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    If anything Josh Kelly, the man who played Cutter Wentworth on One Life To Live, the man who is of Transformers fame being in Transformers 2 and 3, himself, he would make a great re-cast for Tracy’s son Dillon Quartermaine

    The last time we ever saw Dillon in Port Charles was 2007 and that was during Georgie’s funeral, and remember when Dillon was becoming a director, well I would still love to see that come to pass but with Josh Kelly in the role taking over for Scott Clifton

    And Dillon has his mother Tracy in town, and Tracy is married to a mobster Anthony Zacchara, I would love to see Dillon confront his mother on that

    But also because he is connected to Lulu also, since they did have a child together although Lulu aborted it

    And Dillon is also connected to Maxie because of Georgie since Dillon was married to her

    And Dillon with Spinelli they fought over Lulu but ended up becoming friends

    And his grandfather Edward could use having Dillon around

    And his Aunt Monica could also use having him around

    Dillon also has his cousin Jason Morgan and his new cousin-in-law Sam and his new baby cousin that is on the way

    Not to mention Dillon can interact with his cousin Michael this time around, and Dillon can say he heard about what happened to Michael about him losing his girlfriend Abby, and about what happened to him in prison at the hands of Carter

    As well if they bring Dillon Quartermaine back, they can put him with either Lulu, Maxie, or even Elizabeth besides he is a legacy character

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