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    Personally in my opinion after the way Steve Burton left GH the way he did to go to Y & R, I personally feel that the role of Jason Morgan should be re-cast but I know everyone says that no one can replace Steve Burton as Jason but I beg to differ. People said that no one could replace Roger Howarth as Todd Manning but yet Trevor St. John was able to until he was revealed to be Todd’s twin brother Victor Lord, Jr. but nevertheless Jason could be re-cast and Jason’s death was pretty much open-ended because yes we did see Jason get shot in the back by Faison and then kicked into the harbor at Pier 52 with no body, which means it is almost a certainty that Jason is alive and well but that everyone believes him to be dead but my picks for a re-cast Jason are:

    1) Eric Martsolf who plays Brady Black on Days of Our Lives and played Ethan Winthrop on Passions, he would be perfect as a re-cast Jason Morgan and he has the right look for Jason too and not to mention Days they rarely use him these days if only to be a patsy for Kristen DiMera and personally I feel that if Eric Martsolf left Days to come to GH, that he should be in a bigger role and what bigger role is there than that of Jason Morgan? I personally think EM could step into the role of Jason quite easily and make it his own considering no one thought that he could replace Kyle Lowder who played Brady Black before and EM did, so if he were here on GH, he could have chemistry with Kelly Monaco who plays Sam

    2) Jason Lewis he is another pick as a re-cast for Jason, and if you can’t see why I chose him, IMDB him and you will see what he looks like

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