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    I am not shocked or disappointed that Crystal Chappell is leaving even though Carly was my favourite character during her original stint in the 90s. Here’s three big reasons why her return flat-out sucked:

    1) It ruined her happy ending
    Carly rode off into the sunset with Lawrence and their son Nikki to live happily ever after. But what do we get in 2009? A retcon where Lawrence turned into an abusive, evil creep who stole her baby! So basically they rode off into the sunset only for Lawrence to torture and torment Carly. How wonderfully romantic! And to top it off….
    —->A: After all his character growth, Lawrence was KILLED OFF (which is bad enough) and then retroactively made evil! Totally lame and totally insulting to Lawrence fans.
    —->B: Carly’s a murderess! Oh yay, a heroine who kills. Just what I want to see.
    Not only did Carly’s romantic ending get the shaft, but now her relationship with son Nikki is down the shitter, too!

    2) The Hope/Bo/Carly triangle fell flat
    Nothing differentiated this triangle from the typical Hope/Bo/Billie triangle other than the name of the character! Their first mistake was pretending that Hope knew about Carly. Bo and Hope never sat down and discussed Carly after Hope came back from the dead, so this must have happened off screen. But this was a mistake. Carly should have waltzed back into town and sought out Bo, leaving Hope wondering who this beautiful woman is with a connection to her husband. She could suss out the truth from someone like Victor and then confront Bo about why he failed to mention Carly, the first woman he loved after Hope, in all the years she’s been back. Some resentment on Hope’s part about Bo never mentioning Carly could have added some much-needed tension to this triangle, and it would make sense for Hope to second-guess Bo’s feelings.

    3) She was attached to two characters who suck
    Great. Now Carly has an insta-kid in the form of MEGA-ANNOYING Melanie, and to top it off, the dad is Dr. Dud, Daniel Jonas! Just silly.

    In the end, I’m not sorry to see her go. Vivian’s return was also an utter failure for similar reasons, the most important being she simply wasn’t threatening or scary enough. Ooooh Viv’s gonna push Melanie off a roof…spooky! Quite frankly, the show moved on from characters like Vivian after she left in early 2000, and as I feared, they didn’t know how to make her work after all that time away. Sad. But at least Days has cut their losses.

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