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    Looking toward the future I would cast soap vet Kim Johnston Ulrich (ex- Diana McColl, As the World Turns; ex-Ivy Crane Passions) as Ceclia Panache, editor of the top world renowned fashion magazine (based in L.A.) bearing her last name called Panache magazine. Ceclia would be a combination of the famed real life Vogue editor Anna Wintour and the character Miranda Priestly who was loosely based off of Anna in the book turned film Devil Wears Prada. She would be the #1 name in Fashion making breaking a designers career or current fashion line.

    Side Note: You notice I am staying current with what is going on today.

    Opening story:

    Ceclia would enter the scene when she and her online editor got a pre-view of the latest Forrester collection (post Stephanie). They would go on to post a scathing review of the collection on the magazine’s website, murmuring that the latest Forrester collection was devoid all the style/perfection that Stephanie once brought to fashion and was fit for some bargain basement working class cheap department store.

    Rick is crushed. This also send sales of Forrester Creations current collection down and orders from department stores/specialty retailers would plummet. Fashion bloggers and industry insiders would be buzzing about the “fall of Forrester.” Questioning if it was the end of an era. The Forresters would also (in an unrelated issues) be faced with cutbacks and having to close some of their retails stores to stay afloat. All this together would provide them tons of negative media.

    Ridge, Eric and Brooke would be disenchanted with the current state of things. Brooke would falsely blame Ceclia for the downturn of Forrester. Yet, Ridge and Eric would think otherwise.

    Taking things into her own hands, Brooke would head over to Ceclia’s office, barge in and confront her. The confrontation would end with Ceclia informing Brooke that she has to power to make sure Forrester Creations is dead in the industry and Brooke threatening to knock Ceclia off her high horse.

    Ridge and Eric would be baffled and upset when they learned what brooke has done. Ridge would try to smooth things over with Ceclia via the phone. But it would not work. She would inform him that he would have to have dinner with her to discuss the matter further.

    At the dinner Ridge would again try to smooth things over. But Ceclia was more interested in getting to know him. She would then agree to consider allowing the wounds to heal (that Brooke opened) if Brooke came to apologize her at the L.A.’s Night of Fashion (based off of the real life Fashion’s Night Out yearly event). Thus, Ceclia would also challenge Ridge to come up with a better collection for her to see prior to the event and she would allow the clothes be shown during nights runway shows. Ridge would agree.

    Brooke would refuse to apologize to Ceclia. But Ridge would remind her that business comes first. And that the future of FC could be at stake here. He would also remind Brooke that Ceclia sets the fashion trends around the world and they could be dead in the water within a few years if she does not swallow her pride and apologize. Brooke would reluctantly agree.

    The Forresters would pull the family together to create a collection to die for. Ceclia would love it and agree that the collection will be shown after Brookes apology.

    On the night of L.A’s Night of Fashion the Forrester family all show up at the event (other story lines can be interwoven into the event). Ridge is ready for the comeback he feels will help FC get on its footing again. Brooke caustically is ready to apologize to Ceclia, but she is no where to be found.

    Ceclia arrives fashionably late. Brooke tries to talk to her but she dashes off to give speech to all the guest at the event. After her speech she informs the audience that there will be a few words from Brooke Logan. Brooke shocked and dismayed that Ceclia wants her to apologize in front of the fashion industry insiders (and press), exits the event in anger and embarrassment. Ridge follows Brooke to try and coax her into keeping up her agreement but she refuses.

    Meanwhile, Rick (working to smooth things over) takes to the stage and provides the apology. He makes a glowing speech that dazzles Ceclia. After the speech he goes over and asked if things are okay now. Ceclia invites Rick to a private room at the event to chat. She then informs him that she applauds his efforts, but that she will not be showing the collection unless Brooke makes a full apology. Rick then calls Ceclia out on her attitude and need to be in power. He refers to her as “..a bitch with a stick up her ass, who is on menopaus and can’t keep a man.” Ceclia tosses her wine glass at him and then tries to slap Rick. But Rick grabs her arms, Passions ensues and they end up kissing and making love in the private room.

