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    And before the inevitable answer of “no one” and post after post about Sabrina being written off, let’s just accept the current reality that Sabrina is not going anywhere at the moment and work from that premise.

    Now I think that she should be paired with Franco. Since he also doesn’t look to be written off the show anytime soon I think GH should take a page from the Todd Manning rehabilitation play book and use a relationship with a “Goog Girl” to help in making Franco a viable character. Carly is a non-starter for a million reasons and the show needs to just give up on that pairing because it won’t work. However pairing Franco with Sabrina, a character he has never harmed and has no past history with, who could give him the opportunity to prove he is changed without the horrible baggage of beng responsible for her son being raped then maybe the character of Franco could actually be even back into the canvas of the show without enraging fans,
    Aldo a relationship with Sabrina would give Franco an opportunity to be heroic when Carlos and the Jerome’s mob activities inevitably put Sabrina in some sort of jeopardy.

    And if nothing else it would make it very easy to FF through Sabrina and Franco scenes if they were in a storyline together.

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