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    This scene here of Sarah Michelle Gellar sums up why the so-called reformed Kendall as played by AM was never Kendall.

    To me Alicia was to AMC what Bedhead is to Y&R as Victoria.

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    David, this was a hot-button issue for me for years.

    Back in the days when my friends and I still cared about AMC we would always argue over this. I just never fully accepted Alicia Minshew as Kendall. Despite all her fans, her acting was never more than passable IMO.

    And Sarah Michelle’s Kendall was much too self-absorbed to be all about having kids.


    @SoapArmageddon: Part of what was lost was the the antagonistic relationship. Suddenly Kendall became a damsel in distress. Not the strong woman she was the first time around. It was jarring for me. It was as if Kendall had a doppelganger who didn’t know who Kendall was. Ha!

    When SMG would enter into a scene you knew it was going to be good. With AM all that magic was lost.

    I think the reason why SL and SMG didn’t get along was because “game recognizes game.” SMG would have taken over AMC if she stayed. LOL


    Here she is at the therapist. Man she was good.

    And when she finds out Mona died.

    It just never got better then this.

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    Alicia worked just fine for me as Kendall. I loved both her and Sarah in the role.

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    You better leave my girl, alone. ;) Alicia Minshew was great as Kendall. My only complaint was that she sometimes seemed to have trouble controlling her breathing while doing heavy dramatic material. I sometimes wondered if the poor baby was gonna have an asthmatic attack or something. But other than that, I enjoyed her portrayal.

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    Loved both versions of Kendall!


    @alstonboy4315: I think Alicia could have done very well as an original character. But the Emmy winning future primetime and film star SMG could not be matched. ;)

    Kendall went from “Bitch I’ll cut you!” to “save me Zack!” lol

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