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    After her epic speech to Luke about wanting to find true love I am hoping that it was the precursor to GH giving Tracy a love interest that sees her as his #1 lady love and not second best or a consolation prize.

    My suggestions:

    Since they are introducing Felx’s sister maybe his father could show up too played by Nathan Purdee (HankGannon, OLTL) or Geoffrey Ewing (Griffin Williams, GL).

    Sabrina could use some family so maybe her father or uncle could come to town in the form of A Martinez…sure he played Roy on GH in the late 90s/early 2000s but that was a less than memorable role to be fair. He could be the new P.I. Tracy hires to find Lauren Frank since she has kicked Luke to the curb.

    There has been talk of finally introducing Sam’s dad so how about Roscoe Borne (Mitch Laurence, OLTL) or Gordon Thomson (Mason Capwell, SANTA BARBARA) as the dastardly gent who knocked up a teenage Alexis.

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