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    In a wishful casting idea, the talented Amelia Marshall (ex-Gilly, GL; ex-Belinda, AMC; ex- Liz, Passions) would be cast on The Young and The Restless as the attorney Alex Perez (formerly played by Alexia Robinson).

    When Alex was first on Y&R she was dating Malcolm to whom she later became engaged. But she had feelings for Neil and slept with him. When the secret came out, this caused Malcolm to head to Africa where he was presumed dead after he went over a cliff. Thus, Alex left town due to her feeling guilty for the situation that lead to Malcolm’s untimely death.
    Alex could return after receiving a job offer to work as the head of the legal department at Jabot. While she didn’t want the job due to the bad memories it was a financial and career boost she couldn’t let pass.

    When Alex returned to town she would first avoid Neil at all cost. There would be near misses where Neil and Alex were in the same vicinity, but she managed to get away before he noticed her. Eventually the two would come face-to-face in an elevator that would stop and cause Alex to face up to her past.

    Alex would become angry after learning that Malcolm was indeed alive and that Neil’s brother failed to inform her of it. The fact that she carried this guilt around for years had stunted her emotionally. It had also kept her from engaging in any romances with men.

    Yet, the once tragic event had also stirred a more ruthless career driven woman, who focused on defending and protecting corporate scum (which is the reason why she was hired at Jabot).

    Now back in the city where all her troubles began, Alex has a chance to rebuild a relationship Neil and help Jack in his never ending quest to take down Victor on the business front. But will her own ambitions and hidden secret agenda get in the way?

    Here is the original Alex:

    Here is scene of Amelia Marshall from Passions as the proposed recast:

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