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    Okay so I came across some wonderful clips of Y&R from the 90’s. And it got me frustrated because this was when the soap actually deserved to be #1. It earned its keep then and kept the fans on the edge of their seats. This is what you call daytime. This is what they told them to do. This is soap opera. So check out these 3 clips in the playlist and ask yourself this question. Can Y&R ever be like this again?

    My answer is not as long as you have the Mo, Larry and Curly at the helm.

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    Until “Y & R” dumps its current writing staff and gets back to basics, you won’t see this caliber of drama on the show again.

    For the duration, we will be exposed to lame, plot-driven tales that have parts “borrowed”/”lifted”/”re-purposed” from classic past Bill Bell stories. Once you see today’s (1/30/12) episode, you will see where I am going with this…

    I am staying faithful to this show only out of 30 years of viewing at this point – the shizz being spewed is just wretched at this time.

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    I LOVED THOSE CLIPS! A couple of Sundays ago I found those clips and I got so involved in the storyline again, I actually went back and watched the whole story for 4 hours…soap additive here..LOL :8) I’m trying to be positive about Y&R that Sony is finally going to step up do right to this soap, glimmer of hope I seen lately. Talking about if Y&R will ever be this good AGAIN….here look at the big difference in flow and Bill knowing his his characters, John the heart & soul, Jack as “Smilin’ Jack” (Terry)Jill wanting more control and power launching her own men’s line or controlling Phillip & Nina, Kay, Jill, Rex…god I miss Rex he was GREAT! QUALITY! My Y&R I love. From ’89 HD quality. Notice how Bill always had a “corporate business” s\l? He was the best storyteller on “corporate” stories. Reason I chose those clips because of ending credits, writers..Bill Bell, Kay Alden, John Smith & Rex Best. Producer was Tom Langdon, EP-Edward Scott, Senior EP Bill Bell

    PS…Check out promo in beginning of B&B, during which Bill was doing both soaps, pre-Brad, being groomed…B&B was on fire! I miss Y&R, and Murdering Maria and cronies..OFF with their heads! |( |( ;)


    Love stofers commerical and all that. It was a good episode.


    According to today’s writing standards, Keisha would never have existed as a genuine character…MAB would’ve written her as arriving already pregnant with Nathan’s baby, perhaps blackmailing him, even though Nathan wouldn’t have remembered what actually happened.
    Sometime last year, I totally got caught up watching You Tube clips of classic Y&R episodes and it was comforting but it also made me wistful and a bit sad, knowing that in all likelihood, that type of storytelling is absent from daytime for the foreseeable future (perhaps forever?). Perhaps it’s a combination of industry pressure & lack of creative focus as to why today’s soap scribes cannot allow the viewers time to get to know a character before he or she is shoved into an instant love triangle or a murder subplot or becomes the resident bad girl/bad guy. Everything is instant these days. And when you create instant backstory and SL, particularly for a new character, no one even has time to care.
    I’ve stopped watching Y&R, because my indifference spread from just the new characters to every character.
    Oh well, there’s always You Tube.

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    [quote=MsAgentProvocateur1]According to today’s writing standards, Keisha would never have existed as a genuine character…MAB would’ve written her as arriving already pregnant with Nathan’s baby, perhaps blackmailing him, even though Nathan wouldn’t have remembered what actually happened.
    Oh well, there’s always You Tube.[/quote]

    Keisha would had been a blimp on canvas because writers today forget about the beats that play into a s\l, where all the great storytellers knew how to play the beats rather a short term or new characters so the viewers knew how & where they were coming from inside the story. Sometimes I think viewers doesn’t have the patience to know the characters, it’s a sign of the times “instant gratification” mentality where “back in the day” new characters didn’t swallow up the air time. I have said it before and I’m sticking to my position (which don’t mean a thing to anybody)if MAB & cronies had truly used the long history of Y&R they should had made “Devon” Nathan’s son, you’re a longtime viewer, Nathan dated Amy Lewis long before Liv came into the picture and Devon would had major ties to A-A family and had cast Debbi Morgan as Amy Lewis. Nate would had a brother, he already had a connection to the Winters and Debbi could have played a smart, intelligent A-A woman that Amy was, she was a lawyer! Amy could had come home to become a partner with Michael’s firm but we get this ridiculous plot with Tucker. Devon might still be connected to a major family but it’s didn’t work because the whole Tucker story didn’t work as Katherine’s son. If they made Devon Brock’s son when he was doing his charity work at least this would had been better story then what we got from MAB…pity.


    harlee490, you’re idea sounds a helluva lot more interesting than what Y&R has going on today (at least from what I have read).
    Sadly, from what I’ve read from Debbie Morgan, she seems to regard Yolanda/Harmony character as something of an interesting challenge…at least this is what she is saying publicly. You’re idea for Devon could’ve had an interesting twist in terms of the Winter’s family, especially Olivia but instead we get the disjointed mess and AA characters who are isolated, whenever they are even seen.

