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    Well from what we do now of Alexis’ backstory when she did conceive Sam was that she was a teenager approximately 16 years old in 1980 when Sam was in fact born and Sam was born in Maine apparently

    At the time Alexis went by the name of Natasha Cassadine and according to spoilers this week, Anna and Alexis end up talking about Sam’s past but also about just who Sam’s father could be, and from the looks of it it looks like Sam’s father is someone we all know, but the question being who is it?

    Personally for me my pick, as for who I think Sam’s father is: Frisco Jones, and I will tell you why I think Frisco is Sam’s father

    Because Alexis and Frisco have never seen each other face to face in Port Charles yet, perhaps there could be a reason for that and not to mention I don’t think Alexis and Frisco ever even met the last time Frisco was ever in town and since Frisco is a spy he could have been using an alias at the time when he and Alexis could have met and then perhaps they could have had a one-night stand or even a fling which could have resulted in Sam being the product

    Or hell if Frisco was the same age as Alexis being a teenager himself, that maybe Frisco could have been at the same boarding school as Alexis and he & her could have had a relationship with one another with Mikkos finding out about it

    Plus with Sam being Frisco’s daughter, that makes Sam and Maxie half-sisters but also it makes Sam Georgie’s half-sister too but also Danny Sam’s son would be Frisco’s grandson which then would keep Frisco in town but also it would tie Sam to the Jones family because Tony Jones would have been Sam’s uncle and Lucas Jones would be Sam’s cousin

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