    Brooke leaves after being lambasted by Eric, Ridge and even talked to by Caroline for not making the apology. When Eric informs Ridge that Rick made the apology they hope it is enough and go to find Rick.

    Caroline who is also looking for Rick in list Thomas and Steffi’s help to try and find him. Steffi happens upon a crack door which just so happens to be the private room where Rick and Ceclia are making love . She snaps a few photo’s of them with her smartphone. She returns and acts like she could not find Rick. Then dashes off to find her mother.

    When Steffi arrives at the Forrester Creation offices she find a depressed and upset Brooke drinking wine from the bottle. Brooke says she wants to be left alone, but Steffi informs her mother that she has something that could change everything. Before Steffi can get to what she what she has on Ceclia Brooke revisits her past, unloading her failures on Steffi. Steffi realizes that her Brooke is too drunk and distraught to conceivably comprehend her idea at the moment and decides to keep mum.

    After the sexual tryst, Ceclia gathers herself together and threatens to destroy Rick life if he tells anyone about what they did. Unfazed Rick tries to blackmail Ceclia into showing the collection and squashing this feud before it gets any bigger then it needs to and people end up hurt (mainly her). A cunning and deceptive Ceclia informs Rick that she will accuse him raping her if he does not back off. Rick calls her bluff telling her to make the call and Ceclia pulls out her smartphone and dials 911. Just as she is about to make the report Rick knocks the smartphone out of her hands hits the floor as it shuts off. Rick let’s Ceclia know that it ain’t over and leaves in an angry huff.

    The next day Steffi comes to see her mother. She is ready to tell Brooke what she knows and how they can use it to checkmate Ceclia. Seeing that Brooke is still not in the good sorts, Steffi heads over to confront Rick with what she knows. Once she arrives at FC and sees Rick she questions him about his whereabouts after he gave the speech at L.A’s Night of Fashion. Rick lies that he went to talk to Ceclia and left for a long drive after he figured out that she was not gonna budge.

    Steffi then thinks to herself pondering if she should reveal what she knows or take care of the situation another way. Steffi decides to handle the situation on her own and heads over to see Ceclia at her office. She pretends to have an interview with Ceclia for an internship when the Executive Assistant questions her. The E.A. who had been out on sickleaves believes her temp replacement forgot to mark it on the calendar and informs Ceclia about the interview.

    When Steffi enters the office Ceclia recognized her and demands that she leave or she’ll have security escort her out. Before she can make the call Steffi pulls out her smartphone and shows Ceclia the pics. Steffi lays out her demands to Ceclia or she will send the images to the tabloids and ruin Ceclia’s career. Ceclia refuses to comply and warns Steffi that if she knows what is good for her and for the Forrester’s that she’ll lose those images.

    Steffi warns Ceclia that she has 24 hours to agree to the terms or she’s finish.

    Steffi starts to leave and Ceclia calls her back. Ceclia comes from around the table and ask Steffi her terms again. Just as Steffi starts to talk Ceclia grabs at Steffi’s purse where the smartphone is and they begin to wrestle for it. The smartphone flies out of Steffi’s purse and onto the floor. She and Ceclia blot for it, but ceclia gets to the phone before Steffi can and grabs it. She then gets up drops the phone and crushes it with the heel of her boot. Ceclia makes sure that the phone is destroyed.

    Steffi grabs the phone trying to see if she can save the chip where the images were stored. But it is too late. Ceclia calls for security to have Steffi escorted out. Steffi informs Ceclia that it is not over yet.

    After she has left Ceclia has an angry breakdown and calls the police.

    Back at Forrester Creations Eric, Ridge and Rick try to figure out their next move. But Rick seems too consumed with something else. He is remembering his night with Ceclia. Rick decides to tell Eric and Ridge the truth, but before he can get it out the police show up to arrest Rick and charge him with the rape of Ceclia Panche.

    And that is the story I have so far. And Ridge would be a recast. See clip of actress here:

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