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    I don’t watch them all but I suspect that the Only Soaps that are going to be left are….

    Y/R, B/B for CBS and thats it.

    Days for NBC.

    GH and AMC for ABC.

    So OLTL will be the one that is the next to go. My thought why the others will stay are this.

    Y/R and B/B are the top in ratings and around the world. EBraedon as Victor is the anchor of the show and the most well known.

    Days for NBC has Allison Sweeny doing the bigest loser and she is actually the star of the show. Along with Super couple Bo and Hope.

    GH and AMC have legacy characters such as Luke Spencer and Erica Kane.

    What do you all think?

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    I think it wil be a dang shame to lose OLTL, which has to be the most consistantly improving show of the last half dozen years at least. It has been taking some hits the last year, I know, but it is the one show giving me the history, the interwoven canvas of veteran and young/hip/hop/whatever cute term I’m not cool enough to know! They are not perfect but what other ABC show is writing a over 50 love quadrangle? Adults Tea and Blairs age, along with their teens, tweens, college age and young professional adults? I feel like OLTL is trying to follow what I am trying to get across that I want to see.

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    The final two standing, if ANY more have to go, will hopefully be GH and Y&R!!! AMC is constantly improving, though, but their ratings don’t seem to reflect the improvements in the writing staff. OLTL, for me, is the worst soap on the air—hardly unwatchable. Dunno what the hell Frank and Ron are doing over there, but I do know what they AIN’T doing—-telling compelling stories!!!!!!!!!! Such a disappointment.

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    My guess…if and when more are cancelled

    OLTL will be next to go
    Followed by Days or AMC
    Followed by whichever one outlasted the other
    Followed by GH
    Followed by BB
    Followed by YR

    why I say this – OLTL is cheaper to produce than AMC but as Mysterio pointed out it has the least iconic characters. I worry about Day because its the only show on NBC which would make it easy for NBC to decide to go soapless. ABC seems to consider GH its flagship and given that AMC is now on the west coast, my guess is they would cherry pick a few people from the AMC cast and combine them into GH as able. You know RB would survive in some fashion (as would probably Cameron Mathison)

    BB – that could change when some of these folks decide to retire – they just dont seem to have the young talent to make the next generation work – but right now the international revenue and the fact that its 30 minutes help.

    YR (which is the only show I have no investment in btw) will be the last one standing.

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    As of this posting I completely agree with you EET and on the way things will fall, but with that said IF BB can get a decent younger generation going I could totally see it outliving them all just based on the international success

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    I agree with the common list except for one thing. I think ABC will drop its shows in one fell swoop. It would make more sense to just drop all of them and alienate the whole group of people than to limp along losing the audience a little bit at a time. That way they can bring on tv such as HGTV, Lifetime, Food Network, and whatever Oprah comes up with. I think as soon as SoapNet is gone, that is the countdown for ABC soaps.

    I would like to see Days go to CBS and have a strong line up there. I think its ratings would improve to some degree and would have more money to play with. They still need a new hw and a couple of vets to stimulate the show but I think a Y&R B&B DAYS lineup could well keep soaps on tv for 5 to 10 more years.

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