    ITA about many viewers of today lacking patience for a storyline that actually builds in action. I can’t figure out which came first, though: did a ‘microwave society’ pressure TPTB for the Soaps to write these type of quickie plots? Or did the writing of these Quickie Plots feed the need for viewers to want faster paced storytelling? It just seems like it wastes the advantage of having the 1 hour/5 days a week format (when you have time to build a story, why rush everything?) and these writers paint their characters into a corner because every storyline has to be a shocker. I think many viewers confuse a gradual building of a storyline with dragging a storyline–they’re not the same. One involves considerate plotting and balanced storytelling, the other is the result of poor planning and hack-style ‘throw-it-against a wall-whatever works’ scribbling.
    I guess if there is 1 bright side, it’s that not just AA are cardboard cut-out stereotypes on Y&R anymore, Everybody’s a “Type” now. Adam seems to have become the ‘Arch Villain’, Nikki the ‘Town Lush’ or the ‘Rich Lady w/Problems who turns to the Bottle”, Sharon is the “Dumb Blonde”, Jack is the ‘Former Playboy turned Doofus who can’t stop saying “I Do”‘, Phyllis is the “Red-Head in Perpetual Heat”, Nick the “Philandering Former Jock With the Sexual Appetite of a Randy Teenager”, Victor the “Perpetually Ruthless C.E.O.” who always finds a legal loophole, etc. I could go on but my fingers are tired (LOL).

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    Bill Bell did not need so many plot twists and turns to keep us tuned in day in and day out because he knew all about drama. It wasn’t the story that kept us glued, it was those wonderful scenes where two people were loaded with ammo and ready for battle. It was months and even years of layers upon layers of events that led to the explosive reveal. Then when we got the reveal, we experienced the fallout. The reveal was really just the begining. How people reacted, what happens next, that was the story.
    It wasn’t just that Nate slept with someone, it was Nate slept with someone who his wife was treating the woman he was sleeping with for HIV. And her sister was privy to the affair and the secrets and lies built until the volcano erupted. Only in this volcano noone fell in (lol). Everything spewed out and changed everyone. Truly nothing was the same for any of the characters. Fragments of a story would play on to this very day.
    The difference between those years and what is happening now is that nothing matters. A story is swept away as soon as the plot has come to a head and it is as if it never happened. NO fallout, no next. Just on to the next plot. Surely we are not so impatient that this is all we can accept or handle as a people. It is like the entire human race have become “Chicken Little” where we basically wake up new everyday and what is past is forgotten and irellevant. Maybe we should be retrained to accept only quality and a higher standard than just the disposable entertainment we have become accustomed to. My personal opinion is that if we are given quality, we are swallow it whole and ask for more ( an example is Lord of the Rings that is a trillogy of more than 12 hours of movie and we want even more). It is big business that wants us to accept the short term easy turnover type of hyped up temporary things so they can push that out to you then, then feed you the next hyped up cheap crap. Business keeps us on this cycle but it is time that we break that cycle and ask them for something real and quality again.

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    Great clips. Where is the clip where Dru confronts Lillie Belle in front of Olivia, Karl, Neil, and Mamie from 1993? Saw it a year ago. It is a classic. Subtle story-telling mirroring real-life experiences. No matter what Dru did, she could never please her Mother Lilli Belle, because she simply wasn’t planned like Liv was.

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    Thanks David…I enjoyed that clip…damn I miss Drucilla!! All of CBS soaps had strong written AA characters in their day…please tell what happened that soaps the last decade forgot how to write AA families. Today soaps have digress instead of progressing forward like they had been doing s\ls with intelligent stories for AA. ATWT had Jessica + Griffins, Ben, Denise, GL had the Grants, w\Gilly & David, Speakes with Hamp & Kat, even later GL kept there AA cast to the end. GAWD I miss all those rich characters…soaps just haven’t been doing this type of entertainment in a very long time. A bright light right could be is Days utilizing their AA cast nicely and more story is coming and if not expanded. I see Days bringing on more of Abe’s family or Lexie’s side through Celeste…maybe new AA character connected to Lexie would be nice.


    @harlee: Lexie needs a man who can get it up. She needs someone for a sex scene. Long term fans remember that Abe has always had problems in the bedroom.

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    I wouldn’t mind a Quinn/Lexie hookup one bit..


    EJ would have to dispatch him. And that could work But if not they could always bring in Keith Hamilton Cobb to play a recast of Jonah.

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    [quote=david46208]@harlee: Lexie needs a man who can get it up. She needs someone for a sex scene. Long term fans remember that Abe has always had problems in the bedroom.[/quote]

    I LMAO! over my coffee, you’re just trying get Lexie LAID..LOL! Your posts when speaking “Lexie” always sexing her up with ….LOL :D

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    harlee490, David has got a thing for Lexie. From the first time I read one of his Days posts I could tell. :)


    @everyone: Yes I like Renee Jones. She looks good for being 53. She’s a MILF. I like the bad Lexie though.

    Here is where she had sex with Brandon

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    David46208 — thanks for the clip. Couldn’t find it for a year or two. Life Changing for my wife in the 90s.

    As for Lexie, the 2nd most important reason to watch Days of Our Lives in the 90s, after watching Kristen Blake DiMera.

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