Forums General Hospital Wishful Casting: Matt Ashford (Jack on Days of Our Lives) as Spinelli’s Dad on GH.
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    The neurotic, twitchy, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Damian Spinelli learned all his verbose, spazzy ways from none other than dear old dad.

    Matt Ashford plays “Spazzy” very well, but can still manage to be endearing. I know GH already has an overbloated cast, but I hear that a few actors will be departing soon, and there are opportunities to bring other soap vets on. Days of Our Lives’ EP Ken Corday and Greg Meng are idiots for firing Matt Ashford. The character of Jack Devereaux was one of the reasons why Days worked again.

    I think he would be really cool as Spinelli’s father. Assuming his dad is still alive. The two of them in conversation would be quite a things to behold!

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