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    1) Characters
    Days focuses on way too many new, useless, disposable characters (Melanie, Rafe, Daniel, Gabi, “Abigail” [wtf, she’s always been ABBY Deveraux) Dario, Chloe, Taylor just to name a few) and has made the show all about them. All of those folks should be fired! This has come at the expense of characters with history who DESERVE to be on Days helluva lot more than those folks, like Marlena, John, Jack, Lucas, Carrie, and Austin. Why is Roman on contract when he’s never used? Hell, why haven’t they recast him with Wayne Northrop, the REAL Roman? Stefano used to be a truly frightening villain, so why has he been reduced to an organ-stealing diabetic?! Why are Lexie and Abe even together? They aren’t a supercouple—she’s cheated on him multiple times and he’s a verbally, emotionally, and borderline physically abusive creep. Why isn’t Lexie a true DiMera villainess? The return of Carly has been a bust from the get-go. Justin and Adrienne essentially reunited in ONE EPISODE without any build-up or follow-up. Their original wedding is one of Days’ highest-rated episodes ever, and their new, reunion wedding occurred off-screen! What is this show thinking?! To top it off, the series revolves around Sami Brady. It’s sickening that the psycho who spent the 90s torturing her sister is now the lead heroine of Days. And the second lead female character of this show is Nicole, someone brought on as the love interest of a character who hasn’t been on this show in over a DECADE!!! The show’s leading man, EJ, is a joke. First of all, he was horribly SORASed which was bad enough. But then they pissed all over his mother Susan’s infamous exit storyline and rewrote his backstory. This is extremely, terribly insulting because EJ is not even HALF the character his mother Susan Banks was!

    2) Writing
    Dena Higley’s writing is dreadful. Her stories lack humor and charm. They take themselves way too seriously. There is no sense of identity with this show—it can’t decide if it wants to be campy/sci-fi or traditional/character-driven. Days has pulled off a mixture of both over the years, but Higley lacks the finesse to make it flow together. Her stories aren’t exciting. They’re essentially previous stories rehashed with different characters. It’s awful. There is no sense of fun, no sense of creativity, and certainly no sense of DRAMA. Where is the build-up? Where is the pay-off? Where is the imagination?

    3) Production Values
    Days has got to be the most horribly lit show on daytime. The actors all glow a disturbing purple or orange hue. The sets are WAAAAY too bright! Remember when the lighting used to be moody and atmospheric? Look at the Cheatin’ Heart: it used to be a darkly-lit set (makes sense because it’s a BAR), but now it glows a weird orange colour. And how in the f**k does it make sense for the pier and the park to be ONE SET?! NO! The pier and the park are two separate, distinct sets and always have been.

    I applaud Days for moving Suzanne Rogers to the front-burner—she proved her acting chops to the new generation in ’03 when Maggie was targeted and then seemingly murdered by the Salem Stalker. But even this is not without flaw—Maggie’s “relationship” with Victor has come at the expense of Caroline, Victor’s TRUE love, who has been utterly destroyed as a character to prop “Magic”.

    The only other compliment I can give Days is for throwing Alice a decent memorial (although not perfect though several important characters were excluded), and for having Kate marry Stefano.

    I don’t watch Days anymore and haven’t in years, but I catch it from time to time. It’s a sad shell of its former self. I used to love this show in the 90s and I wish I could watch it again, but as long as the show looks like crap, is written by a horrible head writer, and features characters I just plain don’t like, I can’t bring myself to do it.

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    You don’t like Nicole? I love Ari Zucker and Nicole. :) :)

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    I initially liked Nicole when she was Eric’s girlfriend and had a mysterious past and took Kate’s bribe to marry Lucas for $5 million. But I started to hate her when she faked cancer to break up Eric and Greta. I didn’t find her interesting again until under JER’s pen when she teamed up with Jan. And I haven’t been feeling her 2008-present run at all. She is just one of those characters who really has NO ties to anyone on the canvas.

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    Nicole and Chloe are both useless to me. DAYS would be so much better if it invested in someone like Sarah Buxton (ex-Annie, Sunset; ex-Morgan, B&B) to play Kristen Blake or Tom Phelphey to play Nicholas Alamain or one of Justin and Adrianne’s boys. This show needs talent which it is sorely lacking. DAYS is like an afterthought and it’s currently boring. Rarely has this soap surprised me since I started tuning back in. UGH!!!!

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    Sorry, but the role of Kristen Blake, in my opinion, belongs to Eileen Davidson.

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    @Alstonboy, I know I’m just taking lemons and making lemonade….notice I didn’t dare mention Susan.

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    I’d rather see Susan again than Kristen. Since Sony owns both Y&R and Days, they should let Eileen Davidson do a one or two episode appearance as Susan and FIX how they destroyed EJ’s backstory.

