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    Since the mid-70s I have watched at one time or another the following daytime soaps:

    Another World
    As the World Turns
    Ryan’s Hope
    Santa Barbara
    The City

    OLTL has been my favorite in recent years and the only one that I still watch daily. I want to hear from fans of other shows, now that my beloved OLTL is on the way out – which of the remaining soaps should I start watching again? Tell me why your favorite show is the best and is worth me potentially getting my heart broken (yet again) when it gets cancelled in the not-too-distant future.

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    This isn’t a pissing contest but this is the list of shows I have watched on some sort of regular basis at some points that it was on tv:
    Days almost it’s entire run since 1972 did not watch faithfully during the JER years and early 2000s. Boycotted for about 3 years after AW went off.
    Another World 1972 till its finale
    Somerset 1972 to the end
    Lovers and Friends/For Richer For Poorer from begining to end
    How To Survive a Marriage from begining to end
    Return To Peyton Place from begining to end
    The Doctors from 1972 till about 6 months before it end
    Texas start to finish
    Search For Tomorrow (NBC) start to finish
    Santa Barbara start to (less frequently after A Martinez left)finish
    Guiding Light 1980s some of the 1990s (big draw for me was Pam Long and Kim Zimmer)
    As The World Turns 1980s off and on till it ended (Doug Marland was master story teller)
    Bold and The Beautiful 1980s 1990s (Never my fav but I LOVED Stephanie and Sally Spectre)
    Y&R since 1983 (amazing show in the 80s and early 90s.)
    Ryan’s Hope the last 2 years (had alot of potential to continue went off way before it should have.)

    Soaps are NOT anything that they used to be in terms of writing. We as an audience didn’t care that much about sets (we like them lit right and nicely decorated). We did like to gossip about what such and such was wearing. We liked to talk about who did what to whom and how many times they could get to the altar or sleep with who’s father, brother and brother in law. We enjoyed the occasional murder who dunit or the once in a while identity issue (mult personality or twin or facelift) but that is NOT why we watched. It is ALL about the character and how much we LOVE and ADORE him or her OR them as a couple. If you just put them on screen with a good tale, (preferably something for us to wag our tongues about), we really are happy. Oh we bicker and fight and say we don’t like this or that but when we are attached to a character, and they are in the zone with a story, our faces are planted to the screen.

    I am totally sure and positive Y&R will be the last man standing unless something drastic happens in the future. I would say from what you are saying about OLTL being your favorite that you like a vet cast with a nice mix of younger ones. Y&R for all its flaws currently still has one of the best vet casts. They don’t always get enough face time on the show. But they are still there. Maria Bell has been learning on the job and the show has improved. So it is NOT the Bill Bell show. It is still the best soapon daytime to me ( I never got into OLTL. it crashes and burns itself as often as it is good).

    I am hopeful for Days. It sounds like perhaps the show might be making something of a come back. Right now is NOT the time to start watching it though….. unless you like bad acting, stories about 4 year olds, and overly used and contrived plot devices. Then by all means do watch lol. Wait till August. It sounds like it is gonna be the biggest blood bath since the Salem Strangler!

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    If you liked OLTL a lot, I would recommend B&B. They have similar themes and tones. Both are super campy and lots of comedy. That show is not bad.

    Y&R. I hate MAB’s writing. I don’t think the show has improved. MAB always does 4 super great episodes and it goes back to sh-t for like 2 months.

    I’m enjoying Days more recently. It was crap for a while, but it has picked up speed.

    I’m finding GH to be in a boring slump.

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    One LIfe to Live is closest to B&B. They are kind of the same show as far as stories. Both are not tooo serious. They both have comedy, camp, and drama combined. They both use vets regularly.

    But to me, of ALL the soaps, NBC, CBS, and ABC….The Young and the Restless remains the BEST soap. MAB is a pretty good writer, despite what most will say. But I WILL step out on a limb and say that Y&R, even right now, is consistently the best soap out there. Sure it has its duds as far as storylines, and it can be a bit over the top now…and there are a lot of villains that come to town every year, BUT….I still find the show interesting, entertaining, and at the end of the day, Y&R still has its HEART…which is missing from most of the rest of daytime.

    Y&R still has its family drama. You still care about the characters. You still recognize the characters…and it’ll probably be the easiest for you to get reacquainted with. Because a lot of the vets are still there and in front burner story.

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