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    I am really feeling a vibe that the current head writers know what they are doing. Here is why I think that. They inherited this rather boring college web site story line. They tried to make it work but it just didn’t happen. They realized it was a stinker of a plot and quickly worked to get it out of the show. There was a rather rushed finish but that finish drove new stories (pushing Chad and Mel together, building Abby’s crush on Austin, etc). Hopefully things for the teen set continue on their interesting new paths.

    Oh….and have to say that Chandler Massey has been KILLING it lately as Will.

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    I must say the show did finally did something with that story. Lightning speed quick but something. I am glad they didn’t drag it out longer.
    Oh and Chandler is the man! He is on fire lately. I bet he is making other people jealous with the material he has gotten! But he has been spot on perfect! I am so glad that he understands the dynamics of his relationship with his mom and knows who she is deep down. Most of his career on the show Sami has more or less been the good guy. It is nice that he understands her and continues to be her moral compass after all these years. Will has been doing this since he was a kid.

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    I was blaming the writers for creating this website story. I’m glad for the reminder that it was another one of Dena Higley’s aborted babies. How did that woman get so far in this business?


    Under JERK and Higley they would have spent the entire week in the town square with that gun to them and finally made it to the hide-away-spot by the end of Friday’s episode.

    The next week would have been endless reciting of the same lines over and over again with the story moving an inch a day.

    The random day player villains would have been on every day for 2 months spending most of their time in that room watching the captives on a camera and engaging in needless banter, because one would have to be a bumbling idiot.

    Eventually the actors would have given up trying, looking visibly annoyed and fans would have been tuning out by the hundreds of thousands.

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    These writers are proteges of the late, great James E. Reilly—that’s why Days is so good right now, because they are writing in his style and carrying on his legacy. If you’ll recall, Jim Reilly is the best head writer of Days in the last 20 years, and that includes both his stints.

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    I do realize that they wrote on Passions under Reilly but the show today doesn’t really resemble the Days of the Reilly era to me. I loved a lot of early Reilly stuff but then he lost me.



    One of the best assessments of his not so good second time around:

    I have heard a lot of charges levelled at Mr. Reilly, most of them deserved: the female characters either whiny or witchy, the men passive; the out-there storylines; the dependence on love triangles. But to me the most maddening things about his writing are the lack of character consistency, and the lack of a story arc. I’ll use a minor example to illustrate my point.

    Carrie comes back to town, and announces that she is divorced from the man she left Salem with (Mike) and, almost immediately after, that she’s still in love with Austin. She hasn’t seen him in years, but no matter. Similarly, it is revealed that Austin is in fact still in love with Carrie too, although we’ve seen no buildup for that either. But they have a past, so fine. They reconnect, and everything is going swimmingly, when they are separated by two schemes so laughably transparent that I won’t even dignify them by typing them out. Carrie then turns to Lucas, Austin’s brother, and marries him in about two seconds. Austin has no choice then but to turn to Sami, Carrie’s sister (to complete the symmetry, apparently) and they also make plans to wed. All this happens in about a month of viewing time (Salem time: a minute and a half).

    Then JER decides that his work is done, and nothing further happens. I mean nothing. Everyone talks about how surprising it is that Carrie is marrying Lucas. They talk about how much Carrie and Austin were “meant to be.” They corner Carrie and Austin separately and interrogate them: “But don’t you really love Austin, huh, Carrie? Dontcha? Dontcha?” And so it would be going on to this day if JER hadn’t been fired and the new headwriter hadn’t dispatched this incestuous quad.

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    [quote=SonnySprocket]I do realize that they wrote on Passions under Reilly but the show today doesn’t really resemble the Days of the Reilly era to me. I loved a lot of early Reilly stuff but then he lost me.[/quote]

    In addition to Passions, Marlene wrote for Days during JER’s original stint in the 90s. Frankly, Jim Reilly is the best head writer in the history of Days, so the fact that his proteges are now writing the show is good news. They get that we love John/Marlena, Carrie/Austin, Bo/Hope, and Jack/Jennifer. They get that we love supercouples. They know how to tell interesting stories. And that’s all because they learned from the master!

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    AlistairCrane (because we all know it is you!) James Reilly wasn’t even the second or third best head writer Days ever had. I will give you top ten just because they have had some stinkers. I did enjoy some of JER’s writing the second time around namely the serial killer story up until they all got to the island and the story fell apart. Marlena is the serial killer and all those really well done killer scenes were great. I even wanted the rest of the cast to join them on the island and just make that the home of Days. Another thing I will say for the man, he did not create alot of characters. However he just twisted the character like a pretzel to fit his stories. THAT I hated about him. He commited character assasination on Michael, Marlena, Jennifer, Jack, Bill and Laura, John, Roman (Roman has still never recovred from his weak characterization) Austin, basically anyone else who could be considered a good guy, he gutted their characteristics till they were just these simpy wimpy stupid people who were puppets of the Gods (the bad guys mostly) I might have even followed his bizarre stories better if I hadn’t hated what he did to all my beloved characters. However I can not even think of appreciating those vapid meaningless stories that only moved during sweeps period. People basically repeated dialog in march, april, june, july, sept and oct, Dec and Jan. So we really only got 4 months out of the year plus christmas to even have stories. Otherwise, two people might be in the same conversation for weeks on end without even stopping to go to the bathroom or eat.

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    I would have to agree on JER. But I do think there is a place for JER being a progressive writer and taking chances as other soap writers wouldn’t approach that type of style. JER could write traditional style soap writing and sometimes when he was writing traditional soap it was over looked because of his “shock value” stories and over the top characters. When JER was co-head-writers in early ’90s at GL, he wrote the last good story for BM encompassing the vets. It had all the elements of GOOD soap, Alex, Holly, Roger. Putting Roger & Holly in same romantic orbit again being married to Alex and Holly started off working with Alex to turn the tables on Roger. It was a very good story telling. The new writers are JER’s “kids” and learn quite a lot but I think they want to show they can write traditional character driven soap. If you truly look at ALL the writers on staff more then half of those writers are from P&G’s soaps many, many were head-writers of P&G soaps and majority are from GL. Go look at Peter T. Rich’s resume and he has won multiple writing Emmys… writing for some of the best writers of the day. This explains to me why I’m enjoying Days so much right now, all the stories currently playing out would be stories GL would do and the feel is the same. The other point explains why I wasn’t into web gambling story, it was Dena’s mess. I assume it has one story from the new writers that fell flat. All writers even the great ones have stories that fall flat that doesn’t transfer on TV correctly but back then they didn’t tape as early and could cut it or tweak it but those days are gone.

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    I would argue that just because someone worked under another writer doesn’t follow suit that they will turn out the same kinds of material. Certainly the writers will have learned things from their mentor but they have their own voice if they are worth anything. By comparison, Irna Phillips had two famous protoge’s Bill Bell and Agnes Nixon. While both use similar family structures as Irna built, they difinately had their own thoughts and stories. Both of them went for socially progressive stories and skirted the edge of what was tolerable to the audience as far as shock value. Phillips was much more conservative in ther ideas prefering to tell more traditional stories with traditional mores. So to think that people that worked with James Reilly would write stories like he did is probably off track. Atleast if they have their own abilities it is…..

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