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    Alistarcrane you pretty much nailed everything that is wrong with Days. But I did want to make a few comments. I think that Sami deserves to be a major player on Days. As it’s heroine? Well maybe she might have stayed a little more villianous. However AW successfully transitioned Rachel from bitch to shows lead, and people DO change occasionally in real life too so I am not sure that I hate the idea of Sami being he leading lady as much as you do. (Although Jennifer would be more suited perhaps). I would love for Days to beef up the Hortons. There are so many of them and alot of them have been out of town for so long that they must have alot of stories by now. I think it would be better to build on the Horton family than to have to start all over with the Hernandez family which is just really a latino version of the Brady clan. And not even as charismatic as the original. All the Brady kids had some spark about them. The Hernandez’s are pretty lack luster. Heck I like Fo Rafe better than the real one.

    They could bring Doug and Julie back, give them a night club where people could hang out, and then layer in different Hortons. I would also eventually like to see Jack return with Jen.

    As far as story is concerned, I think making the daily episodes more interesting and compelling would be where I would start. It can be a real drudge to try to watch Days. Some of the actors are engaging and try to make the show interesting to watch but the sets are so bad, the dialog so repititious(lol even our complaints about this show are repititious because they never fix it), there is not enough interaction between different groups of people. You keep seeing the same characters over and over in scenes together.

    If Gabi and Abbey are gonna be viable characters, the show needs to pair them up with some of the shows better actresses like they did with Molly to get their acting up to par. Plus get rid of their baby names and call them Abigail and Gabrielle. It is hard to believe them as adults in training calling them Gabi and Abbey….. Abigail could spend alot more time with her mom. Maybe pair Gabrielle up with Maggie or Sami. Or scrap the whole thing and just give us Chill, which is what we want anyway! Chad “could” be a straight character and I could see him with a girl but Will is so akward with girls, I am not sure I even believe he has a hetero gene in him. The chemistry is definately between them and not with their girlfriends.

    Cut some losses. Daniel, Molly, Chloe, Carly, they could all dissapear and we would not notice.

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    It’s interesting that you write about the lack of characterization in Days because I think that consistency of characterization is one of this soap’s strengths.

    Sometimes on soaps female characters seem to have no internal motivation for their actions. They are simply mean or a victim or nuts. For example, Madison on AMC – I have no idea who this woman is, she is defined by the terrible things that happen to her. There are times when I cannot differentiate her from Marissa another totally undefined character. I have no idea why she likes Scott, except for the fact that he is handsome and nice.

    However on Days, – although the plots are silly, and everyone seems to live in one of three houses despite being so wealthy that nobody goes to work on a daily basis – we know why the characters do what they do. Sami was forever changed by Marlena’s affair on the boardroom table. EJ struggles between good and evil and question of whether being born a Dimera means that he has to act like a Dimera. Nicole wants whatever she can’t have because Fey didn’t care for her as much as her siblings. The motivations remain the same it’s just the plots that change.

    So – while I think that there are a lot of things that are wrong in Salem, and Alister’s list was fairly comprehension – I don’t think that character is one of them.

    Finally, I think, soap fans have to stop looking backward in hopes of saving the soaps. The return of Marlena is not going to suddenly turn Days into Gone with the Wind. This type of thinking hasn’t allowed any new soaps to flourish in the past decade and without new soaps or new characters there will be nothing left in the next decade. Case in point, Melanie – a character who everyone hated when she first came on, but with some further development Melanie could easily drive story for the next ten years and it would keep me interested. I am trying to be positive about new families and new characters in the hopes that one will stick and move the story forward.

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    Marlena’s presence may not save Days from cancellation but she certainly deserves to be on this show a HELLUVA lot more than the disgusting Melanie! GMAFB. The idea of “going forward” is not going to save Days. That’s a fallacy. ALL of the four remaining soaps have an expiration date. The best thing to do is reward the LOYAL fans who love characters like Marlena, John, Jack, and Lucas and bring them back to the show and write good stories for them. Teenagers aren’t suddenly going to start soaps and save them.

    Also, I never said anything was wrong with Days’ characterization. I said it’s a show full of characters who shouldn’t be on it, and it’s a show that centres around the wrong characters.

    With characters like Melanie and Rafe eating up the show, Days has lots its identity. True Days characters like Marlena, John, Jack, Carrie, etc. can restore Days’ sense of identity and make this show RECOGNIZABLE and worth watching again.

    the thoery of opposites

    In addition is when you got the fabulous actors like Renee Jones and James Reynolds (Lexie and Abe) running chasing kids literally. Now that is a waste of two talented actors. I want me some more bad Lexie!

    Jennifer without Jack is not good.



    Cut some losses. Daniel, Molly, Chloe, Carly, they could all dissapear and we would not notice.[/quote]

    You got that right Nadia is dead weight as Chloe. All she ever does is blink those fake eye lashes and look surprised all the time.

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    I was a huge Phloe fan back in the day, and I wish they had written Chloe out with Philip a few weeks ago. This “new” incarnation of Chloe that we’ve been getting since 2007 is awful! Nadia Bjorlin has never been a good actress but at least she used to be likeable. Chloe hasn’t been entertaining in TEN YEARS!

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