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    Hi, CBS Soap Fans.

    I’m duplicating my post from "Wishful Soap Couples" in the ABC Daytime forum here so you Y&R and B&B fans can weigh in.  Many thanks to Soapcrazy for starting this thread.

    OK, guys.  So I was having trouble sleeping the other night and I got out my pad and pen and started noodling around.

    I watch 4 of the 7 soaps (2 on ABC and 2 on CBS) and I wrote down as many characters’ names as I could think of and just tried to imagine which pairings would be the most interesting.  Here’s what I came up with so far (in no particular order):

    Rafe Torres of Y&R and Steven Lars Webber of GH

    Yeah, I know Steven’s supposed to be straight but the idea struck my fancy.

    John McBain of OLTL & Sam McCall of GH

    Port Charles viewers will know why.

    Elijah Clarke of OLTL & Alexis Davis of GH

    ‘Cause I think he’d give her a run for her money.

    Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe of OLTL & Alice Gunderson of GH

    Can you see Nigel and "The Dominator" together?  Too funny.

    Paul Williams of Y&R and Sharon Newman of Y&R

    They haven’t already gone there have they?  These are two of the most put-upon characters in daytime.

    Abby Newman of Y&R and Michael Corinthos, III of GH

    Guess we’ll see how Chad Duell does tomorrow but Drew Garrett’s Michael could have put Abby in her place.

    Lisa Niles of GH and Billy Abbott of Y&R

    GHers hate Lisa for the most part but maybe if she was with someone more of her ilk (and not trying to break up a favorite couple) she’d be better received.

    Sonny Corinthos of GH & Tea Delgado of OLTL

    Sonny wouldn’t know what hit him.

    Greg Evans of OLTL & Taylor Hayes Forrester Jones of B&B

    I want Whip with someone better and the only guy I could think of more annoying than Ridge was Greg.

    Stephanie Forrester of B&B and Clint Buchanan of OLTL

    Clint Ritchie’s Clint wouldn’t have meshed well with Stephanie but I think Jerry verDorn’s would do well with her.



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    Analiza that Sonny/Tea pairing sounds like a great idea. so does a Sam McCall/John McBain paring.

    There are some couples over there at CBS I would love to see together,

    of course, my Jack and Phyllis,

    Ashley and Tucker or a triangle -Neil-Ashley-Tucker (choosing between the sensible guy (Neil) and the bad boy  (Tucker)

    And, Ryder and Abby, I saw some major chemistry between those two other day. Couples need conflict and what better conflict than Victor Newman’s youngest daughter dating the town’s kidnapper. This could put Abby and Victor into major conflict because to me, Abby never saw Victor as a real "daddy" even though they are bio-related. I always thought Abby (or maybe that’s the way it’s written) believed Brad was her real daddy/father. and this could bring up some parent/child conflict. Ashley could get into the mix of this of siding with her daughter against Victor because of the way he recently treated, kicking her out of the house and all. besides what better way to create conflict, drama, and romance than have a forbidden love?

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