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    I found this article at We Love Soaps, that if analyzed properly, sheds new light on the subject of why ABC is distroying its daytime line up as well as Soapnet.
    “ABC stands as the dominant broadcast network for women viewers, according to an analysis by Brad Adgate, research director, Horizon Media, MediaDailyNews reported.
    The research states that 65.1% of ABC viewers are women for its primetime programming. Of its primetime shows, PRIVATE PRACTICE comes in at 76%.
    The other networks post percentages that favor male viewers. CBS came in at 58.4%; Fox, 56.5%; NBC, 54.5% and the CW, 59.5%. Analysts explain that ABC’s serial dramas and soaps draw more women than CBS, which airs more crime procedural shows that male viewers tend to watch. NBC’s comedies and Fox’s animated comedies also draw more men than women.Some cable networks also bring in more women than men: Lifetime brings in 74% as its women viewers; WE, 75%; Oxygen, 70%; Food Network, 64%; Bravo, 72%; OWN, 73%; E!, 70% and VH1, 61%.The largest percentage of women viewing any network, broadcast or cable, belongs to SOAPnet, at 83%. Conversely, the networks with the least amount of women viewers are the Golf Channel, at 24%; NFL Network, 28% and Versus, 30%. ”
    It is obvious to me that ABC “thinks” it has too many female viewers and is going after small kids and men.
    SOAPNET has 83 % female viewers…… hmmmm I actually thought that that SHOULD make advertisers very very happy considering that women shop and buy way more stuff than men do.
    And apparently 65 percent of ABC’s audience is women as well….. Way too much aparently. Yes they have to purse strings in the house but EVERYONE else is targeting the men so well shouldn’t they jump on that band wagon too!? God forbid they be different or stand out! So since Soapnet and daytime soaps are heavily female lets cut it down to say Food Network levels of 64 percent female viewers. That should help balance out ABCs apparent female to male ratio. I mean why would one want to please advertisers anyway? They only pay the bills.
    ABC needs to sit back and examine these figures. They are sitting on a gold mine and don’t have sense enough to know it. (target markets = higher revenue folks in the tv industry….. I knew ya knew that just wanted to say it…. women = revenue. Except for single men, women do the shopping….. unless you are selling footballs, baseball cards, or bass boats)
    Keep the soaps, say you are sorry and stop beating up your audience……..

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    As to further evidence that ABC wants to draw more men into its fold there are four new shows that are geared towards men in their primetime lineup.
    Man Up, Last Man Standing, Charlies Angels, and Pan Am. They are also adding Jeff Foxworthy to the show Shark Tank. And ofcourse Saturday night is College Football….?

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    [quote=marknsprmo]As to further evidence that ABC wants to draw more men into its fold there are four new shows that are geared towards men in their primetime lineup. Last Man Standing[/quote]

    It WAS last man standing but on imdb now, it says last days of man I don’t know why it was changed it. I like last man standing better.

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    Just for sh*ts and giggles, and not because they care about soaps, I thought it might be interesting to hear what the opposing camp (male viewers) think about male versus female viewership in primetime. I thought the articles and the comments (from he-men types) made interesting reading. If you can’t click thru using the links, the blogs can be googled easily enough. Cheers! and

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