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    1) Josh Kelly as a re-cast Billy Abbott, and I believe that with Josh Kelly in the role of Billy, he would make a great Billy, that is for sure and he is like one of the fastest-rising stars in all of daytime, hell he was even in the Transformers movie, and if he were on Y & R, and especially in the role of a legacy character like Billy Abbott, he would shine in the role for sure

    2) Trevor St. John or Roger Howarth as a new character here on Y & R, especially if they came on as a dark character, they would be able to pull off the dark, brooding type especially here on Y & R, and imagine either one of them in scenes with Victor, Jack, Nick, etc., they would be able to pull it off quite well

    3) Terri Conn as a new character, maybe as a long-lost daughter of Jack, or as Matt Miller’s daughter making her Victor’s niece and Nick, Victoria, Abby, and Adam’s cousin

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    Y&R does not write for the good actors they do have so I’m going to disagree. In fact, Genoa City needs a natural disaster storyline to kill off half the canvas and start fresh.

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    @akbad806: Can the writers be a casualty as well?

    You are right Y&R need not adopt any actors from OLTL. They’d destroy what good they were on the other shows. But here is a suggestion. Why not recruit Lorraine Broderick to helm Y&R.

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    The role of Maria Bell is now being played by Kay Alden

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    I personally think Terry you was on the money about using Josh Kelly as “Eric Brady”, I don’t want Billy to be recasted because they have a strong actor in place for the part. I’m not trying to hurt OLTL fans but we don’t need a flood of OLTL actors on Y&R as new characters. Y&R just did that with GH’s alumni and look it ate up canvas time from Y&R’s vets. They need to CLEAN house and yes I will name them Chole, Adam, Avery, Sophia, YoHarmony, Phyllis, Cane & MOTHER, Patty-Emily, Gloria, Jeffery, Kevin, Ronan, Lily, Daniel, the singing mob princess. Ronan & Lily needs to be recasted. I don’t like the actor playing Ronan, never did. I didn’t like him on my beloved GL as “Shane”, way over-rated actor. Phyllis goes away, either prison or moves, Cane & mom is dead, a murder sucide by G after finding out Cane & G is exposed of having a sexual relationship, if Maria wants to do SVU ;) just kidding, Patty wrap up this character, time for change have Gloria, Jeffery & Kevin move. Sophia moves on with Malcolm off camera or have her die making Neil a single father. Mob story please, MOVE ON, Daniel goes to NYC for his art, Chole moves with Daniel. As much as I love DM but YoHarmony is a disaster in story. They should have casted DM as “Amy Lewis” which I stated long ago and sticking to my first thought on how Debbi could be successful, more approiate her character was on canvas through the ’80s and her father was Chief of Genona City, have her be a cop. Adam goes to jail. He can always be brought back in 2-3 yrs, redeemed and will have plenty of story to ask for forgiveness, go in new direction for the character because MAB made him so vile and I for one can’t accept Adam and keeps writing him darker and darker, they are writing this character in a corner.

    Ok, I would recast Ronan with Mark Lawson (Brody, is that his name?), he has proven with his story-lines on OLTL he got some acting chops and resembles Nina. I’m up for TC but I make her have immediate connection make her “Jennifer Foster” Snapper & Chris’s (yes Chris was blonde) daughter. Bring in Cameron M as Chuck Foster and Nina develop a relationship and pit Nina vs. Jill…Nina is going after another male family member. There would mayhem in the Chancellor mansion!! Bring back Drucilla!! |( recast Lily. Tucker he’s so part of the canvas now and he & Ashley do have chemistry, not sure what to do with the character. Tucker needs his own story-line, not connecting him to Katherine or Devon would help. Y&R could purge many character BUT still add to canvas in small amounts by giving them long history to other characters. It would open up for fresh direction with long standing Y&R characters. I said my piece, sorry so long guys, I have to get this off my chest, I miss my Y&R so much. :((

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    Terri Conn as Jennifer Foster, Snapper and Chris’ daughter, I love it, and as Jennifer Foster she can be a love interest for Adam Newman

    Re-cast Ronan, I agree with that too, with Mark Lawson playing Ronan, I agree with this a whole lot

    And how about SORASing Kyle Abbott, Austin Williams as Kyle Abbott

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    A good Chance Chancellor re-cast would be John-Paul Lavoisier as Chance, because he actually could pass for being Philip Chancellor III’s son especially looks wise, and with JPL on Y & R especially as Chance, with him in the role, he would make Chance more likeable

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