see if I can make it through an episode.

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    David46208 please watch tomorrow’s US episode for some phenomenal performances by Tricia Cast and Peter Bergman. Plus, there’s a hilarious Phyllis boss bitch moment kind of like one similar to one between Jeanne Cooper and Kristoff St. John a few weeks back. Good stuff!

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    Hopefully tomorrow will be good… Just to see Miss Ash tell off Gen will be worth the wait. I’m liking that Ricky is telling his Dad off for being so very ultra-over-concerned about Patty.

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