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    GH has decided to create a new character by the name of Felix Dubois portrayed by Marc Anthony Samuel. A young nursing student who happens to be gay. This character is really refreshing to me because his whole personality is fun and very original! So what if RC and FV gave him a strong romance storyline; specifically with Bobbie Spencer’s son and Carly’s brother, Lucas Jones. He could also be portrayed by John Bregar, who played on Degrassi: the Next Generation as Paige Michalchuk’s older brother and Marco’s ex-boyfriend, Dylan Michalchuk.

    Potential Storyline:
    Lucas Jones, wishful portrayal by John Bregar, comes back to Port Charles to visit his sister Carly and young niece Josslyn. He also comes to visit Maxie when he finds about her becoming a surrogate mother. When at the hospital, he bumps into Felix and knocks all his doctor reports on the floor. As the two pick up the reports, the two look at each other and automatically clique! Felix falls head over heels for Lucas and wonders who he is. Felix then goes to Sabrina and Elizabeth about Lucas and Liz tells him he is the son of once head nurse of the hospital before Epiphany, Bobbie Spencer. Felix starts thinking on how he become more acquainted with young Lucas.

    Lucas begins looking for a job in Port Charles and asks Carly for help. She tells him that he can work at the Metro Court as a busboy and stay with her at her house if she wants. Lucas accepts the job and starts working right away! One day, Felix discovers his apartment building is being fumigated for rodents and has to find somewhere to stay. Felix then checks in to the Metro Court and discovers Lucas when he is helping him with his luggage. Lucas helps Felix take up his bags and Felix asks if they can get together for drinks or something since he is new in town and Lucas returning back to town. Lucas accepts this offer and the two meet that night for drinks after Lucas’ shift is over. The two then go to the Haunted Star for drinks. There they see Lulu and she asks how her Aunt Bobbie is doing. Lucas says that she is fine and she misses Lulu and that she always says she is going to come back but never does. Once Felix and Lucas finish their drinks, they call a cab back to the hotel. Felix then suggests that they go back to his room so Lucas doesn’t have to drive. Lucas accepts the offer and they go back to Felix’ room. Lucas then starts going on about how he feels that his mom believes that he went through a phase and he is not really gay; because of that he hasn’t dated anyone since then. Felix then comforts him telling him that he too had a struggle with being gay and still does, but he knows who he is and wont let anyone tell him otherwise. The two then share a kiss. Felix pulls away wondering if Lucas is sure about this and Lucas says nothing; instead he pulls him in for more and the two end up sleeping together.

    The next morning, Lucas wakes up and finds himself laying in bed with Felix. He gets up and tries to sneak out, but Carly calls and his phone rings. Felix doesnt wake up and Lucas answers the phone. Carly asks him if he can watch Josslyn because Mercedes is sick. Lucas says he will watch Josslyn and see her later. As Lucas leaves, Felix wakes up and wonders where he is going. He says he has something to take care of. Felix then asks if he thinks that what they did last night was a mistake. Lucas says that he had never had sex with a man before, but it was interesting and hopefully they can do it again sometime. Lucas leaves as Felix blushes.

    Felix goes to the hospital and talks to Sabrina about his night with Lucas. Felix tells her that it is something special about Lucas that he cant describe and Sabrina says maybe its love at first sight; like how she was with Patrick. Felix thinks about it and suddenly Lucas text him. They begin texting and Felix suggests maybe they can meet up after he gets off from work. Lucas agrees and gives Felix Carly’s address.

    At the Metro Court, Carly and Olivia are talking about an upcoming event and suddenly she runs into someone; her mother Bobbie! Carly then gives her mom a hug and wonders what she is doing in Port Charles. She says it was getting boring and she just wanted to come back to her real home for awhile. She then mentions that she also wanted to surprise Lucas. Carly says he is waching Josslyn at her house and if Bobbie wants to surprise him, she can use the key to the front door. Bobbie takes the key and makes her way to Carly’s house.

    Meanwhile at Carly’s house, someone knocks at the door and it is Felix. Felix brings chinese food for the two of them and Josslyn. Lucas says great but JOsslyn just went to sleep but it can still be the two of them. The two start conversing over Shrimp Fried Rice and Noodles; then Felix opens his fortune cookie and it says, “The One you have been waiting for could be coming sooner than later.” Lucas wonders what that means and Felix as well. Lucas then opens his and it says, “True Love is waiting right in front of you.” Felix then says he knows what that means and kisses him. Lucas then teases Felix and says he might have to explain a lil bit more and begins to kiss Felix more. Then suddenly Bobbie arrives at Carly’s house and unlocks the door. She then walks into the living room to find Lucas and Felix kissing on the living room couch!

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