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    Lead Actor: Peter Bergman (Jack) , Eric Braeden (Victor), Christian LeBlanc (Michael) and Tristan Rogers (Colin)

    Braeden’s Victor is a shell of his former suave and debanior self, so I don’t see winning anything but penicillin once Diane is through with him. LeBlanc is talented, but didn’t really do much in 2010 except spit out legal jargon and almost get killed by Patty during the Doppleganger madness. And didn’t Rogers start like the day before yesterday??? Why is he nominated and in Lead? He didn’t drive much until recently with Cane’s death. My money is on Peter Bergman if a Y&R actor takes home the gold because Jack rocks no matter how bad the material.

    Lead Actress: Y&R’s Jeanne Cooper (Kay), Stacy Haiduk (Patty), Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki).

    I’m torn on this one, but I would love to see my Nikki standing on the stage this year. Oh when the drinking storyline started, I was so excited and MTS did not disappoint. For the times in years, Nikki was relevant and thrived as the messy mistress of the Newman Estate. Hell, my first memory of Y&R is Nikki drunk in the snow! Haiduk is my girl, but the twin Patty and Sarah thing really did not do her any favors. Sidebar: I think someone *cough* Stafford *cough* conspired to get Haiduk off the show due to the airtime the latter was getting.

    Outstanding Supporting Actor Pre-Nominees:

    Y&R’s Jeff Branson (Ronan), Doug Davidson (Paul), Billy Miller (Billy), John Driscoll (Chance), Darius McCrary (Malcolm), Greg Rikaart (Kevin) and Michael Muhney (Adam).

    Davidson was my pick last year in Lead, but he lost and I don’t remember anything stellar involving Paul since Patty left the canvas. Branson still reminds of creepy Jonathan on AMC and I can’t get with him, especially as Nina’s long-lost son. Miller had his moment last year and Driscoll will more than likely bore anyone to tears in his tapes as his drippy Chance was dull all throughout 2010 and even to this day. Rikaart, another former Emmy winner, isn’t the same and seems to be phoning in Kevin since the character isn’t burning down resturants and stalking teenage girls anymore. Ah, how I long for the days of yore LOL. And I won’t dignify McCrary even thinking he could win on a scratch off with his buffoon ass, let alone a Daytime Emmy. So I think Muhney should be awarded for his AWESOME performances. The cabin scenes as well as anything in New Orleans opposite Sharon Case will guartnee Muhney at least a nomination if not the win itself.

    Outstanding Supporting Actress Pre-Nominees:

    Y&R’s Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren), Tricia Cast (Nina), Amelia Heinle (Victoria), Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe), Julia Pace Mitchell (Sofia), Eden Riegel (Heather), Marcy Rylan (Abby), Laura Stone (Skye) and Sean Young (Meggie).

    Nina at Chance’s funeral and finding out Ronan is her son…nuff said. Sorry, ladies!

    Outstanding Younger Actor Pre-Nominees:
    No Y&R nominees in this category

    Outstanding Younger Actress Pre-Nominees:
    Y&R’s Emily O’Brien (Jana).

    This character is so hit or mess (is she a bitch or isn’t she?) that I really don’t see her winning, but stranger things have happened…Drew Tyler Bell…

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